Female Privilege Checklist

I’ve been waiting a long time to say this….Check your privilege,feminists!

As a response to the feminist “Male Privilege Checklist” I’m going to codify the privileges that most if not all females enjoy.

1. From an early age the opposite sex will be instructed never to hit me but I may not be given the same instructions. However, should I strike males I can expect not to be hit back and any social penalties that occur from my actions will actually fall on the male.

2. If I’m not smart, but pretty, I can marry and achieve the social and financial level of my husband without ever working.

3. I can produce offspring. A status which grants me an “essential” status in our species that men can never have and which can never be taken away from me even in old age.

4. Regardless of my mate value society has organized fertility clinics and social welfare programs that will allow me to have children and provide for them should I choose to reproduce without a mate or marriage.

5. I not only have the more valuable and sought after sexual identity, but I also have complete control over my reproductive choice and in many ways over the reproductive choice of the opposite sex.

6. At any time I can abandon my parental responsibilities with little or no social stigma and hand the child over to the state or abort the pregnancy. A male could never relieve himself of this burden unless I allow him to.

7. I am granted all the rights of a democracy without any of the burdens of military service.

8. At age 18 I lose the protective status of the child but retain the protective status of the female. Boys at age 18 lose the protected status of the child and become targets if they fail to gain status after that point.

9. When I marry a man with status I can take his name and become whoever he has spent years becoming. I need not do anything special to be worthy of receiving the reputation he has built. However, if I wish to keep my own name I can do so. Should my husband feel the sting of this insult I can simply call him a sexist for it.

10. People will help me more when I’m in need and I will receive no social penalty or stigma for it.

11. When I’m on a date things will be paid for me.

12. When I search for employment I can choose jobs which I think are fulfilling without concern of whether they provide a “family” wage.

13. I can discriminate against the opposite sex ruthlessly without social penalty.

14. If I marry and quit my job and enjoy a leisurely life with light housework and then later divorce I will be given half of the marital assets.

15. If I commit a crime and am convicted I will get a sentencing “discount” because of my gender. If I am very pretty it will increase my discount.

16. If I am a partner in crime with a man I will likely be charged with lesser crimes even though I committed the same crimes even if I was the ringleader.

17. I have the option to be outraged if my husband asks me if my behavior is due to PMS and later on use PMS as a successful legal defense for murdering that same husband.

18. At age 18 I will not be forced to register for Selective Service and will not be penalized for failing to do so.

19. At a time of war I will never be drafted and ripped from my employment, home, and family and forced to become a military slave.

20. My feelings are more important than men’s lives. Every precaution will be made to protect me from harassment at work. However, males will make up nearly %100 of workplace fatalities.

21. My gender controls 80% of domestic spending. We get to spend our money if we have any and we get to spend men’s money.

22. The majority of luxury apparel is designed, marketed to, and consumed by women.

23. Seven times as much jewelry will be purchased by or for me than by or for men.

24. I have a department of women’s health whereas men have no such department.

25. My gender enjoys more government spending on health than males do.

26. My gender consumes the lioness’ share of entitlement programs while men contribute the lion’s share of taxes.

27. If I rape or molest a child I can expect lighter treatment in court and afterwards receive less social stigma. What’s more, should I become pregnant, I can sue my victim for child support when he finally turns 18.

28. When I divorce my husband I will be guaranteed custody of my children unless I am deemed to be unfit. Even if my husband is “Parent of the Year” 10 years running it is unlikely he will get custody over me even if I am a mediocre parent.

29. When I divorce I can use false accusations of domestic violence, sexual molestation of the children or abuse of the children to gain advantage during court proceedings. If I am found out to be a liar I can expect to get away with it.

30. If a man calls me a slut it will probably hurt his reputation more than it hurts mine, but at any rate the damage will be small and localized. However, if I call him a child molester or claim that he raped me I can destroy him completely and the damage may be nationwide.

31. If I fail at my career I can blame the male dominated society.

32. I may have the luxury of staying home and being a housewife but if my sister’s husband does the same thing I’m likely to call him a deadbeat loser and tell her to leave him.

33. If I “choose” to join the military; the best military occupations providing the most lucrative civilian training will be reserved for me. I will be kept away from the fighting as much as possible to the point that I will be thirty times less likely to be killed in a war zone than my male counterparts. I will be given equal pay for less risk. I will never have to consider the fact that by joining the military and getting a plumb assignment I automatically forced a male out of that position and into a combat role that may cost him his life.

34. If a male soldier injures himself before a deployment he can be arrested and court marshaled for it. If I deliberately get pregnant before a deployment or even during a deployment I will be reassigned and or taken out of a war zone and I will receive no penalty for it.

35. My gender watches more television in every hour of every day than any other group. This along with the fact that women control %80 of domestic spending means that most television shows and advertisement are designed to appeal to me.

36. I can wear masculine clothing if it pleases me however men cannot wear feminine clothing without social penalty.

37. Not only is there a wealth of clothing choices designed for me but it is likely that I will be able to afford or have them provided for me.

38. I can claim that a wage gap exists and that it is the fault of sexism while simultaneously seeking employment without considering income as a priority. I will probably choose my job based on satisfaction, flexibility of hours, and working conditions and then expect to make as much as the males working nights, out in the rain and cold or working overtime.

39. I can be bigoted or sexist against males without social penalty.

40. If I make a false claim of rape against a male in an act of revenge or in order to cover up my own scandalous behavior I may well succeed at both and he may spend years in prison. If I am found out it is unlikely I will be charged, convicted, or serve any time at all.

41. If I abuse my husband and physically assault him and the police arrive it is almost guaranteed he will go to jail.

42. If I am in an abusive relationship there are a multitude of social organizations to help me get away from him. There are few for men in the same position even though women initiate the majority of DV and even though men are hospitalized %30 of the time.

FPC Part 1

43. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires evacuation I can expect to be evacuated before males. This includes male doctors, humanitarians, politicians, captains of industry, billionaires, and religious leaders. I will receive no social penalty if all of those people died because I was evacuated first. However, should they manage to get evacuated before women and those women died they will all suffer a social penalty.

44. If someone is attacking a person on the street I have no obligation to assist them and I will receive no social penalty if I do nothing.

45. If someone is harming my children and I run away and ask someone else to help I will receive no social penalty for my cowardice.

46. I’m immune to cognitive dissonance.

47. I may denounce the concept of a dowry, however, I still expect a man to give me an engagement ring when he asks me to marry him.

48. I expect a man to ask me to marry me and suffer the potential risk of rejection.

49. If I lie it’s because I’m a victim of a male dominated society forced into difficult circumstances and not because I’m a bad person.

50. If my boyfriend sabotages a condom he can pay me child support for the next 20 years. If I secretly don’t take my birth control my boyfriend can pay me child support for the next 20 years.

51. If I’m uncomfortable exercising around men I can demand a female only gym be made for women. If any male only gyms exist I can demand membership under threat of lawsuit.

52. If my female only gym at the university decides to close early for safety reasons I can scream sexism and force them to keep it open as long as the main gym.

53. If I succeed at keeping the female gym open and I leave late at night and I don’t feel safe I can demand that the university spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for more lighting and police presence.

54. If after getting new lighting and police protection I decide I don’t want to go to the gym anymore well that’s just my prerogative.

55. I’m likely to believe that if a woman is intoxicated she is not capable of giving consent and if sex occurs it is rape. However, if her male partner is also intoxicated he is capable of consenting.

56. If a man is promoted over me at work I have a right to suspect sexism even though I also believe that under adverse circumstances men are more capable than women of making good decisions. (see #55)

57. I can cry and get my husband to do something for me that he might not have done otherwise.

58. I expect people (especially men) to be sensitive to my feelings.

59. I can deny a man’s feelings or disregard them or ridicule him for having them without social penalty.

60. If I lose my job it’s because of sexism or the economy. If a man loses his job it’s because he’s a loser.

61. If I go to a club or bar with my girlfriends and I look my sexy best I have a right to be perturbed when men approach me and hit on me in this public place.

62. Even though men die more from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer I can expect that twice as much funding is given for breast cancer. The same will apply to any female specific disease or malady.

63. If for some reason I do not get custody of my children I will be expected to pay less child support than another man in my exact same position.

64. If I kidnap my children and I am eventually caught I can successfully defend myself by claiming I was protecting them from my husband–even if my children were given to him to protect them from me.

65. My gender makes up %53 of the voting population yet when I see more men in political office I will call that sexism.

66. If I am married with children and I want to stay home with the kids I’m likely to blame my husband for not making enough to allow me to do that.

67. I think it is my right to work and I am unconcerned if the influx of women into the workforce has reduced overall wages to the point that it’s hard to support a family on just one income, or affirmative action has kept men from being promoted even though they deserved it.

68. I can get student financial aid without signing up for Selective Service (the Draft).

69. I can get employment with a federal agency without signing up for Selective Service.

70. Restrooms for my gender will be cleaner and are more likely to have flowers or other decorations.

71. If I’m caring for a child restrooms for my gender will more likely have a changing table for my convenience.

72. People I’ve never met before are more likely to open doors for me.

73. People I’ve never met before are more likely to talk to me in public.

74. If I go to a bar I can expect that members of the opposite sex will purchase drinks for me.

75. Anytime I find an organization just for men I can denounce it as sexism.

76. I believe that women should have organizations just for women.

77. If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he doesn’t call I have a right to think of him as an asshole.

78. If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he calls me I have a right to blow him off or act like I don’t know him.

79. I believe I have a right to live in an orderly and safe society but I feel no obligation to risk my safety to secure or maintain that society.

80. I like it when bars and clubs have drinks specials just for women.

81. I think that organizations that offer any discounts or privileges just for men is a clear sign of sexism.

82. If I’m white I will live 6 years longer than white males and 14 years longer than black males.

83. If I’m encouraged to get medical care it’s because I owe it to myself.

84. When my husband is encouraged to get medical help it’s because he owes to to me and the kids.

85. If something bad happens to me or just one woman I believe it is an offense against all women.

86. I believe that if something bad happens to a man it’s because he’s a loser.

87. I think that alimony is fair when paid to a woman but not fair when paid by a woman.

88. I’m more likely to believe that women who commit crimes are sick and need treatment or understanding whereas men who commit crimes are evil and should be locked up forever.

89. I can criticize the opposite sex without social penalty, but woe be to the man who attempts to criticize me or other women.

90. I can throw a fit and act like a two year old to get what I want without damaging my mate value.

91. I have the luxury of not being the filter for natural selection.

92. I can sleep with my boss if I want and afterwards I can sue him for sexual harassment.

93. I can wear seductive clothing and perfume to attract a man at work but no one will accuse me of sexual harassment.

94. If I hear a story about Darfur and how men who leave the refugee camps to gather wood are hacked to death to prevent their wives from being raped I am likely to think that is proper but not likely to send money.

95. If I hear a story about Darfur and how women are leaving the refugee camps to gather wood are being raped I’m likely to be outraged. I’m also likely to wonder why these women’s husbands aren’t protecting them.

96. If I ever heard these stories about Darfur it is my privilege not to care or even consider that the reason the second story exists is because all the men in the first have already been killed.

97. It is my right to maintain the belief that men oppress women despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

FPC Part 2

Much as I’d like to claim credit, this is not my work. All credit for this phenomenal list goes to the author or authors.


  1. I recently found your site by following a link from the Counter Feminist. I like what I see so far. Your Female Privilege Checklist is quite interesting. I have linked to it at my site in an article that will be published tomorrow in which I respond to the Male Privilege Checklist. Keep up the good work.


    • You seriously believe all of this crap. A few things may be on point but so many are straight up bullshit!! You should get you’re head out of you’re ass and live in the real world for a change!!

      • I’ll listen please tell me which ones a bullshit. I want to be open and consider these points carefully.

      • Nigger

      • This is the real world you get YOUR head out of your ass

      • Youre a female so you can talk to him like that, but he cant call u names without social penalty.


      • Still no response?

      • Your*

      • Where is the bull? No where you sexist idiotic bitch

      • Someone is triggered

      • Just simply saying a bunch of profanity and degrading the other person doesn’t prove that you’re right. I would like to know what your well thought out rebuttal is.

      • Cry baby alert

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      • These are true

      • Michell Edwards
        Feminism is cancer and your just offended by the facts, u pull ur female armpit hairs out your pits, shampoo your hair that you haven’t washed in weeks, and you get used to the real world triggly wriggly puff

      • your head* your ass* Also shut the fuck up, will you? please, name a SINGLE privilege on this list that is false, research into it, and if you are deemed correct it is because men are liars and if you are proven to be wrong, it is because of sexism.

    • Nicely done. I will bookmark it as a resource. Indeed, misandry is a more frequent and serious societal problem than misogyny. However, the anti-male narrative far better suits the purposes of the tiny, decadent oligarchy that depends upon a divided populace to survive. The anti-male, neoliberal narrative plays to female predispositions for special attention and tendencies to marry for privilege over other indicators of male mate value. The narrative nudges the unsophisticated women in a direction in which she likes to lean: Men who cannot treat me like a princess are losers. If I married a loser, he is the source of all of my problems. This leaves men of the lower 99% naked to the economic realities of oligarchy without the sympathies of 1/2 of the lower 99%. In many–perhaps most–cases, he alone understands that ALL of the problems his wife or daughter blames on HIM are inevitable consequences of oligarchy. The oligarchy thus renders all marriages unsatisfactory and destroys most, rendering the family even less capable of resisting the slings and arrows of oligarchic oppression, depleting critical family resources in “family court” (i.e., “The Court of Female Privilege and Supremacy). Divided and conquered are the people at the most fundamental of levels. So toxic is the lure of this privilege, that most women who have been destroyed by adhering to the female supremacist narrative cannot abandon it no matter what it has done to them. That it affirms them renders them incurably loyal to it, forever pressing its bar for pellets long after it should be evident there are no more pellets or water to be had. This is the evil brilliance of neoliberal fragmentism and it remains the single most daunting obstacle to economic and social reforms. Men get it. Educated females are addicted to looking in the wrong direction and to doing the exact opposite of what will cure their problems.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Still no response…ok can someone speak for michell and defend his cuckery

      • There is no response because they know it’s all true.

    • Hey. Woman who doesn’t really understand your article and I solely disagree with one point. Not sure if this makes me a feminist, but I disagree with point three. I’m a 30yr old happily married woman in a 3rd world country. After a couple of points, it just stops applying to me because of economic privelege of being the upper middle class in a “3rd world country”. It’s kinda feels like a privelege but it really isn’t. I disagree with point 3. I don’t think men are indispensable or unessential or essential. As a woman, I really know that my husband is amazing and just by trying his hardest here and thinking he will be happy in a “1st world country”… I kinda agree with everything else. Except point 3. That isn’t even basic biology.

      • Its not that all women are like that, tis that it is socially acceptable for women TO be like that is the problem

      • I feel sorry for your situation. The list should be called ‘western female priviliges’, since this list is about western women.

    • i have read both male checklist as well as the female checklist and found a lot of foolishness in both, people when writing these thing u have to be open minded no one sided or disingenuous, it helps no one but creates hate for both genders, ALL of these rules that are set, a male and a female that experience these privileges didn’t set those rules, you have to know that. these privileges are a form of control that causes separation to control the masses people look at the bigger picture.

      • But different woman say that we have more privileges and don’t care that we didn’t choose to have them but if we do the same (males) we will get called sexist or something by many of them.

      • I agree with you but this is a reaction to the 3th wave feminist bullshit. We’re so tired of it and it’s world wide spread. You have no idea how much women believe in the wage gap. ‘I am a woman so everything is in my disadvantage.’ They’re like kids.


    There are so many more.

    How about male liabilities and obligations to support women while dating, in marriage to support her choices, and should she decide to leave, take his children away from him and guess what……force him by law to support her matriarchal family.

    The day women are independent is the day men become independent from female dependency. In all reality nothing has changed for men since feminism began. What happened was that women gave themselves choices, rights and privileges without having any reciprocal obligations or liabilities toward and for men nor society.

    Thank you so much for starting this blog. The movement is actually growing and we are seeking to create a new academic discipline called Male Studies. Look it up, support it and spread the word. Intellectually Male Studies will provide a think tank and a place for the ideas of the movement to coalesce and become diseminated and expressed.


    • Thank you so much for starting this blog.

      Thank you. I wish I could do more. I wish I could nail a comprehensive list of the MRM’s grievances to the door of the White House,or NOW’s headquarters, or anyplace that man-hating shrews gather,really. But until we can sort our demands out, I will lend my voice and my strategies to any man or group of men capable of making use of them. I feel honored to be able to do so.

      The movement is actually growing and we are seeking to create a new academic discipline called Male Studies. Look it up, support it and spread the word.

      Yes, we are indeed growing,faster than could have ever been expected. Even those who are unfamiliar with Men’s Rights have regardless heard our message,and I predict that soon our message will dominate discourse on gender issues completely. We will win this “battle of the sexes”,as long as we keep up the resistance.

      Though I have not written a post on it yet, I am familiar with Male Studies,and support the effort whole-heartedly.I favor a multi-pronged approach to defeating feminism, using the strategies of modern warfare, and certainly,establishing a mainstream center to disseminate information favorable to our cause figures highly in such an approach.

      I will try to do a post about Male Studies in the next couple of days,if my schedule allows.

      • don’t let the morons get to you, the more we fight their misandry the more they will resort to Ad hominem

      • hahahahaa

        really? male studies?
        History, political science, philosophy and economics isn’t enough male studies for you?
        good luck getting intelligent academic support and peer review for that reactionary “discipline”…

      • …of course there is always masculinity studies in place at many institutions… but it is probably too compassionate and truthful to support your dogmas

      • This list makes the assumption that women don’t have dependents or responsibilities outside of dealing with men. Oh and I’m supposed to feel sooo lucky about the fact that some random creep wants to buy me a drink (usually under the assumption that I owe him something in return) even though nowadays women practically have to carry litmus paper in their purses to make sure their drink isn’t drugged!? And the whole thing about men not having the choice of whether or not to be a parent is total bs. Men choose to abandon their children on a regular basis. Why else would programs like WIC and TANF exist? Also, what if the woman is a lesbian? Does she still hold these so-called “privileges”?

      • MsSmella is an example of a typical female privileges and power whiner (FPPW) troll. She cannot handle anything that points out that females are not perfect because her female power and privilege professors have told her they are, even though they lied.

        Anonymous at 3:#5 on 7/29/2013 is the same way.

        Poor babies. Hopefully 100 years from now their kind will be viewed as the scum they are.

      • Yes José; yes! Men must win the gender war if humanity is to survive.

      • that’s very great

      • yes, faster than could have ever been expected

      • This war must end with bloodshed.
        One man can kill 12 women…

    • Here’s my view on the whole nightmare that is privilege checklists:

      • >Youtube Self Promotion
        >that fucking hat with that top

    • Thank you very much for speaking up against the political and social feminist male bashing and discriminatory hatred toward men.
      I agree. I also agree that we need defunct the malice against the male gener, but strive against unity and equal protection under law rather then special entitlements with privileges over being born with breast and a vagina.

    • You say anything negative about women and you risk being called a woman hater. Women can say negative things about men then nationwide deny there is misandry. My mother and grandmother did horrible things to me as a child. Lost my trust for women. I am a tramatised person with ptsd. My mom was a narcissist socicopath (not my diagnosis). She knew how to work people. And she knew no one would believe a woman molests her children. Day care centers watch out for males, not females. It is easy for our society to see men as bad, hard for it to see women as doing evil. When I get this women don’t molest, my impression is that women are more morally sound and pure than men and not capable of the same evil.

      • Seeking help from abuse by females; the female theripists were more than willing to talk about abuse by males in my family but did not want to delve into female abuse. The idea of females being child molesters? No it’s just men?. Society like to focus on abuse by males while minimizing or flat out denying abuse by females. I do see the myth of sugar, spice and everything nice, and snalls, tales and puppy dog tails being played out as fact instead of fiction. I fully expect my abuse will be minimized as did not happen or it was rare by feminists. And talking about it is politcally incorrect in feminist circles because it detracts from the pure image of women.

      • I just escaped an abusive relationship through which I was attacked cut off from my support network physically beaten scarred for life forced to do things I very much didn’t want to, I was cheated on, used for money and sex (just because you can get it up it doesnt make it consensual) then I was strung along for several months while she found a new boyfriend, she’s 22 and 5″1 I’m 25 and a solid 6″, had I defended myself I would have been arrested and being in the uk, had I gone to the police she could deny it and I would get laughed out of the station, where was my privelege then, who protected me from getting brainwashed and emotionally crippled, I have also been diagnosed with complex ptsd because of this, would any feminists present like to take a stab at how this goes away or gets better, or how I must have deserved it or whatever, just anything … please

    • Feminism: It is only men that are bad. Sugar spice and everything nice was not a fairy tale. Seems they paint a picure of women as pure.

    • Female privilege isn’t a thing, you fucking moron. How about you do some research before you make a dumb, sexist post like this.

      • No how about you do research you fucking ass hat.

      • Then what is this list? Are these things not true? If so I would like evidence.

      • I hope your joking. Women have too much privilege. They even took away some of men’should privilege. In fact women are so ignorant that they are all about doing what’s popular instead of questioning things in life. And they do what feels good not what is good. So doing drugs feel good they do it. Being with a loser feels good they do it. It’s ridiculous.

      • >Man makes detailed list exploring female privilege
        >Feminist claims it is all bullshit while providing no actual information to support her claims
        >Riducules author and calls him sexist

        Look closely here guys. Sift through the bullshit and you can see she uses #39

      • I’m not trying to hate, and I know you guys will probably dislike my comment, but this list is totally incorrect! I’m no feminist, but I do want equality for all races genders and sizes. Not all women are like this! Some of these are definitely true, but I wouldn’t consider them privileges. I think it’s horrible when people assume men are all creepy rapists, but women also face problems, like this:


        In the past we couldn’t vote, were expected to tidy the house, and be obediant house wives kept in the kitchen. 45 US states currently impose a luxury tax on pads and tampons! Women already make less money than men-79 cents for every dollar. States make up to $20 million a year taxing periods.
        When, without tax, women already pay $7 a month for feminine products.
        When did bleeding become a privilege?

        Please don’t be offended by this, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, I just wanted to inform you that not everything on this list is correct! 🌈🌈

      • ‘ In fact women are so ignorant that they are all about doing what’s popular instead of questioning things in life.’ Omg I’v said that so many times before. ‘Food, pets, holidays, fashion and cosmetics.’ Those seems to be the only things women between 16-30 care about. Booooring.

    • Aight not everybody gets a struggle, at some point y’all just gonna have to accept that life sucks for absolutely everyone with zero exeptions, but life as a white first world male offers no key word -notable- struggles unique to you. This all is just soundig like that time when i was 5 and threw a temper tantrum because my brother had appendicitis and was getting more attention than me. Secondly do learn how listening works, im actually sorry your life is hard, i know what its like because my life also sucks. Its so much easier when you see its not a weird pissing contest. I hope you realise that someday

      • How bout the struggle of having to accept guilt for having a privilege we don;t actually have while other people get real advantages for not being white?

    • God bless you for all you do. Thank you

    • Bingo: “What happened was that women gave themselves choices, rights and privileges without having any reciprocal obligations or liabilities toward and for men nor society.” We all are as equal as we believe we are.

    • Since when is it an obligation for a man to Support a woman while they are dating ?? I do know one couple in which the man completely supports the women because they are dating. Women today are independent and even if they are in serious relationships, they are making their own money and protecting their future. I have seen far too many Women stuck in relationships with lazy men or men who drain the women’s bank account, leave them with bad credit etc… at this point it’s almost opposite. There are meme who want to spend money on their women and if they that women expects it all the time or feels like it’s his obligation , then go fined a women who isn’t so needy or so greedy! Unless of course you’re insecure and think you can’t get the hot young thing without competing on some way or driving that midlife crises corvette! I don’t know where you get your info but maybe some well referenced and well researched facts might help this case or better yet … mine

      • What the actual fuck? For one thing, I take this as what’s wrong with PEOPLE, just mostly women. Also, can you just not type or something? Really, work on it. I could barely READ your post. Well, reply if you can.

      • Question does a man have to pay for the first date reply pls

    • Lets not forget that they have the privilege to kill a man, and then in court claim he was attempting to rape her, and most of the time, the court will accept this hands down, but if not, and she is proven to be a liar, she will face almost no repercussions for her actions, and will probably live long enough to get out of jail, as you have mentioned, if a male did it, without any questions asked he would be send to jail, even if he was proven innocent, there is still quite a high chance that he will still be left to rot in a jail cell for the rest of his life.

    • Haven’t women for centuries seen male priviledge as female dispriviledge? YES!! the only answer is to finish the feminist movement by embracing a humanist movement…equal opportunity, responsibility and expectations of checking sexism for BOTH GENDERS. This is a woman stating this, BTW.

      • The only way to end the feminist movement is to ensure all men take shit jobs, die on the battlefield, pay for dates and sacrifice all they have of themselves for the coochie and boobies. This is the only way. Ask any woman.

      • you just described true feminism,,,well done “equal opportunity, responsibility and expectations of checking sexism for BOTH GENDERS”

      • THANK YOUUU!

      • When did men have privilege over women? We were expected to die to protect you in almost all situations. How did men have it better then women again?

      • So the men of today should pay for those centurys of 100% abuse?. It is ok for us to have revenge taken out on us based on things that happened before we were born.

      • Men have their perks and responsibilities.
        Women have their perks and responsibilities.

        True Feminists want the perks of both sides, and the responsibilities of neither.

      • How can a woman have equal expectations to a man if the average woman can not do what an average male can. I would love to see an average woman in the military, road marching with the body of a .50 cal on a sling on her, much less run with it. I am not saying no woman can do this there are so exceptional ladies out there that I am sure can do it, but that is the word “exceptional”. Not average. There is no way the average woman could or even should have the sma expectations as a male.

      • men’s rights movements are basically aiming for equality

  3. I think that this doesn’t really help the feminist movement as feminism is all about being as self sufficient as men. Most of these point are about the rewards you can gain off a male such as gaining his social status after marriage and getting him to pay for everything for you.

    • It doesn’t help the feminist movement because it’s a backlash, and therefore will be viewed as hateful tit for tatting by angry men. It will be ignored and played down. Only when the genders can honestly see each others faults in how they behave and affect each other can humans move onto the next level.

      • But…but…what if its a tit for tat by all men. What if all men stand together and reject YOU. It won’t be played down then, will it, dear? There is no ‘next level’, dear. You started it! We’ll finish it for sure!

      • (couldn’t comment brian directly)
        Uhh Brian? that sounds an awful lot like how a lot of wars start, the whole “you started it, but we’ll finish it” philosophy, almost never pans out well, now i’m all for the feminazis being told to shut the hell up. but their are much better ways to resolve this, (have we tried blatantly ignoring them as a whole? because, you know, they feed on attention)

      • I have a simple solution screw the past We as a society have learned sexism ,racism and all the isms are wrong Black ,White,Men or Women All genders .Need to realize We are destroying our children Our futures By allowing a corrupt system of government to Take charge and literally decimate the american family.Understanding not ignorance

    • Feminism seems primarily preoccupied with marketing rape as some kind of valuable prize to young boys, who of course must be told how wrong it is to steal such value from women and that men who respect women (“good BOYS”) would never do that so that valuable prize is offlimits to them. Only “bad BOYS” who dare get to have all that fun.

      Religion played this trick thousands of years ago: “Though Shalt Not”. And there’s been no killing, swearing or coveting since. Thank the Lord!

      Either feminists are really evil or really stupid. Either way, it’s their Rape Culture. There’s no value in rape. But they don’t want that truth getting out.

      • uhhhhhhh,
        #1. there is constant killing, swearing, and plenty of conversion
        (the lords got nothin to do with it by the way, pretty sure the big guy upstairs is currently giving us the silent treatment)

        #2. in what universe is rape considered a “valuable prize” by anyone other than a rapist? it’s primarily an act of violence/dominance in the minde of sutch even more than an act of sex.

        #And 3….. feminists are just a bunch of pissed off women living in a country that actually gives them the right to complain about thier non-existent ‘oppression” you want to see REAL female oppression? spend a few weeks (or hell, a few days) in Saudi Arabia, or Iraq. where women can be sold for livestock.
        (ok, i’m done… after i kill my fucking neighbor, hail Cthulhu)

      • >just a follow up
        I realise you said “coveting”, there’s a lot of that too, (god still has nothing to do with it)

      • Hoztile… you realize his sarcasm went right over your head?
        He was using sarcasm to point out that telling someone “though shalt not” is basically making something “forbidden” and for many people the forbidden is more intriguing than anything else. Why do you think taboo’s exist and have their own followings?

        What he is saying (without using his keen sense or sarcasm to make the point) is that by making a big deal out of something like rape, they will actually make it happen more often than it used to. The more someone is told not to do something, the more curious many people get to experience it. It’s like your mom telling you “you can’t eat that candy”… the very first think most kids think is “I really want to eat that candy.”
        It’s natural for humans to want something that are told they can’t or shouldn’t have… no matter how disgusting and wrong it seems.

    • In what universe is feminism about females being self sufficient? Feminists preach that they are perfect and men are trash. Anyone who pays attention to how feminists behave sees that feminism is about extending female power and privilege while avoiding any female responsibility. Of course, the FPPW trolls (female power and privilege whiner) try to convince people otherwise, but anyone with a brain sees right through the lies, which means only females and some fool men fall for the lies.

      • This site and privilege is nothing but women wanting more dominates of the male gender instead of being equal to males. We both live on same planet, and breath the same air. Why must both genders trying so hard to dominate over each other. It’s pathetic and wrong, and cruel. I don’t care what you feminist try to say about males. Because I see everyone as equal, nothing less and nothing more.

        This whole thing is just stupid and wrong. Instead trying to rage a sexes war, why not work together and try to make this world better place for everyone NOT just females only.

    • Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “I think that this doesn’t really help the feminist movement as feminism is all about being as self sufficient as men. Most of these point are about the rewards you can gain off a male such as gaining his social status after marriage and getting him to pay for everything for you.”

    And you don’t think individual women benefit from that at all?

    Also, feminism is more about taking what men have worked for away and giving it to women because they have vaginas.

    • There are two groups of men who are affected by this situation. The first group consists of men who are married and/or cohabitating with a woman; the second is the group of single men who don’t live with a woman. The first group is more heavily (and negatively) affected than the second group.

      Clearly, legislative reform can help rectify theses inequities. In the interim, a rational strategy for coping with this would include remaining single and living alone. Guys – especially when your female significant other begins acting nasty, it’s time to get up and get your ass out the door before you get assaulted and locked up for defending yourself. You can’t do that if you live with her.

      • and…this is why you always leave yourself the ability to say “fuck off” to bat shit crazy. Never…ever…leave yourself without an out with a modern women. If you do, they’ll eat your liver…with onions…and laugh at your sorry ass.

      • Ummm! Well what do you call men who have been in the first group and are now in the second group? Despite what MRSSMELLA above said, men are fighting in family courts by the millions, i have been there and i have seen how it looks like a packed nightclub in the foyer of such a corrupt government extortion business – so that then devoid of the myth that men run away from their kids. No – men are forced to have to let go because they have no way of ever getting justice or most of them the money and proper support to fight such evil scum. So essentially these men are still used by the first lot of feminist pigs and is in the second group probably so distort by the first outcome, that they stay alone, like me, never to ever be with any whorebag liar again, as well as the heartache seems far worse than being in an abusive relationship still with your children.

    • You can claim that’s what feminism is about, but that doesn’t make it so. I agree that a lot of these situations are fucked up especially in regard to custody.
      However, feminism doesn’t advocate for these things at all.
      I would argue that feminists very much dislike the system of a woman marrying a man and being dependent on him for everything.
      True feminism is about gender equality- NOT female superiority.
      True feminism thinks women should share the self sufficiency and responsibility of males.
      And true feminism is equally aghast at the fact that a beautiful woman can use her looks to her financial advantage over an average looking woman.
      Many of these points are quite valid, but they have nothing to do with feminism.

      • “True feminism is about gender equality- NOT female superiority.”

        Pull my other leg dear. It plays jingle bells.

      • Unfortunately, “true feminism” doesn’t exist. Real world feminism is about female sumpremacy, hatred of men, and the passing of laws to further those aims.

      • As long as anti-feminists pay attention to the people on the fringe, they’ll always reject feminism. To reiterate, “True feminism is about gender equality- NOT female superiority.
        True feminism thinks women should share the self sufficiency and responsibility of males.” That’s it! That’s feminism! Forming your opinions based on the loud minority is like saying all Christians are like the Westboro Baptist Church or all Muslims are terrorists. We have so many great modern feminists! I can’t believe that all of the old stereotypes of feminists are still being used to discredit the movement. Educate yourselves people!

      • Thank you, Selena! You’re one of my heroes who still knows about old ways. Here I thought everyone just crazy or evil. But you, you’re still one of the few who wants nothing more but to gain equal rights as same as males. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish there is more people like you around who aren’t corrupted.

      • But u have to understand that most, MOST feminist take there views from fminazi that’s the problem. Too many women taking equality to far and not expecting that the things men have been expected to do hasn’t changed. Men are expected to make ends meet, or to do the “man chores” but women don’t wanna give up wic or the draft, as well as the right to be evacuated first and can claim things that there is no proof of and have it go there way more often then not and never have a mark on there personal or prefessional record
        just sayin

      • It is always the same argument. Feminism isn’t this or that but then you all go on how some things need to be changed. Well we are telling you what needs to be changed and you all still avoid it and wonder why men are getting angrier.

        As someone said – it sounds like some are wanting war, well it will happen if it stays like this. I have nothing left to lose because of Feminist scum so i really don’t care. There can be no denying it, you just have to see all the rage going on. Killing each other etc.

        You can’t keep denying that Feminism is a disease that is destroying people’s lives and then claim it does do some bad things, when we here have seen those bad things and are telling you about them. In fact the internet is riddle with men all talking about the exact same crimes committed against us by feminist scum.

        It is you, if you don’t like the fact that we want equal things in place – which is what Feminists keeps lying that they are about, why would we be here to begin?Why would we even say half the things. Problem with Feminists they rely on faked and blatantly lied about statistic that can be peer reviewed how it suits them and lies and deny actual evidence and that is how they continue to go on and get away with what crimes they are committing.

        For example that shit above where that lunatic said all men run from their children. Time and again the same argument goes around in circle with lying cheating women. Another is more women get raped blah blah trying to justify a falsely accused man going to prison or denial of women raping men and it just goes to show if these women were so concerned about victims they would pity all victims but they don’t they pick and choose and they choose what benefits them and nothing more, they also choose the criminal (false accuser) as well. That just shows how maliscious these pigs are that they choose a criminal and lies over the reality so they can get away with being spoilt little brats but if it happened to them? Which means that Feminism dictionary term better change soon or men should sue for the false advertising. Just like best interests of the child – more false advertising.


      • No it’s not… There many reasons for silence

        Trimis de pe iPhone-ul meu

        Pe 9 feb. 2016, la 14:33, Balance of Power a scris:

        > >

      • You should listen to other feminists talk then. Many of them are saying there can be no such thing as sexism against men. That’s what your party is speaking about these days!

      • You defined feminism, but not modern day feminism

      • “You can claim that’s what feminism is about, but that doesn’t make it so. I agree that a lot of these situations are fucked up especially in regard to custody.
        However, feminism doesn’t advocate for these things at all”

        Can you explain NOW (National Organization for women) blocking sharing parenting and alimony reform?

    • I hope you will read my comment for what it is. Please read to understand my view, rather than just write a response which attacks me for things I have never stood for. Things which you believe feminism is about.

      I am a feminist.

      What feminism really boils down to for me is this; I want women to be viewed as a group of people as diverse as men are. I want there to be a general understanding that I am not defined purely by my sex. I want men and women to judge me by my personality and not by my looks. I want to be seen as a person and not as a 4 or an 8.

      My aim in life is not to find a man to be supported by. The idea of “finding a man so that I don’t have to do any work, but rather ‘adopt’ the status he has worked so hard for’ sounds awful to me. What is life if it is not a chance to excel? To learn? To explore?

      Feminism isn’t about female superiority. I know this is something many of the people here don’t believe. But I don’t know a single woman which wants this.

      What most feminists are fighting for is an end to the extremely rigid gender roles which are upheld by today’s society. To move away from these gender roles would benefit men as well. A few examples from the list:

      11. When I’m on a date things will be paid for me.

      12. When I search for employment I can choose jobs which I think are fulfilling without concern of whether they provide a “family” wage.

      -> These two points are not counter-arguments to feminism, but rather support it. Women want to have the same opportunities to earn money, and with that follows equal expectations in contributing to the family economy as men. If feminism got what it wanted, i.e. equal pay, then men would not have to have the main responsibility for paying for things. (And personally, I sometimes pay for my boyfriend and he sometimes pays for me. I would NEVER expect a man to pay for me. Nor buy me a drink – unless we were doing rounds)

      32. I may have the luxury of staying home and being a housewife but if my sister’s husband does the same thing I’m likely to call him a deadbeat loser and tell her to leave him.

      60. If I lose my job it’s because of sexism or the economy. If a man loses his job it’s because he’s a loser.

      86. I believe that if something bad happens to a man it’s because he’s a loser.

      -> All this referral to men as ‘losers’ is a view which I don’t share. But all these points have one thing in common: They highlight how men that fail to meet the rigid gender role of being a successful, rich ‘macho’ man, are afraid of the label of ‘loser’.
      Again, feminism wants to remove these stereotypes! In fact, one move which I support is shared parental leave. This would mean that the father and the mother would take equal time out of work after their baby was born. This would benefit both genders! It would benefit women as it would give them more equal opportunities as men in the work place, given that employers would not think of employing women as a bad choice in case she would get pregnant. It would benefit men because they would have the chance to get to know their child a lot better from a young age, which could help them develop a closer relationship. I understand why men today feel excluded from the child care process, and I think it would be beneficial to both fathers and their children to have closer contact.

      36. I can wear masculine clothing if it pleases me however men cannot wear feminine clothing without social penalty.

      -> Men can’t wear feminine clothing without social penalty because being feminine is seen as inferior to being masculine. This is what feminism is against. Feminism wants equality. If the genders would be seen as equally worth, chances are that men wearing female clothing would not be seen as so bad.

      I am a feminist, but I don’t hate men! There might be people that refer to themselves as feminists that hate men. This does not mean that feminism in any way has anything to do with hating men.

      If you have made it this far, I thank you, and I want to present you with one more reason why feminism is good for men:

      If we were free from the current gender roles, if women were not raised to be passive, dependent wallflowers, then there would be a lot more fun, active and interesting women. This in turn would make you more likely to find a woman which you not only like to look at, but who also makes you laugh, philosophise, learn and live a happier life.

      Feminism is about women being people that are just as varied and diverse as men are.

      • I am all for equality. The only problem is, is feminism today doesn’t allow for that. They want absolute subjugation of men. I’ve always said that women don’t want equal rights. They want special rights. Because, if women actually HAD equal rights, you would be appalled at how poorly you would be treated. And the very fact that women on here are disputing these issues, tells me that listening to and hearing mens issues is something that women are just not interested in doing, and just dismiss it all as childish nonsense. You expect us to listen to women’s issues and take it all seriously, while not providing the same courtesy towards men. The best show I ever saw, was (Jenny?) back in the mid 90’s where about a dozen or so women from every walk of life, lived as men for a few weeks. Every single one of them went in to it thinking “I’m on easy street for the next few weeks”. At the end if the show, every single one of them, even the card carrying feminist, said that they had no idea what life was like for a men, and said that they would never treat a man like that ever again. The reason that they had no idea what it was like for a man in this world? It’s because you are not allowed to speak of mens issues. Only women’s issues. You as a woman, are the one who has to put a stop to the subjugation movement, because they will not listen to men. They will label you as a sexist pig. Only women have the power to fight for true equality. If you do not stand up and say enough, then you are as bad and guilty as the extreme man haters.

      • I agree 100% with you Maruba. I am a female who identifies as a feminist as a direct subset of egalitarianism. NOT in the sense of female superiority, but rather in gender equality. True feminism supports both equal rights and RESPONSIBILITIES as men.

        I am a female who grew up in a family where both parents were successful, but my mom made significantly more money than my dad, but less than men at the same level as her in her company until a couple years ago. As an electrical engineer that graduated at the top of his class, my dad sacrificed huge career opportunities, which would require him to move across the country to allow for my mother to pursue her ambitious goals. In exchange, my dad kept his full-time job with flexible hours, but had the time to coach our basketball and soccer teams and cook dinner for us nightly, which he enjoyed. They both helped us with homework when they had the chance, and while they both did housework, most of it was delegated to me and my younger sisters. My parents had an amicable divorce when I was a high school senior and their assets were split down the middle. That’s right, my mom had to fork over half of her hard earned money to my dad who “worked” less but had ultimately made it possible for her to be a part of a healthy family while pursuing her career goals. My parents had joint custody of my two younger sisters when they split (I left for college very soon after). And I recognize that this is the way it SHOULD be.

        I am now at an excellent university where I study Civil Engineering. I am in the minority as a girl, and I feel no prejudice against me, but rather a community of people who WANT more female engineers in the field. I am equally as qualified as my peers to be where I am, however I acknowledge that my gender and being half Hispanic have in fact awarded me privileges including a half scholarship where the white males with the same resume as me would most likely receive a considerably smaller award. However, I also see much of the opposite. I have heard from female professors, as well as coworkers at my internships that the gender wage gap is very real in the field and I have observed that all of the upper management at both large scale companies I have worked for are men. As a feminist/egalitarian, I dream of the day when women and men of all races receive wages and benefits which directly reflect their qualifications. That means women will be paid the same as men for the same work, and that women would receive no preference in the hiring or admissions process based on their gender or race alone.

        This list is as harmful to the feminist cause as women who beg for all the rights men enjoy while still expecting men to pay on a date. Rather than encouraging the close-minded “feminists” that don’t recognize that the inequality negatively impacts both sexes, we need to address the inequalities in all aspects and strive for a world where job and rights are observed based on an individuals strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc REGARDLESS of gender, race, or how physically attractive they may or may not be.

      • there is a wage gap ?

      • Thank you for this! Best comment I’ve read!!!

      • See this is where your argument never works because you keep saying how you want women this and that, when it already exists.

        You are so brainwashed to believe that it isn’t and can’t see that the hurts a lot of men face are not just some walk in the park things, these are things that you, yourself would be absolutely appalled by. That means when you say some things are bad, without actually acknowledging that they are evil, you do not get any support.

        You would be the typical still going on about wage gaps, yet wanting to do all the easy jobs. You keep side stepping it all because you already have all your benefits, while we are still in the same position for year after year. No wonder we are irate. You are the one that complains about the past yet it never affected you and you make men of today pay for past events that affected most likely dead people, when we were not there either.

        Complaining about men and marriage yet wanting a ring on your finger. Telling people how men cheat while denying all the sluts out their, going from one man to the next to get profits from him. All the women stealing houses through the illegal system, when they have been with the guy 2 months, beating guys and crying poor me. The one that says it is a hard job staying home but be the 98% who go out and work in the exact same jobs (childcare, cooking, cleaning) and claim your husband wasn’t paying you but he was because his wage paid for everything you had from utilities to the clothes you wear.

        The same type that wants equality but expects a man to do all the things for you and wonders why it doesn’t happen now. Lies about men thinking your cute so you can become a victim.

        Did he complain about that? Not many do until he become nothing more than your gold digging adventure. ETC ETC ETC
        You would be the one that should have the kids 90% of the time regardless of the man or the kids thoughts on that and keep lying that is equal.

        You are the one who won’t fight for men’s rights at all yet continue to go on how Feminism is for equality.
        You are the type that sees all the misery in a mans site, yet diminishes it to nothing because you know that you already have all the “goodies”. In fact you probably wouldn’t even fight for your own husband, father, brother or any man in your life, unless of course it affected you. That would be grandmothers who denied the father of their child, yet expect their sons wife to not deny her son.

        You are the one who thinks oh! well it is just one man who got raped but look at all that evidence about women being raped, in other words you believe lies and can’t do simple maths to check the accuracy of those lies. You can’t see the missing information when it comes to rigged statistics. And then come here like oh! i just want what feminism stands for and not what the radicals want but you do want what the radicals want because you are already being rewarded with that and have no intention of fighting against it and fighting for EQUALITY which is feminism isn’t it?

      • “I am a feminist, but I don’t hate men! There might be people that refer to themselves as feminists that hate men. This does not mean that feminism in any way has anything to do with hating men”

        Gaslighting is a vile form of mental torture and abuse, can you stop doing it.

        The core tenants of feminism are hateful full stop.

        You call yourself a feminist, you are allying yourself with man haters.

      • This is the true definition of feminism. I do not hate men. I believe in equality. I want a bright future. I don’t want anymore stereotypes.

    • how’d you get the ohms symbol in your name?

  5. #98: I can kill my husband with a shotgun blast to the back of the head as he sleeps and then say “well…he abused me by making me…” and get off scot free.

    • Marissa Alexander would disagree with you. If you are not white you absolutely cannot do this. You and the blog owner are playing armchair lawyers and most of your assertions have no basis in actual case statistics in varying states. I find this to be the rantings of people with little to no experience with divorce case. Come back when either of you have a law degree and 10 years of divorce cases under your belt.

      • You’re right. If you’re Latina, all you can get away with is cutting your husbands penis off like Lorena Bobbit.

      • Statistics are lie so stop rambling on, when the truth is all around you.

  6. This is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read. Feminism is about equality. We recognize that being sexist is oppressive to women AND men. At least half of your points are unwarranted assumptions about how women think. And the other half, although you have skewed them, are things that feminists are trying to remedy! And seriously did you look at any FACTS when you wrote this. Or did you just base it on your assumptions about what women want in their life.

    “We will win this “battle of the sexes”,as long as we keep up the resistance.” It’s not a fucking battle, we should all be going after the goal of a better society. Together. The idea of Men vs Women shouldn’t exist. This is an idiotically sexist site. I can’t believe I am even taking the time to write this. You aren’t going to listen and that is deeply saddening.

    • you started this war when your kind drafted and published Scum and other how to do lists on killing all men for your lesbian utopias. If this war was a shooting kind it would have been over, but your right to live as a human being is something we honor unlike you.

      • Woah. Dude, You really hate women. I PERSONALLY did NONE of these things to you. Lesbian utopia? Straight women aren’t wanting this. Knee jerk reaction.

      • “Your kind?”
        Enough said.

      • *See: my avatar*

      • OMG. What a shock. Look how quickly they jump on you for being a misogynist when all you’re doing is trashing feminism. Women and feminism are not symbiotic or synonymous, you nutcases. The fact that you can’t see that SCREAMS of extensive brainwashing.

    • You can claim this time and time again, but your actions to not match your words. As soon as you began to deviate from what you have said, you became a hate movement.

      • Same goes for the men’s movement.

      • Cathy Creswell, there is no men’s movement. There are a small number of men who see feminism for the blight on humanity that it is and a large number of females, like you, who are so blinded by the lies that you hear.

        Just because YOU hate men, does not mean men who despise feminism and the legalized discrimination that feminists created hate females. Get over yourself.

    • Thank you.

    • No there are those who are listening. I agree with you. This finger pointing back and forth by both sexes is CHILDISH and needs to stop. Not JUST women not JUST men but both!
      What is it about this culture that believes that the only way to build up one group is to tear down another. At times I’m embarassed to say,; ‘I’m an American”

      • Not to be that guy but outside of the US you should always be embarrassed by saying your American… day you’re from Canada

    • Listen up, twat. I don’t give a rats ass what you think. I only want to meet you when this society collapses. I want to hear you scream for a man’s protection while you’re being robbed by another woman of your worldly goods. When you have to beg to survive, I want to see the look in your eye. “I need a man’s protection. Why don’t they come?!”

      Nevertheless, you keep on with creating a gender that hates your damn guts. It’s all good in my eye. You and yours will pay.

      Men know how women think, witch. We’re not as dumb as you think. We know all too well what you’re really after. Don’t think your little speech fools the lot of us. You can fool some most of the time, but you can’t fool most all of the time.

      Saddle up, witch. Destiny will come a calling .

      • This is scary, to be honest. Such seething hate based at a group of people. You’re assuming that all women are these evil creatures out to take advantage of men. Sure, some women are like that, but even they aren’t so one dimensional. Some men are like that, too, in regards to women.

        To say you ‘know’ how women think is hilarious. Women are not carbon copies of one another. People are diverse by nature. We do not all think the same, act the same, nor want the same things. Some people want equality. Some want to dominate. Some don’t give a fuck, as long as they’re not greatly impacted. People are different. Not just women, not just men, but people.

        And just to point out, you’re not making any women love you either. So keep on going on and creating a gender that hates you.

        Feminism is supposed to be about equality. That’s what the statement says, that’s what the majority of followers think it is. Sure, there are power hungry, men hating people in it, too. They might want to twist the cause to suit their agenda. But isn’t that the case with anything? Even with a group of people with a stated purpose, there will be opposing sides, both large and small. Feminists are not saints, nor are they all looking for equality. But what they are is a group of people working for varied versions of the same goal. Just like the Men’s Rights movement.

        There are equally as repugnant members of your movement. People who hate women, people who want to stay at/be at the top. People wanting to dominate, etc.

        But my point is that, as previously stated and reiterated multiple times, we’re all different. Claiming that someone is lying about wanting equality, because you’ve seen/read of/heard of bad eggs of their movement is silly. You don’t know them. They very well could, and most likely do believe in what they’re saying. They want equality. They’re in the Feminist movement because they want equality.

        No group is perfect and all have less than ideal followers present, but you should not put down those who believe in what they say they do unless you know for a fact (not generalized, one dimensional assumptions of everyone being the same) that they are lying, or you don’t like what they say they want.

      • When women stop trying to frame [doing what they want to do 10x more than men biological could] as a favour in exchange for men suffering to please them, you can talk about equality. Until then, your diabolical lies and malicious shaming (of biology) must be kept 1000 yards from children’s pristine minds.

        Or six feet under.

      • Yoyo, not sure if you’re baiting, or you legitimately retarded, this isin’t the fuking catholic bible days, not all women are evil whores, and what’s all this “biology” shit you keep Preaching? (hehe, get it?)
        whatchu got against robots? they can be male, and female too.
        (BTW, not all children are pure, my cousin (5 years old) is one of the most manipulative, maniacal little monsters ever to grace this, or any other planet). still love her though, she’s nice to me, and bakes cookies, which she shares.

      • As a father of 8 let me assure you that my sons as well as my daughters were taught how to protect themselves and survive in this world. So, my daughters won’t need then and don’t need now a man to protect them. However, all my children were taught to respect all people regardless of gender and to mean what they say and say what they mean. It is a sad truth that the strict nature of gender roles has caused both men and women to bet placed in “cages” of their own making. It will take us all working together to change things. Not one blaming the other.

    • Feminist, do you ever criticize females who post lists similar to these about men? I bet not. If you do not, you are showing that you are a typical feminist, which is not a good thing. Just like feminists who fail to fight laws discriminating against men or in favor of females demonstrate the lie that feminism is about equality.

      • I would love to see a woman. Who is not crazy and wants to join Isis, go to the middle East and live like some of the women I have seen there. Then come back here and complain about the rights they have here. I have seen true hatred of women when I was deployed and if you think this is hatred you really need to have your facts checked. If I were a Muslim I would have had you raped by all the men in my house hold first, maybe by some of my pets next then strangled in front of me and have your body thrown in the trash for talking the way you all are talking right now. So when I hear feminists cry about injustice and how they are treated unfair, I really wish they would think about what I just said. Because even if it might not be quite equal in your eyes just imagine what it could be like. The feminist should be fighting for this ladies and not bickering about why I can’t move to the top of a company board, why do we always get eye raped. Or nice words said to me hurts my feelings.

    • No. NO. No…..You wanted a” war on women”…..Now you’ll get it…..No backing out now feminist scum……”War on Woman”…lmfao!…..Couldn’t have said that 20 yrs. ago….American woman have the largest “safety net” of any group, in the history of mankind …..Ignore them….like Flowers. …..They will wilt….

    • My sentiments exactly! Thank you for taking the time to articulate that which I was thinking but am too full of bafflement to even know where to begin!

    • “This is the fucking stupidest thing ever.” Lol just reading that line, did you expect to read anything of substance? Lol.

    • Feminism is about equality hah biggest bullshit ever said the literal meaning of Feminism:the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes but women already have all the rights men have and more name one legal right a man has that a female doesn’t also if feminism is so much about both genders how come when talking about rape it is disregarded that for every 1 woman that is raped 4 men are raped

  7. How dare you fucking assholes say we are privileged you oprress us and act like we must thank you for it I hope you all get strated!

    • Ok, make that one #99 “I get to cry whenever a man calls me on my bullshit entitlement mentality. Thanks formanboobz I knew one of you would give us another one!

    • BOOOO! Not fair play.

    • formanboobz, you sound like a moron.

    • Kill yourself.

  8. This is wonderful to know I must thank you for this so I can use it to assit in my anti feminist works at hubpages and else where.

  9. Brilliant stuff.

    As an MRA, I am very pleased to see a list written by a female that I can link to other females whenever they talk about needing “more equality”.

    Feminism was never about equality, otherwise it would be addressing the very real points on this list.

    • You girls really need to go to school and learn what REAL feminist is. That’s all about being equal to males, not dominating over males. This is all just pathetic and will do the world no good at all.

      • Please read this to see what the problem with your argument is. I am getting tired of seeing feminists use a No True Scotsman defense. It does not follow the rules of logic.


      • If there was equality, which is a load of horse bog by the way, men and women would have equal time with their own children and most of the courts and politicians would not exist, because there would not be anything to exist for. That just goes to show that all of this is true and is why the world is in such dire straits. If it wasn’t true than why would it even be written? All this one sided agenda towards women is all for chaos. To create any little chaos is to profit for these pigs. In the end, it isn’t even about feminism but the use of feminism as a tool to conquer and profiteer.

      • Answer me this question. How can feminism be all about equality, when the name its self excludes the other gender entirely? The root word of feminism is female. It has nothing to do with being all inclusive. I’m pretty sure if you were battling “maleism”, you would be calling out the bullshit that it included females. Feminism is all about females, not both sexes.

      • You know how know this feminist BS is not inclusive of men?? Are they asking us how we want to be treated? What rights we want? Do they even give a damn what we think?

        NO. Guess why? The patriarchy. The patriarchy is already created to care about men and ONLY men. LMAO. Dying in the mud, alone, freezing, suffering from your wound on a battlefield is NOT the description of a privileged class of people. Every time I see movies showing men dying horribly in WW2, I cry. Not because these characters who I care about are dying so much as what little respect our brave, sacrificial heroes are receiving today. What they had to go through for my freedom, only to be treated like they were nothing by their own daughters and granddaughters.

        I say, it won’t be equal until these feminists stop throwing, “What you did to us” around so easily and start considering men as EQUALS in worth. When they actually take what we say, want or do into consideration. That means looking at our contributions favorably.

  10. thank GOD that a WOMAN wrote this list!!!!!! so now i can show this to other women who are always complaining about the supposed “male privilage” …so it’s a male privilage to live shorter, die defending you, get ass cancer and die,be forced into the same gender stereotypes that women are conveniently allowed to ignore…..what about any of these things sounds like “privilage”?????????? but since this was written by a woman, no woman can say “oh this is all a lie some MAN made up to be patriarchy/sexism/wage gap/etc…” NO EXCUSES BECAUSE A WOMAN WROTE THEM!!!!

    • There are plenty of women who don’t understand the true sexism in society. The fact that this was written by a woman doesn’t mean anything.
      Also…privilage?really? thats what you’re gonna go with for spelling?

      • not understand =/= not agree with you.

    • Again with the looping all women into one category…

    • Don’t you know? They just have the excuse to label the author a “female misogynist.” They’ll come up with a new one tomorrow.

  11. Female Privilege Checklist Balance of Power, was a wonderful
    blog title to give this valuable blog post. Exactly where could I read through more
    with regards to this?

  12. Holy shit, lol. U mad?

    I’ve seen some crazy anti-feminist stuff, but this is something else.

    It’s not even coherent. It’s like someone just put a list together of things they didn’t like about women and tried to make it sound like privileges.

    • anon wow pathetic

    • What cracked me up is that half of the items on the list are the result of male oppression and are in no way privilege. Half the rest are just lies. The remaining 25% are “hot girls get stuff. Well so do hit guys, so clean yourself up!

      • hit guys?

      • Result of male oppression? What are we talking about now? It seems like everything men do or say is somehow oppressive to women today.

        Seriously, the fact that feminists keep hitting this dead horse, reading male oppression or results of the patriarchy is not helping anything. That’s suggesting that any policies, thoughts, ideas created by men are wrong and evil. All of the great things men have created throughout history were made to hurt and oppress certain groups of people… and yet, I could’ve sworn modern technology actually liberated people from the hardships of nature. Men never oppressed women. Nature oppressed men and women so much that somebody actually had to get up and do something about it. And most of the time, that somebody was a man who had the heart and balls to risk his life to feed and house his family. And by hitting that dead horse is also suggesting that only policies created by women are inherently good and decent… which reiterates the fact that feminism has only ever been about female superiority.

      • stop being lazy and point out what arguments you disagree wth and why. instead of just saying half the list. This is one of the best debates i have come across.

      • “It’s funny because it’s all true” and many men have suffered by it. but you keep going on with your female privilege and denial by trying to make your claim by doing a typical female trait of belittling anything a man says so you can justify the things that are happening; that you are a part of.

  13. What? Most of these are completely made up. Did you do any research at all?

    • I’ll confirm that 1-15 are all true I’ve seen those all 1st hand

      • Just because something happens sometimes doesn’t make it true across the board.

      • Yeah it does Maggie, cause he isn’t the only one it has happened to. And since you are using that analogy, than feminism that says men oppressed women, must not be true across the board than hey???

        For example do you think all the men in those apparent times, that were supposed to be women suffering everywhere, wanted to have their legs blown off? Or build and slave for pittance so you and he and his children could survive, risking his life and many dying because of those risks?

        See there are always these little belittling comebacks such as, you are racist, or just because it happened to one, or where is the proof? or you are an arsehole! or this list is funny – so hilarious, or there are better ways to deal with this, or they are just doing their job, or if it was meant to be, etc. Time and time again, it gets worse by following any of those comebacks, because they are used to justify getting away with what is happening and the worse bit is the ones who look upon this as lies cannot get it through their heads that if it wasn’t happening than why is it written and why do so many agree with it? So you say just because it happened once, yet can’t see that there are many others here who agree with it all, which means more than one.

        I am sure lots of women suffered as well but none of us were born or aware of those times because we didn’t exist. Which means these generations are using the past, to punish people who never did any wrong and to profit from them. So why should women of today be awarded for things that happened years ago that the men of today did not do? Why should the men of today be treated so poorly, and yet anything that happened to men in those times is just brushed off? Men were far more oppressed than women, because they were laden with harsh responsibilities and enslavement. Nobody seems to care about that though and keeps going on with crazy crap so they can profit from it and that is all it comes down to. Getting something for nothing by hurting the ones they are supposed to love.

        Through time there have been many tyrant women so how is it that men oppressed women? They didn’t. More like a small society that rules over men and women and helps the game be played so that they can control and profit with all the chaos. This site and every other that has blacks against whites, men against women, children against parents, the people against government workers, and the list goes on is all about the ones behind the scenes rubbing their hands together because they are making a lot of cash out of it, all in the while being in control as well as blaming everyone but themselves for what is happening and nobody can see it because they are too caught up in the fight.

        They can not see the outside influences of these corrupts and they also can’t see how fake court cases produce trillions for these pigs all in the while they are making the laws up as if they are some higher form of human being and what’s more they ask none of us, whether we all approve any of these laws. They profit from laws for the “what if!” Nothing ever occurs and they spiel this what if! with the imperfections of humans taht make what ifs inevitable. They charge you a fee a fine or a tax to impose their rules onto you and than claim it is just their job, meanwhile we are all suffering. These pigs are so huge in numbers and weapons that they know full well that they can simply implement an equal outcome, no ifs or buts and it would be fair, yet they continue to make sure one receives more than the other so a bitchfight! ensues. That alone tells you that they can because they seem to be able to create as much havoc as possible and get away with it so it seems logical that they can create peace by giving equal share and i dare say that would produce less problems than now and these types of argumentative sites would be far less common. By the way you seem to have been searching for this as i did so what is your cause? To try and defend feminism despite what it has done to many women, men and children. It is a disgrace and needs eradication. That is how they profit. They also have their fake little advertisements that we pay for also, promoting it all as well to brainwash everyone into their scam.

        Nobody sees that we are all suffering because of these pigs and enforced into slavery for a fake piece of paper. One thing stands out to me and that is we all rely on this fake piece of paper to survive. The ones above put limits on how much paper we get so they can make sure we are forever enslaved, while they do not lift a finger for receiving their overinflated scumbag figures and rewards. This piece of paper stops people from finding cures for cancer for gods sake because it is quoted “to expensive” or “lack of funds”, yet the planet provides us with everything we need to find this cure and a piece of paper that the earth also has the materials to manifest stops us? In fact this papers production that is everywhere across this planet also adds to the global destruction because of pollution and we also pay to have this paper made so we can survive. In other words we pay tax to produce this paper which means we pay to be paid, essentially we are enslaved. It does not cost anything and nobody owns anything despite what they think they own or who they are. These criminals have it all worked out that all their employees, who do all the work are void of any acknowledgement for their efforts, while the apparent leader receives all the glory and compensation, while doing nothing at all.

        Feminism is a disease and since women are so caught up in themselves, they refuse to see the damage it is doing and has done and how they are being used for profit and continue to blame men for their own ill comings. They continue to blame men as a whole and than make statements such as yours that if it only happened to one than you can’t blame all. Well you need to read your own words and apply it to your own agenda.

    • I’m doing research on this sort of thing for an opinion piece I’m writing (which is how I got here). Some of it is petty, but a lot of it is true. Especially the ones that involve social penalty. I’ve noticed that it is okay to identify the privilege that men have, but it’s not okay to identify the privilege that women also have. There are a lot of cases I have found where women gained custody of children even if the father was a suitable parent. Or if they have shared custody, similar salaries and the father still had to pay child support. I read a handful of stories of women claiming a man raped them, were later found to pervert the justice system and not charged. Even if the man who was found innocent had to undergo decades of injustices… since being a sex offender is one of the most damaging to someone’s name/reputation (as it should be!).

      Drafting is another one that makes me scratch my head… it seems like a privilege to not be forced to go to war. But, it is seen as oppression because the idea is that women are weaker and need to take care of babies. I think there is room for it to be both, since it’s two sides of the same coin.

      I don’t think men will ever have a say in whether or not a woman gets an abortion, puts a baby up for adoption, etc… I think the man should be able to express their wishes, but not force the woman to do anything as it is her body and her decision. However, women will always have that privilege over men, without any question.

    • Research? Did You? Seems to me the research is right in front of our eyes, not in some statistics fiction novel designed by the perpetrators. Everywhere it is happening and we don’t the 30% of when 2% of BS statistics, that use what a couple thousand purposely selected people out of 7 billion. With the questions designed to lead and only asked to the ones they want support.

      Come off the grass with your denial that’s what scum do.

    • Funny. We can say the SAME THING about the Male Privilege checklists we’ve heard so many times by now. NO ONE has ever bothered to look at how women have been privileged over the years. That’s because no one dares question the wisdom of feminists.

  14. oh but its not one time, you seem to think I have only seen all 15 once, I’ve seen 13 done about 3 times to me by three different women I can’t count number 5 anymore. Hell have you seen the male privilege list? That is more mythical than anything here. Where the hell is the male privilege for all the men buried at Arlington national cemetery, or the 70% of homeless men or all the men who are unemployed?

    • Number 5 is complete crap. Do you actually think women have control over their reproductive choices? If that is the case, why is it that incarcerated or institutionalized women are still systematically sterilized without their consent? Or that young women and women living in poverty are denied access to abortion services? Or that birth control is not covered by most health insurance (and yet viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills are)? Or that a young woman can be denied condoms or emergency contraception if she tries to buy it at a drugstore and they decide she shouldn’t be able to have it?

      When you refer to the male privilege list, do you mean the one from “unpacking the invisible knapsack” written by Peggy McIntosh? Or was it something else? I have read the McIntosh piece.

      Also, I don’t understand what you mean by the last question. Are you trying to insinuate that there aren’t any homeless or unemployed women?

      • every anti-abortion bill has failed, as for what I was insinuating is that men are and have always been the majority of the unemployed and homeless. I guess you were just selectively reading.

      • True women have more control over reproduction. A wise partner would get involved, be willing to wear condoms, buy the spermicide, talk about when to have kids, etc. An equal relationship would have both involved, but historically women have been at the mercy of a mans sexual appetite and repeated pregnancies, so the current place we are all at is an attempt to corect this imbalance. The next step is mutual involvement. Anyone want to go the next step, or are we just going to yell at each other across the room?

      • It’s my body my choice ring a bell. What is crap are the blatant lying by people such as yourself.

      • You sir, won the retard comment of the year award, congratulations!!!

  15. Yep, so clearly nobody is ever denied abortions anymore.
    Unemployment and homelessness suck. But they’re not only male issues.

    • No but by majority they are male issue more than female issues. denied an abortion, never in my state has a woman been denied an abortion. If these are so bogus you really should see what the feminists call male privileges, being stripped of our rights as father’s that’s a privilege in feminist eyes so basically when men refuse to accept this bullshit and call you out you panic and throw a tantrum. 13 specifically is like Andrea yates she blamed blacks and Hispanics for the cold and torturously slow deaths of her sons. Where was their male privilege? A question you are refusing to answer. Why is that because it doesn’t exist and you know it.

      • No one in your state has been denied an abortion? How do you know this? What is your state? I’m guessing I can find an instance of someone being denied an abortion in your state with a small amount of google searching.

        Since your grammar is so atrocious, I am honestly a little bit confused as to what you are trying to say, but I will attempt to respond. Are you saying that feminists think that men being stripped of their rights as fathers is a privilege? A privilege for who? I’m not totally convinced that you understand what privilege is.

        Also, just to be clear, you are using an example of a seriously deranged woman who killed her children as proof of what? That women are all crazy murderers? That because those children happen to be male, her killing them was an act of anti-male violence? Furthermore, are you trying to argue that any feminist would excuse her actions? Because I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would think someone who killed her small children was justified in any way.

      • Hi- sorry I just noticed that when it came to homelessness the fact that a large majority of the homeless population are men made homelessness a tenant of your profession that it’s more a “men’s issue ” – yet when rape was discussed – the fact that around 90% of rapes are and have been done against women from the beginning of time wasn’t a strong enough argument for women to list rape as a womens issue since “some men get raped too” Severely biased. It’s looking like the “privilege” you so hate is showing on your side. Check it.

    • “Since your grammar is so atrocious”

      Maggie, I have to say that I am disappointed in you. I think you make some decent points (although I will argue them), but this kind of petty bullshit almost completely denounces an argument in my books. I believe when people make statements like this, they are trying to make a statement about someone’s intelligence based on something as superficial as language. So, I already have the idea that you are a pretentious, mean and callous. This is the internet, you have no idea who the person behind that computer is or if english is even their first language. So pipe the fuck down and get off your high horse.

      ” Are you saying that feminists think that men being stripped of their rights as fathers is a privilege? A privilege for who? I’m not totally convinced that you understand what privilege is.”

      First, let me define privilege, “A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to one person or group of people.” If the battle in court is over custody of children, women are usually granted favor in the judicial system based entirely on the fact that they are women and are seen as primarily caregivers, even if the father takes better care of the kids. Even though this is a stereotype of women, it does give them the upper hand in a custody battle. That is why it is a privilege.

      “Unemployment and homelessness suck. But they’re not only male issues.”

      This is true, they are not just male issues. Most of North America’s homeless are male, but we shouldn’t marginalize or ignore the homeless women. That would be wrong, I agree with you. But just for the sake of argument, let’s look at where men tent to be marginalized or ignored. How about we start with domestic violence, where statistics Canada shows that men are physically abused in relationships… although not to the same degree as women in most cases. But Statistics Canada says that men make up a little over 40% of the people who are being slapped, hit or punched by their partner. Who knew!?

      Now, what about rape? Certainly it is seen as mostly an issue of men harming women, and never the other way around. This makes it another issue that marginalizes men or just completely ignores them. The issue affects primarily women, so it makes sense to have the focus be women.

      “No one in your state has been denied an abortion?”

      Actually, men are denied abortions all the time. If they are not ready or didn’t want to have children with someone and it happens anyway, there is little option for men. The easy argument is “well, then don’t have sex”, but the same argument can be used against women who are denied abortions. I believe that women have the right to do whatever they want with their body and the things living in it, a man has no place dictating what goes on there… but, we need to recognize that this is an advantage women have over men. Men have rights to their sperm until it’s inside someone else, then it’s left up to the person carrying the potential babies to make a decision and has the right to have little or no regard for the wishes of their partner. I think this right is a privilege, because men simply cannot have this right because they don’t have a uterus. Unfortunately, not all women in this world are sane or make good decisions. With this privilege can come abuse, I think that’s what she is talking about.

      That’s all I have to say about that. If you have anything to say about my grammar or my general intelligence, please go fuck yourself. If you have something to say about the points I’ve made, I’m all ears (or eyes).

      • Ever watch the news how the women kid their babies over crazy reasons? Pretty fucked up, right?

      • kill* Sorry, typo. I haven’t slept all day, been reading this topic and it just all wrong.

    • Well domestic violence isn’t a female only issue, but by God, it’s sure TREATED like it is.

      • This is the only comment I’ve read that I completely agree with. Many times there is so much shame for a man in admitting he has been abused that they suffer silently. Part of this is true because of social stigmas we place on men to be strong.

        Something must be done to raise awareness that both men and women can be batterers and that its not okay.

      • On this issue, i have been hit by a woman – but it did not hurt me. I have never hit a woman but have hit a man less than i could count on one hand. I have been accused of violence against women and since i have never hit a woman, which was the abuse claimed, than essentially i am the victim, even though she is classed as the victim for lying. As soon as you mention that you have never hit a woman, a typical claim is that hitting is not the only abuse, which i clearly see as a distraction to justify lying and to deny that the other abuses of verbal, are not at all done by women, yet, everywhere we see women nagging, throwing tantrums, yelling, screaming, name calling etc. not only slapping or throwing pans. Denial of children would be the most violent abuse there is, not only of men but of children too – but it seems to be allowed everywhere. In fact the poisoning of a child’s mind is violence against that child, yet it is allowed everywhere unless you are a man of course. When you pull women up on this, you are clearly stating for the country you live in, yet these women continue on about some other country so they can justify their privilege to get away with what they are doing and than making out they are better than the abusers in these other countries, whether men or women, while not seeing let alone acknowledging their own abusive behavior.

        One point i would like to make is that, if you happened to be a non-violent man who ended up with a large woman or a second dan black belt, or a boxer, who i might add one i thought was hot at one time, how is it, these women in particular can continue to deny that men can not possibly be beat up by a woman. We see it on the screen all the time. We see it on the news. We literally see women belting men and it is laughed at. This goes for rape also. A typical argument is that a man cannot be raped if he can’t get it up but how many times have i heard that he can’t get it up that well? Or how many times have you never had a full erection but still had sex? Why is it that women are supposed to mature faster in every way, except when they have sex with an older man, usually her wanting and consent or her manipulation to have sex with him.

      • It’s something like 70% of domestic abuse is from a woman to a man and yet no one cares, and why? Because men are expendable

    • I seem to have heard this somewhere before. Hmm! now where was that? Oh! that’s right, when a man is raped by a woman, not being only a female problem, so don’t be so hypocritical as all Feminists are.

    • Funny. Women also get to decide what’s right… not for the man, but for them. The man suddenly becomes a slave or utility and women will throw out the “I’m independent and strong” BS for “Poor me.” That’s the double-standard we all talk about. Women being allowed to change their minds on the spot and no one correcting them. But this guy’s entire life is ruined, forced to pay for a baby he didn’t want. Who cares right? You play you pay right?

      Again, double-fcking-standards like this make feminism the twisted, evil, joke cult that it is.

  16. I actually Maggie I do recall manboobz justified her actions AS THE HUSBANDS FUALT among others of his brood. As for grammar sorry I am tired as of late. I’m just saying men are tired of being told they have things they actually don’t. men are SICK OF BEING CALLED RAPISTS WHEN WE AREN’T! So are you ever going to answer my question, or just keep up your logical fallacy?

    • Who is manboobz? I have no idea what you are talking about.

      I agree that false accusations of rape are terrible, but they are also much more rare than you seem to think. So yeah, when someone is accused of rape, I’m gonna give the benefit of the doubt to the less privileged person who likely doesn’t have as much reason to lie about the situation.

      What was your question? I thought I responded to all of your questions, but if there is something you asked that I didn’t answer, please remind me what it is and I will try to answer it to the best of my ability.

      • I am not a fan of trumping up false rape charges I am not a fan of down playing them, actually. I am of the mind that 9% is 9% to many, how many real victims get the shaft because one person lies about rape? Manboobz is a male feminist, that excuses misandry. Also you have never answered any of my questions you’ve dodged them yes but that’s not an answer.

  17. False rape charges are horrible. I don’t think anyone is arguing that they’re not. I’m just saying, charges of rape shouldn’t be taken lightly or dismissed until there has been a thorough investigation.

    If you have questions that you feel I haven’t answered adequately, please ask them. I don’t know what questions you are referring to.

    • Okay fine where is the male privilege for the all the men who died in war, or the little boys that got murdered by their mothers, or the men who are killed because a woman lied about rape? If these privileges are so bogus then I think male privileges are equally bogus. Tell me do you think rape cases should be kept away from the media, and false rape accusers should face criminal charges?

      • Okay fine where is the male privilege for the all the men who died in war, or the little boys that got murdered by their mothers, or the men who are killed because a woman lied about rape?

        OK, so, male privilege is an inherent thing–it doesn’t get negated because you happen to have shitty things happen to you in your life. All of those people still had male privilege, it just wasn’t relevant to their particular situations. It seems like you’re arguing that if a man is killed, it’s a misandrist act, which doesn’t make sense at all.

        Tell me do you think rape cases should be kept away from the media, and false rape accusers should face criminal charges?

        I do not think the media has any business getting involved in most rape cases, unless the people involved in the case specifically want the media involved. And yes, I think that if it comes to light that someone falsely accused someone of rape, and this is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, then yes, I believe that they should have to face criminal charges. In fact, I think that there is a case for slander there.

    • “False rape charges are horrible. I don’t think anyone is arguing that they’re not. I’m just saying, charges of rape shouldn’t be taken lightly or dismissed until there has been a thorough investigation.”

      There were multiple women in their 30s and 40s that had sex with me in my mid teens. Why can’t I play the victim? Why is it only women in their mid teens that are seen as victims? I’ll tell you why, sweet pea. Women are taught to be victims. Women are taught to blame everything on men. Women are taught to be vultures, mercenaries and parasites. And all the while, women demand protection and respect from…guess what…men. Do you see the irony?

      • Wow, you had some bad things happen to you. Listen up ‘sweet pea’ anecdotes are not evidence, generalising your experience as the norm has evidence and statistics against you. I demand respect where it’s due, as should anyone of either gender, I also respect, where due. Two way street ‘sweet pea’.

      • You demand respect even as you disrespect men and yourself by peddling your mother’s whore lies which objectified you.

        It’s not respectful to misrepresent [doing what you want to do] as a favour to elicit men’s suffering in exchange. It’s evil. You’re evil. When you stop being evil and start respecting yourself, you will be respected.

        Or you can keep telling yourself that you’re not a whore. Whores will never be respected. Your mother lied to you.

      • It is a travesty that this happened to you. Let me say not all women are taught to be victims. However, they are more likely to be seen as victims. You should speak out openly on what happened to you. Start the dialogue so it can’t be hidden in the dark any longer. It’s about time the playing field is leveled and it all comes out in the open.

    • If ladies care so much about what false rape charges do to their sons, I want to see protestors. I want to see women, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters in the streets, holding up signs, demanding for change. Demanding that their innocents sons be completely exempt from any and all consequences and that the people who falsely accused them be put on charges.

      Is that going to happen with this insane perspective on male privilege??

      I don’t think so.

      • I would gladly show up with my mother, sisters, aunt, gramma and my brothers and uncles too. All victims are hurt by false accusations in all ways. I agree 100%.

    • Ok maybe they shouldn’t be taken lightly but neither should false accusations. In fact false accusation should be punishable with the exact same sentence as what was accused. And what happens when these false claims cause the true victim, ie the accused, to be bashed or raped in prison or murdered for never doing anything wrong in the first place? In essence suffering the same fate if not worse than what they were accused of. What about the forever scars that this should leave for the defamation that will never ever be right. You just got to see how many people go against somebody who has been accused of something and than later found to have done nothing wrong, still be accused by a lot of non-believers even though the person was out to be innocent.

      This is the entire problem, downplaying to get away with injustices. Even if only one man was raped, does that justify ignoring that victim? 9% of 1 000 000 people is 900 000 liars. Is that justifiable to allow that huge amount of people to get away with those lies? Now times that by 300, the amount of people just in the US. To me that is not a small amount at all. You will read and believe what you want; so you read figures to downplay the existence of it, and fail to see how many abusive women there are, while i read statistics that show that it is actually very common. In fact statistic are always designed to favour the desired outcome to promote something.

      This means manipulations of answers to flat out lies to get that answer. For example a poor girl is raped by a man. After coming to terms with what had happened she than sets out to get figures on how many girls are raped so she can try and put a stop to it. It is a good cause but than she finds that she isn’t getting the response she thought she would so she goes back to the drawing board to figure new questions. These question end up being things like has a boy ever touched your leg without your consent. This means at all ever, even if it was not meant or sexual in nature. Every girl would answer yes to that. So the result is 4% of women have had intercourse while drunk not remembering how it began. 100% of women have been touched without consent.

      Readers like you eat this garbage up and than get on your high horse about it, while not seeing that within your own existence nothing had happened with all the men you have known, except one or something like that. Magazines that portray all the gossip and manipulations should be banned in my opinion, because they do more harm than good. These magazines are corrupt and defame people in ways that can’t make them liable so they can sell their product to make millions and they know that women love gossip romance and some form of drama or scandal. Women love a storyline that whisks them away into fantasy. These magazines know how to do this -so that it also creates a woman, who gets riled up and as time goes on, it gets worse.

      For men they simply show naked women and fast cars or guns to get their business, and than can’t see how they are promoting rape by wanting men to ogle over women and getting women to accept a drama unfolding while ogling over some bad boy that will end up hurting her. Makes you wonder whether women want to be raped sometimes because some of the women’s statements while engaged in sex i have heard, show they want to be forced a lot of the time. Love the control of a man, and yet also love being seen as this poor little innocent girl who does no wrong. Manipulators by nature.

      Rape in any sense should be the issue and not an issue only directed towards men. How many lesbian women rape other women? The claim of rape should be genderless and only about the rape itself. I mean seriously do you think that teaching boys not to rape will stop a rapist? Or does it cause more social problems because boys are made to be inferior to girls once again? Some of these boys may never have even thought of hurting a woman or known about it, until it was drummed into their minds. So do these apparent people who design this garbage actually want women to be raped so they can justify their fake jobs? And men in prison who are raped, should they be raped? What if their crime is some petty nonsense designed by the control freaks? What if it was a false accusation for their imprisonment? What if the crime they committed was of a survival orientation such as protecting a child, or stealing to feed a child, or something that really is more noble than a crime as such?

    • Yes thorough and this goes for male victims of rape also and any fake rape I.E. He screamed at me, being rape, when she does the exact same thing (scream) or how about i got drunk and regret it, that isn’t fair to entrap somebody that way. Those are not rapes at all and not even sexual harassment they are just a spoilt brat, being vindictive and trying to get her own way. They are absolute disgusting, and should be seen more as rape by classing them as rape than to actually consider those things rape.

      Screaming is an argument or debate, it is what we are doing now. If she screams and they want that law then she should also be done for rape, simple as that. As with the backlash these circumstances cause, they are far from helping any victim, especially if a LIAR is more important than a victim and the way to see a victim is read the case and not know what gender is what, to get the most accurate result. In fact if those liars that claim rape, when it didn’t happen feel that the jail sentence they were going to place on an innocent man is fine, then it should be fine that if they are found out to be lying, they should be grateful for the same sentence.

  18. Actually I believe false rape falls into a fraud category, as for murder I think all murder is a hate crime. Male privilege doesn’t exist I’ve read the list that most feminists write and its sickening at best and most often misinformed lies. Men do more than 8 hours of work in an 8 hour day women do 7.75 hours of work in an 8 hour day, as such a wage gap is not a result of privileges. Also if males have privilege than this list is perfectly true also, you can’t say this list is bullshit when most of the things do happen for women. Women gain fortunes and status through divorce, a biased court system that favors women because they are women is a privilege. I just wished you would have answered those question when I first asked them.

    • Who declares, has declared, and – as long as patriarchy persists –
      will continue to declare War?

      It begins with M.

      • Well since there is no “Patriarchy by your…ahem…logic this war was over before it started.
        Who the Hell do you think EMANCIPATED women in the FIRST place? Huh?
        IT WAS MEN! This same “patriarchy” that is said to opress women voted FOR WOMEN’S equality. A “patriarchy would vote AGAINST women’s rights, you big bucket heads!
        Gol, use at least SOME since, will ya?

    • Before getting involved with my wife we had a lot of conversations about home family working etc., I feel blessed to say that my wife and I honor and respect each other in every way. I fully understand your comment and felt that way. This lead me to wanting these conversations with any woman I was going to get involved with from that point on.

      I feel like there are girls who take full advantage of the “system” as it is and then there are women who see the “system” and want to make it go away so it becomes more fair for both men and women.

      • There are girls, and many millions of them who use the system to their heinous advantage and not hoping you divorce but if you do, every single woman knows the favoritism of the injustice system so even if your wife is a decent person, you still have no chance and she knows this and so do you, or you probably wouldn’t be here.

        The fact is that you have to walk on egg shells your entire life, even though you probably don’t think so but in the back of your mind you know if she for some reason does not get her own way, in perhaps something that means a lot to you both, she will win and usually one of those things is children.

  19. Clearly, nothing I say to you is going to make you change your mind, and I have other things I need to do.

    But maybe you should try educating yourself about privilege before you start making broad claims.
    Start with Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”
    And then read this piece: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/05/15/straight-white-male-the-lowest-difficulty-setting-there-is/

    It’s a really excellent article that describes male privilege in a very easy to understand way.

    If you read those and are still confused, then maybe I’ll talk to you again. But I’m tired to going around in circles when you’re clearly in your own little world.

    • You are the dumbest shill on the net. Men have throughout time praised and protected women. You’re an indoctrinated shill of the feminist left with no mind of your own. Go sell your screed to those men that haven’t yet awoken. Men with half a brain see straight through your shill talk, witch.

    • All you have done so far in this forum, is marginalize men. How do you expect to make any headway, when you are so closed minded to the other side? Men all over N America have bent over backwards to help women in their struggles, and all you can do is stand there and expect princess treatment, while spitting on men, treating us like servants.

    • Incorrect. Low difficulty settings generate lower points in a game. So his comparison fails. If white males are playing the easy setting, they’d score less points.

      Scalzi is a textbook gamma male little bitch.

    • I love how people use the word educate and then lead somebody to go and read something in favor of their agenda and it usually involves these fabricated statistics but what these people fail to see are the people they are talking to have lived these things and it does not matter what so called expert or professional says or writes, it is all hocus pocus lies.

      The real truth is with us here not some book. So no – you wont get through especially being so condescending as saying educate yourself. Nah! already done that thanks. We already have been victim to these female privileges and the apparent male privilege alludes us all.

      I am so used to the nightmares and headaches from stress and sadness that i am at the point of why bother, it is over, all of it. I guarantee if you were putting up with the exact things we have had to go through, you would not listen to anybody telling you to read such lies about things, especially since you had witnessed it in your own life and many others. No book would ever change your mind and probably make you much more angry, which is the reason this planet is falling apart. No book will ever tell me that fathers get equal rights, when the actual reality and evidence tells me that peer review BS is just that – BS.

  20. You seem to be missing a clear and easy point I’ve spelled out for you a few times. Female privileges exist and sometimes void male privilege. Also not all men are given this privileges in life, men are marginalized in our education system which is continuing to fail everyone. If you empower men to have a real chance at life and not be hindered by privileges, that only work if we meet a said requirement in society. What makes you think I’m white and I will say this for white men they are hated for no reason half the time, why because people are projecting what they think white people are, or aren’t.

    • Lol. Educate yourself. Then we can talk.

      • Maggie you keep generalizing men as the upper elites of society which some men are, as for the rest we are nothing but cogs or pawns to be sent first for another’s power. You have failed too see the negatives of privilege, men who are abused by women have the privilege of being mocked. Its a really pity your too biter to see beyond what others have told you.

      • “Lol. Educate yourself. Then we can talk.”

        I really dislike people like yourself who argue with such a pretentious attitude because it leaves no room for discussion. You contradict yourself when you say we should not ignore homeless women just because they are a small percentage… but then we shouldn’t make a big deal about false rape charges because it affects a small percentage of men? It’s still damaging, with potential to ruin the lives of a small percentage of men and gives REAL victims of rape a bad name. So, people who falsely accuse and/or convict men of rape SHOULD be convicted for perversion of the justice system, a story which should get a lot of media hype AND INCLUDE a public apology to try to clear a name that has now been heavily tarnished.

        How do you not see this as an issue that needs to be addressed?
        You argue a double-standard… AND HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL SOMEONE UNEDUCATED! You are unbelievable. Do you have no capacity for critical thought or analysis? You can read all the one-sided articles you want, post them all over the internet if it will make you feel intelligent. You can have great spelling and grammar… and even insult people who don’t if it’ll help you feel good about yourself. But I see through that. Female and male privilege can both exist. They can be mutually inclusive or exclusive, depending on what it is.

      • “Educate yourself” is the textbook bleat of the femorrhoid. It avoids any intellectual debate by insisting a male agree with a vagina, or else. It’s is anti-logical.

      • A sentence like that and you talk about education? Go figure. A lot of men on here have had some form of female privilege occur right in front of them causing them harm. If it didn’t happen than why in the hell would they be on this forum? That is one true fact that no book or some bull crap peer reviewed by who i might add?Why are they so perfect that their fake studies are accurate? By studying 5000 people out of 7 billion and questioning them with leading questions is not fact. Probability shows that the entire 5000 could lead to the desired outcome they are hoping to achieve, and then for you to pick up that journal and be brainwashed. The only truth is the truth that the men here are telling you of that has happened within their own lives.

      • You say educate a lot, you are truly a very arrogant woman aren’t you? The point is he has educated himself, but obviously you haven’t.

        When you hold men back so that you can give a woman a piece of the pie that isn’t fairness, that is holding someone back. It doesn’t matter if it was in the reverse and it was women who were better but it isn’t and men have to make way or be in the shit for sexism.

        For example – let’s say there are 50 people vying for a truck drivers job and the truck company already has and only has 20 men. Out of all the 50 only 5 women apply. Now for various reasons all the men are better than any of the women. Because of sexism, the company has to hire an unqualified woman over any of the better quality men all in the name of sexism. Yet none of these women care about what happens if say they kill somebody because they were less qualified.

        Now that is just an example and not a real scenario but it resembles many. And in the reverse, you tell me how many men are for example working in child care centers compared to women? We don’t need to educate ourselves with fictitious books on statistics to see this. So you need to get your head out of your arse and smell the roses or see reality and stop reading this brainwashing material that you are reading or we are doomed.

  21. Seriously, I don’t even know what you’re talking about, dude. Sure, some men have it worse than some women. Does that negate male privilege as a concept? Absolutely not. Now seriously, read the link I posted, because I’m tired of listening to your ignorant ranting.

    • But all women have it worse than men right?

  22. The only ignorant ranting is coming from you if you wish for it to stop shut off you computer and go read a book like the myth of male power, or the war against men and boys. Lay off the SCUM for once in your sad fallacy of a life.

    • Your insults are cute, but they’re doing nothing to prove you’re not a misogynist douchebag.

      Also, the Myth of Male Power doesn’t blame women for the so-called “plight” of men. So, it’s at least a little more tolerable to read than this checklist.

      • I never said women were to blame, so don’t put words in my mouth. As for your insults I can’t say much good about them, they aren’t original they lack whit and tact. I feel more sad for you than anything else.

      • But in the real world of equality YOUR insult make YOU a Misandrist.
        Oh wait I forgot. this ISN’T the real world of equality. When men argue with women they’re MISOGYNISTS picking on the poor helpless girl, but when women argue with men they’re She-warriors for women, or some other dopey self-appointment.

      • Like seeing male privilege as a concept compared with what is reality. You sound like a nut job living in the Matrix rather then what is around you.

        But to try to understand you – We as men have said this all along, if my understanding is correct. Women keep saying men held them back and maybe men did but it was only a very few men who did and those men also held most other men back, we have also seen queens (women) do the same thing.

        So concept compared to reality does not mean anything. You are talking about men seeing a concept that maybe of our reality and that is lunacy. Why don’t you see the concept of child rearing then? To answer is because it is a privilege to you and a non-privilege to a father since he really has no say in that child’s life.

        A man raped by a woman yet the law says it can’t happen so that poor man has to live with a concept of privilege to be privileged is that right? Because if so, you just proved how crazy feminists are. You know the ones who say that a man on top is rape, yet if they are on top it isn’t and almost all humans have sex with the man on top. Or how about women suffered more than men who went to war? Or men get their children equally and equally is 2 days out of 14. Or what about center for men’s help when in crisis especially if he has a child. How about the one where he can take 3/4 of her home and all of those things? I guess they must be just concepts for us to say oh! yeah that is right we have privilege because the concept (not the reality, just a thought or pretend) of these things we have is our privilege. Why do feminists continue to try and make us believe in absolute nonsense or try to justify their privileges with ridiculous fictitious things and yet won’t do those things themselves?

  23. Cool story, bro.

    • Saw it coming, well at least I’m rating up your comments that should make you feel better.

      • Yep, that’s the only thing I want in life, clearly.

  24. you certainly want my attention

    • Obviously.

      In all seriousness though, I have a ton of work I need to get done and I don’t feel like talking to someone who clearly has no idea what they’re talking about. If you read some things and educate yourself, I’d be happy to talk to you in the future. Otherwise, enjoy living in a fantasy world where men are a disadvantaged group.

      • Thanks but your sources of education are blogs. While you are happy with self entitled morons that can’t help but ignore the facts their opinions are biased and unfounded, I prefer books by scholars and people with degrees. Good luck to you, I mean seriously get a life and stop being such a self entitled bitch.

  25. Want some books?

    Try Conquest by Andrea Smith, White Male Privilege by Mark Steven Rosenkranz, White Privilege and Male Privilege by Peggy McIntosh, Feminism: A Beginner’s Guide (since you clearly don’t know what feminism is) by Sally J. Scholz, He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut by Jessica Valenti…I could go on, but I doubt you’ll read any of my recommendations.

    As for me, thanks for telling me to get a life. I actually am a feminist scholar so this kinda fits in with my life. Thanks though.

    ps. Insulting strangers on the Internet totally proves your self-worth. (/sarcasm)

    • The only person throwing insults was actually you all I did was return them. As for Jessica Valenti I read her books they are total crap hell she thinks men should be held in jail as guilty until proven innocent, way to be about equality stereotyping all rapists and sex offenders as men. I read most of those books all they are is carefully written stereotypes of men, as for my race really why do you think I’m white hell do you not see my avatar picture?

      • I never said anything about your race, but race plays into privilege to the extent that you can’t really talk about one without talking about the other, which is why some of those books talk about race as well as gender.
        I have never read anywhere where Jessica Valenti said that about holding men in jail as guilty until proven innocent…I’m pretty sure that’s not something she ever said. If you can give me a specific quote from her, then maybe I’ll believe you.
        Also, I have been consistently civil and not once called you any sort of derogatory term, which is more than I can say for you.

      • Men being held in jail until proven innocent is our reality now not just fiction. Doesn’t even need to be written in any journal to see this. Just watch a reality cop show to see it happening, of course they will concentrate on the one woman they booked for that night though. And they won’t tell you the real reason he is there either. You know those times when she hits him so he protects himself and he gets taken to jail?

    • R u educated?

  26. Maggie all the you’ve been spouting off about is white or male privilege. I believe that the former exists since about only 10-15% of the military is white but are very high as well. I mean seriously I once hated white people for their privilege but that’s just ignorant the way you hate men their “privileges”. Whites can’t help their privilege and many don’t even have a way to use it. As for Jessica maybe you should dig into the stuff she’s posted online.

    • When did I say I hated men? I love men, especially men who recognize their privilege.

      Do you seriously think all feminists hate men? Or that just because I recognize that men have privilege, that means that I hate them? That couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Right you love men; while almost every thing feminists have to say about men is unfounded and vitriol. I stopped being a feminist along time ago because I got sick of having to listen to all rapists/murders/child molesters are men and how useless we are to society as a whole. I also never male privilege doesn’t exist I just said most the things called privileges are bogus.

      • Any one remember that book, “Women can’t hear what men don’t say”?
        Well evidently they can’t hear what MEN do say, either.
        Yeah, love is blind. But HATE is deaf, dumb AND blind.

      • You only love men if they bow down to what you say. Or agree with you? You said that in your quote.

        “When did I say I hated men? I love men, especially men who recognize their privilege.”

        And what white man in their right mind would agree that he is privileged, while he is nothing more than a slave for everyone else, a sperm donor, always vilified for trying to make life easier for everybody, always harassed but portrayed as the harasser, even though he has no comeback because he is enslaved too much to have the time, is not allowed his own voice without being called a homophobe or racist or sexist or some other ist?

        If i as a white male am so priviledged, which you experts all seem to know me inside out, oh and what is the perfect way for everyone to live or parent, than why am i on here angered at the treatment i have received? You definitely need an education by the sounds of it and need to get your head out of the fiction isle.

      • Yes master. In other word bow down to Maggie and even if you have no privilege, you just got to say you have it, when in queen Maggie’s arena. Sounds like the rest of the over privileged bitches. Just agree Maggie you are over privileged…….

      • You are incredibly ignorant, aren’t you?

  27. OK, well I don’t appreciate the generalizations about feminists that you are making. I for one do not share those views and do not think all men are rapists and whatnot. The people who think that do not represent the majority of feminists, just a loud minority.

    • Well I am sorry to generalize although I’m merely using past experiences to draw my conclusion.

    • Maggie, how would you like to debate me on debate.org.

      You can bring anecdotes and I’ll bring nothing but empirical evidence and whilst you quote mine from gender studies written books that can be picked apart with even the slightest hint of critically applied thinking,

      I’ll remove emotion from the argument and cite studies. Not studies on domestic violence where feminists have rang the home between the hours of 9-3 in order to only get females and then cite these results as inhonesto congruens.

      Not some studies on wage gaps where the feminists “assigned” their own values to the fact that men ask for pay raises more, because men are more likely to have to support a family and are under the added pressure that lack of income can lead to divorce for MAN. Or factoring “OUT” that men do more unpaid overtime, so as to seem like paid hours are equal. (yeah they do that to).

      In fact find me one study that either doesn’t work on aggregates or doesn’t bullshit factor away important variables? (Don’t worry, you won’t – They don’t exists).

      Also, opinion sites don’t count as proof (unless you’re a feminist).

      Heck, I’ll even argue any of the points on this list which raise qualifiers like “may” and “can”.

      I’ll even put money on it, if that’s what it will take to thoroughly and convincingly prove that feminism rests on 40 years of unchallenged gender studies opinions, which have been so omnipresent and ubiquitously hammered into gullible subconscious’s, having resulted in typical feminist arguments which are rich on rhetoric and shameful “go educate yourself” type remarks, but very little actual proof.

      Ironically for those who scream the loudest, feminism’s lack of actual, real EMPIRICAL evidence is rather easy to completely destroy one on one.

      So here stands my offer. Debate dot org. Anytime.

      Loser creates blog devoted to winners arguments.

      Fuck it, I’ll even throw in a hundred bucks if you can beat me.

      Any time now?

      • Actually, that sounds like fun, but I’m in the middle of writing my undergrad thesis right now. Can we take a rain check? I’d actually have a lot of fun kicking your ass and winning 100 bucks, but I’m totally swamped right now. Soon, OK?

      • aka she won’t

      • lol she totally copped out. soo busy with her undergrad that she’s trolling this blog constantly. yaritegood1maggie. now git.

    • Have you ever heard of the quote “Any man on top is actually rape”?

      That categorizes every man.

      If that is feminism than you need an new ideology, because that quote alone shows just how man hating lying scum feminists truly are, trying to make every persons sexual intimacy an evil problem of men, even though women engage freely and wantingly just as much if not more than men. Trying to make every woman a victim of a natural phenomenon and every man a rapist. Quite frankly, what sane man would agree with such nonsense and believe that feminism was about equality after hearing that?

    • Yes they do, they are the Majority and if you don’t agree with all their tactics, which you do, because you defend them to no end, then you would be in the very small minority of feminists. Those Feminists include women such as Karen Straughan from Girl Writes What. She recognizes her privilege and her male friends traumas because she knows that – below is an example of why Feminism is absolute garbage.

      Say you and your husband work for a food supply chain and you buy your groceries there. Now you complain that you earn less than your husband and yet on the payslip, it is identical.

      Because of Feminist corrupt laws, you receive a pay rise and your husband remains at the lower rate. Suddenly you and your husband are divided because apparently Feminism is about equality, when clearly it isn’t and he has the payslip to prove it. Now as a team that little bit extra helps despite, you are seen as more important than he, in his eyes. You both get over that but the problem is –

      Because you received more in your wage the food company has to raise their costs and so do everybody else in business, to counteract this rise for women. What this means is Feminist greed now sees that your husband is penalized by having to absorb the higher prices and you only break even so in effect, you are both worse off then before and then as it always does – goes around in circles and you the over privileged one complains that a man must have done it, yet a woman owns the food store, but that doesn’t matter you start to make excuses such as her father must have given it to her as if that is supposed to be the reason and just keep denying that your group caused everybody else and yourself these problems by getting greedy.

      It is the same as women who complain about men in businesses yet won’t do it themselves and are the same women customers that choose a business with a male owner over a female competitor to repair things instead of supporting women and blame men for that too. But of course a man destroyed your business, didn’t they? And tell me, if you had a husband who mowed lawns and you wore a bikini helping him – do you think you would get more or less business?

      You would get more because the story goes like this – Have you seen that guy with that hot chick mowing lawns and the image is stuck in their minds, easy marketing. Now get a fat lawn mower man and see his privilege over that. I bet you would complain at first due to the manipulation of feminists trying to tell you that you have been abused, yet wearing bikinis in front of men that all women know leer at, is not abuse, even though it is natural but probably love the attention, and love the dollars that come in also.

      Us men are onto all of this and we are finished with it. Nothing a feminist will say will ever change our minds. You can go on about feminism being about equality and downplaying all the nasties but what that does is not stop the nasties that you are enjoying and it doesn’t lead to equality at all. The only thing it is doing is you are trying to manipulate men into accepting that you can destroy us but you are doing it in a subtle way. A manipulative woman trait. It doesn’t work anymore because there are people who are profiteering off of what you are doing and that profit is at the expense of men and children.

  28. Nice list. I’m going to admit as a woman some of those things on the list are either total bogus, nut 100% true, or can be justified to an extent. For example the marketing stuff and clothing is a result of equal pressures on both men and woman.

    Men are pressured to avoid girly things because society views woman to be weak. As a result men going for woman’s clothing or hobbies will actually make them view men as trying to lower their social status. The larger variety of clothing and all that jewlrey is provided for a woman at a price. The media pressures woman to be like this “trophy figure model” so woman feel the need to look good just for men.

    This causes both men and woman to be denied rights.

    However, a large portion of what you said is not only true but hurts feminism (the kind that wants equal rights not the kind that wants men oppression) because it implies woman to be weak and helpless, and this results in woman loosing rights. That thing about false accusations of rape reminded me about something I learned. All the false accusations of rape actually make police not take the REAL accusations of woman being raped seriously and soon will result in a man being able to rape a woman and get away with it.

    It also hurts when feminists fight for something that actually is oppression for a woman and is an issue woman have to face because most people brush it off as the feminists are just being bitches or that woman are spoiled.

    Yah both men and woman are denied rights but unless feminists and masculists can join forces and stop trying to oppress the other gender, and stop trying to diss the other party, equal rights will never occur and its only going to get worse for both men and woman.

    • Your first point although true does not take into consideration how a woman also wants to wear what she wants, when she wants without being harassed by men or that is what they tell us anyway. It also doesn’t take into consideration that women don’t dress for men but for other women or themselves or all that other hocus pocus they spiel. Personally competing with each other just like men. So basically it can be one or the other but can’t be just one. I believe women dress for men personally even if they are with one, they are still dressing for other men. I believe women also perve as much if not more than men and that a lot of prime time tv has a lot of men who are shown in a sexualised trophy sort of way, for women’s viewing. Male strip shows are very lenient when it comes to touching and sex with strippers, but women don’t cheat of course, and on prime tv, compared to female strippers. Movies about male strippers are advertised exclusively but a man has to seach the xxx isle to find female stripper movies and none will have any storyline. Also male strippers are seen in a party atmosphere with lots of screaming women yet female strippers are seen in dungeons and portrayed as filth and deviate men cat calling, women cheering however is not seen this way. Men are not allowed to touch the female strippers though, no way, yet the amount of women i know who screwed one of the strippers while married mind you, in the dressing room, there certainly is a double standard and a lot of lies told.

  29. Hey “man”–I am actually really interested in doing this–I enjoy a nice debate, and I have, you know, logic and facts on my side, so I’d actually find this quite entertaining. But I’ve got way more important shit to do right now. If this guy can wait, I’d be into it. If not, no big deal. I just can’t focus a lot of my energy on something that isn’t my thesis right now. Sorry.

    • Also how are you Maggie guess what this professor claims I’m harassing her because I have sent her multiple emails asking her to clarify her assignment instructions!

      • I’m good! That’s too bad, did she ever clarify the instructions? =P

        ps. I’m really happy we were able to have different opinions on the internet and end up at least finding a bit of common ground.

  30. Maggie is a nice person “man” she isn’t completely right nor is she completely wrong.

    • more like a backpeddling troll. but maybe she’s less abrasive in person

  31. This guy doesn’t know me in person, he’s actually the person I was just arguing with in the comments. I think we made peace =) He actually seems pretty cool. So, you know, it is possible to have a dispute on the internet and still remain civil.

    • cool a men’s center it would be nice if only the feminists on my campus would grow up and stop seeing things as black and white.

      • Yeah, we have a men’s center and a women’s center, and they tend to do things together. We had a discussion about rape culture last week that was co-sponsored by both centers, and it was excellent. Really interesting and informative.

    • http://factsforequality.wordpress.com/ well I honestly don’t think the theory of rape culture is to sound since I remember as a boy being told not to touch girls unless they want you too, but check out my blog here I plan on covering the rape culture’s sound and unfounded theories

      • Rape culture isn’t so much about the idea that boys are encouraged to rape people or anything like that. It’s much more subtle than that. It’s more like, when people say stuff like “she was asking for it” when someone was raped, or the trivializing of sexual assault…stuff like that. It’s not something that happens everywhere and in every situation, but it is a cultural theme.

  32. Anon, sorry for having things to do outside of the internet? I guess?

    • I’ve been okay I had a change of professor and other than that I am about to finish one course this week. but its never easy college and I wish we had a men’s center

      • We have a men’s center at my college! It’s pretty awesome =)

    • My coverage of rape culture is more like apologist culture rape, child molestation its more like what I call an apologist culture depending on the right setting.

      • I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re trying to say, but I want to! Can you clarify?

    • apologists basically justify rape or some form of abuse. Manboobz justified women molesting teenage boys, so that makes him a child molestation apologist. When someone blames the victim of rape that is basically a rape apologist. We don’t have just a rape culture, our issues are much worse than “rape culture” lets on. We excuse rape domestic violence, child abuse, the list goes on.

      • Oh, OK. I completely agree with that. I think your wording was just a bit confusing before =P

        I do agree, we as a culture have a problem with victim blaming, whether we are blaming women, men, or children. Some of it fits into rape culture, but it’s much bigger than that.

      • We also apologize for false accusers or such derogatory crimes, which in most cases is worse than the crime they are accusing someone of.We apologize for personal choice also.

  33. As usual feminist come to an MRA site fueled up on vitriol based on repetitive confirmation bias and liberal heapings of Argumentum ad nauseam.

    Unfortunately when push comes to shove and it takes EMIRICAL evidence to prove an argument…they don’t have any.

    I know, because I spend a lot of time checking their sources and facepalming at people who cite the mere opinions of bigots, halfwits and clearly, obviously, axiomatically biased gender idealogues.

    Proof is not just a gender professor spouting their uncontested opinions to a class of indoctrinated young children. Proof is not a study that manipulates factors or omits prudent details.

    Proof is the result of proving.

    I’m yet to see the gender studies set prove much of anything.

    The largest study ever conducted (EVER) shows women commit domestic violence at even or greater rates than men.

    The founder of the first women’s shelters started to notice around half the women coming in were violent themselves and were starting the fights they founds themselves in.

    When she started to speak out, feminists killed her dog and sent her death threats.

    Feminists actually try to argue there is a rape culture. You know rape, the most abhorred crime behind only child abuse as the most loathed. Rapists are treated with disgust, hate, ostracism and utter proscription from society.

    You know rape that is empirically proven to occur in 0.03% of America?

    Yeah, somehow feminism’s most brilliant minds have managed to come together and extrapolate that what we don’t know and can’t prove is that rape is 100 times more prevalent than the actual proof.

    Because they say so…and their word is clearly beyond reproach.

    Oh, and they claim rape is accepted in society and rape jokes are prevalent and rape is everywhere you look. So, you know, kinda the opposite of reality.

    Feminists also try and claim a wage gap. Because men work longer hours and earn more. So they try to say men and women in the same job earn different wages. So you tell them men and women in the same job work different hours, then they get angry with you for not accepting their oft repeated, but little proven ramblings.

    So you say hey Mrs, sorry, Miss Feminist – Where is the proof that men and women doing the same job earn differing amounts for the same job?
    Then they provide the same old women’s studies study

    I mean, you can’t make this shit up, unlike them, who in turn make so much shit up it’s hilarious.

    They factor out things like men working more unpaid overtime, or more aggressively negotiating starting salaries.

    Funnily enough when you ask them to publish the differences in pay rates between women, what, who, what???

    Yeah, because women in the same jobs don’t get paid the same as each other either…go figure?

    Strangely, feminists are silent on the fact that the broke women seem to come up with the cash for 75% of the worlds personal luxury purchases.

    Whadyamean, are these women all stealing money from somewhere?

    Feminists try and point to a few male politicians and call patriarchy. They say there need to be more female politicians so that their voices are heard.

    You know…those voices of the female voting majority. The female voting majority that enjoys paying 36% of taxes but consuming 70% of welfare benefits. Oppression?

    The female voting majority that lives 7 years longer than men?

    The female voting majority that has double the money spent on their health concerns…not enough?

    The female voting majority that ensure women gain control of their kids in divorce. Oppression?

    The female voting majority that ensures women don’t have to sign up for selective services to vote, though men do.

    The female voting majority that in the UK means they can retire five years earlier than men.

    Problem is there is not a single law – Not one the gives men any advantages. None. Nilch. Not one single inkling that there is a patriarchy giving men more advantages.

    BUT there are documented legal advantages women receive.

    How can that possibly happen in a patriarchy?

    How much more work would feminists like men to do, in order to pay more tax to fund more set in stone legal advantages to women?

    How many dead men littering the pavements will be enough for the diamond rings and cartier watches these women scramble to procure.

    Every road you drive on, every bite of food you eat, every piece of technology you use is built on the back of the death of men.

    97% of workplace fatalities.

    Is that enough for feminism?

    • I know how you feel its total bullshit that feminists are so successful as a hate group

      • JD, why do you have the same profile icon as yoursexymaster?? Are you the same person, use the same pic or what? It makes people think you are the same person commenting. Confusing.

      • Yup. JUST like the Nazis. And I mean JUST like the Nazis.

    • Actually, she wasn’t ‘fired up’ in the begining. She was very patient with JD. He was already here with a huge angry chip on his shoulder. He was rude and short tempered right out of the gate. It took an entire page of comments before he could talk civily with her. When either side has an angry defiant posture it makes for an impossible situation for dialog. Men have male priviledge, females have female priviledge , how aboutr laying down the weapons, guys? Does it make it any easier talking to an angry, man hating feminazi when she does nothing but hurt abuse and insults? No! Learn to check your self righteous anger and maybe women will listen to you. Otherwise your just some woman hating, angry dude we avoid.

      • I know you feminist types are delusional but why does it never shock me how far you can take it?

      • So we lay down the weapons while our lives are being destroyed and you get one last shot in by claiming she was not arguing but commenting here is arguing or why come here at all? You are typically defending someone so you can win, which does not happen anymore, we are aware of that trick because all that does is continue to allow the culprit to get away with what they are doing by trying to make the abused give up the fight and why is that? Because you, yourself are gaining out of this, oh yes you are a woman and you know if we give up fighting for our basic human rights than you are going to have to give up some of your privileges. Nah, won’t shut up about it until i am treated justly which cannot happen now because it was taken long ago and is not something that can ever be justly repaired let alone justified to begin.

  34. This is just laughable. Many of these complaints are actually issues with the patriarchy, not with feminism.

    This list of grievances is replete with complaints about the gender dichotomy and frustrations with double standards for men and women. That is what feminism is about: removing the gender dichotomy. These complaints are incredibly misguided and misdirected. This list is largely at odds with the patriarchy and the current gender climate. Educate yourself on the cornerstones of feminism before you go attacking it. But that may just be male privilege speaking again, i.e. men blaming women for problems men created.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Exactly.
      Feminism doesn’t advocate for female superiority. It advocates for gender equality.

      • Oooof course it does.
        Just like the KKK keeps saying it doesn’t hate minorities, then goes on to say how much they hate minorities…!

      • Can’t believe women still regurgitate this sorry arse expression of shit..

      • Then why dont Feminists EVER fight for mens equality?

      • Are you bothering to include men and what we want in this society? No? Then, it’s superiority. You condemn every idea for this society that comes out of our mouths. That’s someone treating another as an inferior. You know how feminists keep justifying this one-sided perspective on what’s right or wrong? How the patriarchy hurts everyone… even though, history has proven that the patriarchy got us to where we are now. It clearly is not all bad.

    • Are you retarded? No-one “created” gender roles/ the disposable males vs child bearing dynamic, it emanates from our fucking biology & quite frankly human biology favours women as the child bearers.

      Isn’t the whole backbone of feminist ideology the fact that men are supposed to be ‘privileged’ & women ‘oppressed’?

      Yet as soon as you realise men suffer many problems it’s suddenly our own fault, while the problems women suffer are the fault of men?

      Then feminists have the nerve to turn around & claim they’re about ‘equality’? So if this were true then why would it matter who creates the problems (even if you are misguided into believing they’re men’s fault), they’re problems none the less right? So shouldn’t you be trying to help men? Nope? Of course not…

      Can’t have it both ways sweetheart, typical brainwashed argument of the feminist, lacking any integrity & honesty.

      The fact that feminism even has a public face & political influence in the first place screams at female privilege, because none of the feminist ideology is based on fact or reason & in turn is also a proud male hate movement.

      Imagine if the genders were reversed, & men made up a bunch of lies to benefit men & then at the same time vilified & suppressed the natural femininity of the female, those men would get nowhere, hell they’d even be seen as cowards. Just like you feminists are,

    • Could you be more specific. And stop telling people to educate themselves without providing anyframeork for debate.

    • You know what is laughable is you saying this is patriarchy yet it has been feminism that implemented all of this and if the patriarchy has caused this, then it is full of women doing a lot of damage. The queen is an example. The patriarchy caused all the wars and the enslavement than feminism came along and intensified it tenfold and has not finished yet, i may accept. Reminds me of this guy who said i wish Australia had more patriotism and flew their flag more, yet in the next breath said Australia was full of racists. So flying a flag here is seen as racism because it is British and not aboriginal. That is a typical way someone argues to try and vilify somebody without evidence at all except to the contrary. He wants patriotism but doesn’t want racism which is just a way to blame white man for everything plain and simple.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you got to be kidding……

  35. i have a quick question about #46, could someone please explain exactly how only men experience cognitive dissonance? i never assumed it was affected by a persons gender.

  36. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman

  37. All of these stem from male privilege and placing women into gender roles. That is not a privilege.

    • That doesn’t make them any less valid or beneficial to women over men.

      • Ehhh, it kinda does though.

    • Riiiight.
      And men are NEVER placed in gender roles, are they?

      *sigh* why do I even bother? As my teacher once told me;, “It is pointless to show light to the blind…”
      I guess you could add; ‘especialy those blinded by hate.’ As they are always blind to the OBVIOUS!

    • It’s ridiculous that you imagine men place children into gender roles. Only mothers dictate societal and cultural values, men don’t give birth.

  38. sorry maggie thats bullshit I don’t see how a woman taking more than half a man’s property or getting away with child molestation is harmful to the woman in question. How is it bad that a woman who molests a dozen kids 200 times and get 9 years in prison is harmful to her. How is either of those really bad for the woman and not the victim. I mean you only love men who submit to a conditional demand you want them to meet, and that is pretty bad I mean what if you had a son who denied he was privileged you’d stop loving him, you already said yes to that.

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about but a) You’re putting words in my mouth and b) making really crazy assumptions about my life. Both of which are not OK.

      Obviously child molestation is not OK–I just don’t think you understand that these things that you’re complaining about are caused by patriarchy and male privilege.

      I never said I wouldn’t love my (theoretical) son, I have no idea what you’re talking about. If I had a child, they would be aware of all of the ways that they were privileged, but if they refused to acknowledge them, I would obviously still love them, and I don’t see how that’s relevant…

      • You said you love men so long as they admit they are privileged, so if you had a duaghter you’d tell her how privileged she is too? I see no point in forcing my ideologies on a child, is it healthy for them? I doubt that very much. If men are privileged and its harmful the very same is true for women. Although how is America a patriarchy as a federal republic the voters hold power over who gets in power. Plus the way men’s issues are silenced through threats would say more of a feminazi system is in place.

      • Typical denial ” I have no idea what you are on about”

      • How can Feminists who continually strive for all these things continue to say “Patriarchy”? And even if it was the Patriarchy, women still seem to be enforcing this Patriarchy under Feminism, so please stop lying it makes you look like a fool. Because you are trying to make us believe that us paying you more and giving you more is a patriarch design, when you feminists have done nothing but strive for it for more then 40 years as in, it get more out of control year by year for over 40 years now. Not once have i ever seen a feminist bitch, decide it would be better if we had the kids half each, not ever. They expect full custody and nothing less and that screams of inequality, not equality and it also screams of child abuse. Not ever have i ever heard a feminist say that a false rape accuser is wrong. She will argue that it is better to save one lying woman then an innocent man. That is not Patriarchy, that is Feminism. Not ever have i seen a woman that if she want to get married, it has to be ring on finger and she controls how her wedding goes. The man is insignificant so since that was supposed to be Patriarchy, why is it that all women still expect it that way, but they also wish to stray at anytime.That is Feminism teaching women how to manipulate and gold dig.

  39. I’m going to ignore your ignorant accusations of me not loving my future children, as we both know that’s ridiculous.

    If I had a child–no matter their gender–they would be aware of their privilege. My partner and I are both white, so they would have white privilege and they would be able to recognize that. If I had a boy, he would be aware of his male privilege. Almost everyone has privilege of some sort, but “female privilege,” as you are defining it and as it is stated here, does not exist. It’s not a privilege if it’s caused by the patriarchy and serves to benefit men.

    • Maggie you said “I love men, especially men who recognize their privilege.” its on this very page scroll up. I merely I am not accusing you of anything didn’t say. Racial privileges certainly exist, I never said they don’t, but you keep trying to deny female privilege exists.

      • I said “especially” and I was referring to friends and romantic partners, not potential future children. I would (and this should be obvious) love my child no matter what they believed. That is how it works. However, I would never choose to date someone or be close friends with someone who had such differing views on issues that are so important to me. That’s what I meant by that comment, and I assumed (incorrectly, apparently) that you understood.

        And yes. I am denying that female privilege exists, because it doesn’t. If it’s harming women and benefiting men, it’s not female privilege. All of those examples you have given of so-called “female privilege” are really just symptoms of a culture that gives men privilege over women–privilege that, whether you care to acknowledge it or not–exists, and is hurting everybody, regardless of gender.

    • instead of just being aware of your white privilege you should do something about it, like, stopping it maybe?

    • So females have no privileges, you liar.

      • It is a privilege to have the door held open for you, it is a privilege to stay home while your husband slaves for your survival in cold death defying jobs, while you are snug and warm, it is a privilege to be given all those nice things and be complimented for wearing them, it is a privilege to give birth and be classed as more a parent than your husband, while he agonizes inside without his child, it is a privilege to be complimented for doing nothing. It is a privilege that men defend you so you don’t get hurt. It is a privilege that all these inventions, mainly by men, helped you to become more independent. Feminism destroyed all those privileges because it said men were taking advantage of women, even though men thought they were just doing the right thing and being nice. Sounds like a bunch of spoiled brats to me talking nonsense to gain a free ride from men they have never met and have no right taking from.

    • Going to ignore it than babble on about it, feminist sense!

      • I think we’ve established that feminists LOVE to turn everything around as examples of how it benefits men while hurting men. This is why it hurts me to think of our brave heroes who died, suffering in WW2. Those privileged bastards deserve no respect, because they were privileged to die in combat while women sat home in comfort.

        The fact that they cannot see how fcked up that logic is, is scary.

  40. Maggie everything on this list benefits women and harms men, are you even reading this list what are you talking about!? In anycase your conditional love is abusive to men in general, if they disagree with you they are probably better of dead huh? I swear this is just pathetic I am trying to show a white woman reason. Female privilege is real, when women molest boys they have the privilege of the fact society will say loudly that the boy in question who reported the sexual assault is a “fag” for ratting her out or that he is lucky even if he ends up taking his life.

    • Wow, OK, so I’m not going through this gigantic list of things and telling you why they’re all harmful to both men and women. But like…pick one. They’re basically all caused by the patriarchy. Also, you keep bringing up shit that’s objectively bad and then like…expecting me to defend it? I’m a human being. Obviously I don’t think sexual assault is good, regardless of who is the abuser. But the fact that some women get away with sexual assault (a miniscule percentage of the men that get away with it) doesn’t mean that women have, what? The privilege to assault people? Or that that even is a privilege? I mean, come on.

      Also, I can guarantee you that if the Stubenville case had been two girls raping a guy, there would not have been so much disgusting support for the abusers. And that, right there, is an example of male privilege.

      Also, seriously, you think I want to kill people that don’t agree with me? When did I say that? To be clear, I don’t. That would be horrible. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just not their own facts.

      Please, if you reply to this comment, try to actually read it first and respond to what I’m actually saying as opposed to what you’re assuming about me, because I can assure you that your assumptions are ridiculous and untrue.

      • Stubenville has hundreds in not thousands of outraged groups doing something about it, and there are very questionable things that are in use by the prosecution which is a violation of American justice. I can with 100% certainty tell you if it was a man that got raped well there would probably be a load of idiots calling the girls their hero kind of like the man in Torronto that was kidnapped and raped just recently. Twitter and face book are alive with praise for the three suspect women. I am sorry but if you think this list isn’t beneficial to woman I can’t gauge you to well.

        these two are pretty beneficially to women
        18. At age 18 I will not be forced to register for Selective Service and will not be penalized for failing to do so.

        Now did you know if to this day if a man without a medical disability doesn’t register with Selective Service and registers to vote he can face thousands of dollars in fines and jail time.

        24. I have a department of women’s health whereas men have no such department.

        Men make up the overwhelming amount of uninsured men and women have just recently been given even more health benefits prostate cancer doesn’t even have a quarter of breast cancer research. Hell if I got breast cancer the medical system would probably turn me away for treatment. I honestly thought you’d be smart enough to accept that this list has valid claims, I guess I was wrong. No need to reply to Maggie

  41. OK, but you’re mot realizing that the reason women don’t have to sign up for selective service is because of the sexist ideas that women aren’t able to be in the military. It’s an outdated and unfair practice. Now, I’m in favor of abolishing the selective service altogether, but does it benefit women? On the surface, sure, but that’s completely ignoring the deeper meaning behind it.

    As for the department of women’s health–do you understand vaginas at all? They’re complicated. There are a lot more things that can go wrong that are specific to a woman’s body than a man’s–that’s just true. So, yeah, we get women’s health doctors…I’m glad we do, but it’s not denying health practices to men. If you had breast cancer, you would not be turned away from the medical system, are you serious? This is a ridiculous argument. Women have babies. We kinda need doctors for that shit.

    • I actually lost a friend to breast cancer of all things the thing is the military wouldn’t cover him, in fact he was denied treatment programs that are common to women. I’m not disputing OBGYNs use I am saying you have access to breast cancer treatment options that can help men but we are denied them.

      Now you still think its sexist that you aren’t forced into a legal contract that can result in coming home in bag, well I think its sexist that men are only required for selective service. Its a privilege to vote and not have to serve in the wars of your nation

      • First of all, I’m sorry about your friend. That really sucks, and honestly, I’m not surprised about the military treating him that way. But I am saddened. That’s horrible, and it shouldn’t happen, ever. I don’t see how that benefits women, however. Having our husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and friends dying is not something that benefits anyone.

        Secondly, you clearly did not read what I said at all. I think the selective service is bullshit. I don’t think ANYONE should have to sign up for it. I’m glad I don’t have to, but it is sexist. It’s sexist because it sees women as less able than men. Luckily for us, the result of that means we don’t have to sign up for the selective service, but it’s still sexism and it’s still a result of a culture that sees men as stronger and more able than women. That is all.

    • What did women do before doctors existed.

      • Usually, they died in childbirth.

    • They allowed women to sign up and guess what, not many did because they knew how dangerous it was and when they did, they only wanted to do the jobs that did not send them into combat. Which was normal in the past anyway. I can not remember when this was but i am sure it was in Australia.

      Most people believe Arab and African countries are about hurting women also and possibly they are, yet these same feminist scum never see the dangers to the kids(boys)(males) that are made to fend for their mothers and sisters and to go to wars. Feminists keep arguing that they are for equality but tell me when a feminist argued for a boys rights or a mans rights in those situations because if she did, than she would be more for equal rights. How many men don’t want to fight but are made to or be beheaded? Is she concerned about that? Of course she isn’t and nothing has ever proved that to me ever. She would rather just blame the patriarchy than to say enough is enough for these young boys. She doesn’t care, she only cares about any young girls held captive or her own possessions. She only argues for the women in that society and blames men for it all, even though a child has no choice but that is a typical trait of these pigs, they deny many children their rights in western countries also, particularly the child’s right to their father. She never argues how these boys who are enforced to be burdened at a young age end up becoming the very men she says hurt the women, even while thousands of these children(boys) are dying daily. The only thing feminists argue for are things for women and girls. So how can a feminist claim they want equality while they leave one gender out? Newsflash – You can never have equality if all parties are not treated with the same claims you are making. Forget boys and they will forever be against girls. Teach girls to treat boy indifferently and Boys will do same and equality will get further away. Incidentally i have 2 girls and want them to have everything because they are my children. I am a bit worried about their future though with the way boys are treated, more girls are going to suffer. I don’t really call any of that a privilege at all. Joining up to the military is not a privilege and anyone who says it is is talking out of their butt.

      Feminism is not arguing to have women sign up at all and if it was there are clauses(her clauses) to stop her from seeing blood. War is ridiculous, men will tell you that but if a country attack, someone has to retaliate so why should it just be men? At some point somebody has to be drafted and i do not see any woman trying to fight for her right to be drafted. However i see her trying to gain entry and receive all the rewards for a lesser job, trying to claim that fighting in combat is equivalent to sewing the damaged clothing and deserves the same pay and stupid garbage like that. Men don’t get that privilege of choice. Just like truck drivers. Over here we now have mobile tyre fitters that go around fixing tyres and women now want that job because trucks are much easier to drive now also, yet not many want the job let alone apply for it. Women want to do what men do but they don’t – they just say they do and argue they aren’t allowed despite how many men support whatever they wish to do.

      Child care has women carers 99% and it isn’t because women are forced into the job. It is because they chose it. A man could try to encourage a woman to take one of these “male” jobs and she would call him a misogynist. Subconsciously men and women choose what they want but being drafted against not, is still female privilege. Are females arguing that they should be drafted also? Or are they arguing that men should not be drafted at all? I don’t get the same pay as a politician yet i have to suffer. What makes their job more important than mine since without me those people would not have roads, weapons, doctors, and instruments, cars or any other real creation jobs that make this person have their position of filth and destruction to the rest of us.

      Since there seems to be so many female politicians, i can’t see them doing anything about it at all. These female politicians are what feminists wanted but now feminists are saying they are a part of the patriarchy and are men, Of course because if anything happens to a woman by a woman a man did it. But No, they are just money hungry lying scum just like the rest of them politicians. Feminism is not about equality because if it was, it would argue for men having the same rights as women too and not just women having the same rights as men.

      Men and women would have shared custody, Men and women would both have to be drafted or not drafted, Feminists would accept what the men here are saying above as fact because they have experienced it and than go about arguing for equality with said things. But all argue that it isn’t happening when it is plain as day the privileges that women have over men and continue their denials and lies. Mathematics does not lie. 50% is 50% not 12% to 88% being half. 40 hours for $40 is just that not 30 hours for $40 to 40 hours for $40. Having safe areas for both is simple mathematics to whether things are equal or not. Having a fee per capita for cancer no matter what gender is equality. To continue to argue that men are privileged when women receive all of these things when men don’t is absolutely absurd, especially when men are here wanting answers to why you as a woman can have your kids whenever you like but your husband has to walk on egg shells with you for the rest of his life, if he wants meaningful contact with his children and yep that means allowing you to cheat, lie, whatever you want, or he will lose his children.

      Your son better protect his sister and just say yes ma’am if he truly wants your love because you already have said without him even being here that you will tell him of his privilege but let us let you see his privilege if he is born with some cancer or disability or he gets married and your granddaughters are removed from your life because they were removed from his. Or how he has to suffer a horrific injury protecting you because you mouthed off at someone and he knows you are wrong but you are his mother and he loves you unconditionally, without conditions that is. Lets see how the education system fails your boy and you have no say because you as a woman fought for girls to receive more and lets see that crush you inside because you can’t understand why he is denied equal rights. Lets see that he becomes a top class student dedicated to becoming a surgeon only to be put aside because he has to make way for a lesser achieved woman. Lets watch your heart break when he is treated so poorly and there isn’t anything you can do because you already did the damage by not fighting for him in the beginning for his basic human rights.

      Lets just see if he makes it and doesn’t commit suicide because everything is stacked up against him and he just cannot win and is told to suck it up like a man from a woman might i add. Lets see how you react, when deep inside you know he is a gentle loving person, who has been accused of raping someone, which you know he didn’t do; and she just so happens to be a slut and he a virgin with no experience and he, only 15 while she has rights because she is a woman of this world and 38 years old. Lets see him never be able to make ends meet because he got her pregnant from her rape of him which he is serving time for because she can lie and it is all dandy for women being able to say he raped her but instead he was the one raped; and he now pays ridiculous child support extortion to never see his children ever, although you know he is a great dad because he took care of his younger siblings so well, while you went out and became an alcoholic because of all the damage your gender had caused him and he never got a chance in this hell hole.

      Lets see how you react to the news that your son was killed in prison because he was sent their because of the lies some over privileged tart said. Or the rapes he suffered in prison after being accused of a rape that never happened and the depression he has because all he hears is rape culture against women as if rape is the universal conspiracy against women and men are the culprits, while he searches for help with his own rapes from her and from the crims in prison. He isn’t a victim though, you are fighting against it and you think that it is okay to lie about someone he have the book thrown at him. You said so in one of your previous posts.

      By denying telling your daughter a few home truths will only make her an over privilege woman and the problem will get worse and continue. Not only that she will have to contend with a whole bunch of pissed off men who were treated poorly and time is coming where men are not giving a shit anymore. In fact she will become a junky and lose her way because she has been given everything the spoiled brat and than you will see just how pretentious she is and what a mess of her life she has made and you will probably still blame men and if you don’t and actually blame her, you will see your pathetic self man hating attitude in her. And what can you do?nothing it is how you trained her and she became the over privileged bitch you wanted her to be. She may even have a boyfriend that turns psycho on her because she denies his children from him. She may even be physically harmed because you empowered her to think she is invincible and has all these rights and that men are evil monsters out to get her. You will instil that into her mind just like the rest of the morons have done to you and life will continue in the wrong direction for everyone.

      Me i have been single for ages now because i ain’t getting trapped again ever. You women destroyed my life with your supremacy, evilness and privilege and honestly i won’t have any woman tell me that she is not more privileged than me, when i have nightmares from what i have been dished out and the same goes for black people. I have no more privilege and are just a slave for you all. Treated like i have no feelings or hurt. Like i am just a piece of meat for your ridicule and enjoyment, your pay packet and sperm donor. If you can’t see anything wrong with that than you should enjoy all the destruction that is happening in the world around you because all us men affected with this crap are not taking it anymore.

      You were given 2 examples above and you agreed sort of but then went on about patriarchy and won’t accept it as female privilege still. Let’s assume that the patriarchy did do those things, not once have i ever seen a feminist argue for equality in it and quite the contrary really, saying that men are privileged yet men are fighting against it because it is hurting them. Whether it is patriarchy or not is no defense against female privilege. You can not say that just because the patriarchy did it, that it is okay for women to be privileged in such ways. And as you keep regurgitating – Feminism is about equality and argues for equality which you will not do in any of those cases above, which means feminism is not about equality at all. If you agree that women are privileged with some of the things above and you as a feminist who argues for equality than why do you not fight for equality with those things instead start rambling on about patriarchy, because i for one don’t give a shit about patriarchy. I already know how evil the pigs above are but i also know how evil feminism is. In fact anything that takes from me and gives to another after i earned my own on my own is nothing more than a leech, nothing but scum, dictatorship selfishness.

      So are you feminists fighting to make sure men hurt because that is what it seems like to all of us men here. Women are not arguing for equality, they are arguing for themselves and what they can get out of something and if that means to the detriment of men, she does not care. Since feminism came in, these problems above intensified so please do not tell us that feminism is about equality. It is about female supremacy. It is about women intensifying what they already have of being bowed down to and put up on pedestals anytime she likes and harming men if she doesn’t get her own way.

      If feminists wanted equality they would say things like a woman should have 50% custody and a man should have 50% custody, not he won’t pay child support so i am keeping the kids from him. Men don’t rent their children. Feminists should be arguing if he can have than so can she and they should also be arguing if she can have it than so can he but none of you are. Anytime a man or a woman for that matter, brings it up, feminists try to fabricate an excuse. Anytime a man points out the inequality of something a feminist will defend that inequality by claiming all sorts of things instead of actually agreeing that something needs to be done about it. A feminist will not accept 50/50 with a man and than wonders why men are up in arms over it. She would sooner argue and argue to get her own selfish way than to actually have equality because she thinks she is the leader and needs to be on top. But also expect her man below to do all the hard work, wouldn’t want her to break a nail.

      Men above are saying they are not getting children fairly, but feminists never fight for equality in this ever. They only see dollar sign in their children. Quite frankly i find it sickening to even have to ask to be with your own child and to be limited to usually a weekend every 14 days is an absolute disgrace. How dare people make you have to beg and go through torment to be with your child. And the problem with it is men are sick and tired of being treated like this so more and more go their own way and give up and just do not care anymore and the world is becoming a very dangerous place to live now. It is getting worse everyday because of this. Men don’t work, no point working if your rewards are taken from you. Lot more murders. Lot more home invasions and over empowered moron cops and scum of the earth lawyers and judges and car salesmen politicians that sell everything from us to tax rorts. If only people could see how much scum these people truly are and the damage they are causing, whether men or women they are scum bottom feeders.

      Men want equal time with children = fair
      Men want safety houses like women = fair
      Men want the same sentences as women = fair
      Men want all these things equal yet feminists are doing everything they can to get more than they have at mans expense.

      If men wanted equal rights to their children for example, feminists would argue that men should be given those rights, instead of saying all men are rapists or abusers or fighting in court and lying and then defending liars and making up stories so liars can get away with destroying men and children’s lives. If feminist were so concerned about their mans prostate cancer she would not argue that it isn’t a privilege for her to have cancer hospitals instead she would agree with reality. In fact arguing that females are not privileged whether it was feminism or patriotism or whatever that has caused this, is why men know that women want more then men and do not give a rats arse about men. You simply would not argue, you would agree that there needs to be more for men in this regard, yet you don’t like most women, you just think about you.

      You said it yourself when you said you would tell your son of his male privilege – so he would than be made to protect his sister and probably be in trouble for things she did as what is the norm now and than you said you would not tell your daughter of all the privileges she has, and probably drum into her mind what a victim she is. I guarantee your boy would end up probably detesting you because to tell your child how privileged he is, when he sees different, and not do the same to his sister would instil in his mind just how favoured his sister was, which is yet another female privilege in your household.

      As for your vagina comment. Do you understand dicks at all. Your statement is once again trying to justify not having enough medical for men’s problems. Instead you make some claim so that women can still get away with being privileged and it really is sickening because if a mans health is a concern and there is no avenue for him and you just want to brush that off is absolutely disgusting. Aren’t you for equality? Men here may have said some things that don’t gel but ultimately there are a lot of concerns here and as usual, typical of feminists, they do not give a shit and only out to destroy anything a man says and does and to claim her as the victim because you can’t handle that at some point a man is actually more of a victim than you are in some circumstances. Face it, you are only here to cause trouble and have no concerns at all about any of the above and will not listen to anything because you are just an over privileged woman who gets everything you want at any mans expense whether that means his health or not.

      • Oh and many boys grow up in one parent homes, usually the mothers home and yet these boys are becoming rapists and the like. Does this mean women are not good parents at all and not capable of looking after boys in particular? I know most feminists will come up with some BS so they can get away with mothers being good parents despite all the social problems of kids these days and they will find a way to blame men for it once again and deny any involvement, even knowing men were never present in the child’s life at her will by the way and against the child’s wishes. I also see a lot of girls growing up not so good either and i see a trend that single parent families, mainly women, is a massive burden on society as a whole and a danger to children.

      • Check out what these feminists keep using to counter our drafting arguments. “It suggests that women are not good enough.” It’s like, GIMME A FCKING BREAK. I can’t believe they can turn an issue around that effects men far more and make it all about them.

    • You are nothing more than a self absorbed liar. Females have no privilege? And females privilege is mens privilege? Of course it is that is why we are hererather pissed off about it all. STOP LYING we are sick of all you feminist liars.

    • Wrong… the reason women dont have to sign up for SS is because most women don’t want to and in our society women get everything they want!

  42. Maggie you keep missing the point how is voting without military service anything but a privilege? Women could vote as far back as 1929, yet never served in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, and remained in the very safe support and command roles during desert storm. Only 1 woman was taken POW and she got 5 star treatment by the Iraqis, that’s privilege. Hell Jessica Lynch hid until the men in her unit died in combat and was treated like a national hero for it. That is called cowardice not heroism, but she is a pretty little white girl playing soldier so yeah the brass awarded her, but she never turned that award down either which is completely possible. Also a man got turned away for a treatment for breast cancer that is given to women if he got turned away because he was a man that’s much more solid evidence that men have no privilege, than what you are suggesting.

    • “that men have no privilege”

      Are you seriously arguing that men have NO privilege? Because if that’s what you’re trying to say then this is completely pointless.

      Also, none of what you said is wrong, you’re just confused about what I’m saying, which is that sure, certain things seem to be privileges on the surface, but are in fact caused by the patriarchy. I don’t think the argument that sexism–which is the root cause of women not being allowed in the military for so long–is an example of so-called female privilege is a sound one. Sorry, but that’s just completely ridiculous.

      • you are arguing away female privilege on much less, as though it is totally nonexistent by merely saying a benefit is sexism. If you can join the military and let an entire unit fight to the death while you hide and get dubbed a hero, that is a privilege. Personally the bar for women in the military is too.

      • You know how we know it is your privilege you half wit? Because at anytime you can give any of those things up, whenever you feel like. A man is not ALLOWED to do that is he? However you can simply walk out, so that is your privilege isn’t it. You can walk out on your children or keep them, no man gets that privilege.
        STOP LYING YOU PIECE OF SHIT. How dare you tell me that my ex bitch steals my children and that is privilege and the courts aide and abet her. I HATE BITCHES LIKE YOU. I can’t wait for war.

      • Maggie, the thing is both men and women have or should have an equal amount of benefits, privileges and hardships. What you feminists keep proposing sounds to us like you want to take away all the hardships for women and women alone. But someone has to be doing the heavy lifting to keep this country afloat. And most of the time, unbeknownst to spoiled, self-important twits like yourself, those responsibilities commonly land on the shoulders of men. And where are their benefits? Where is their respect?

  43. Right…you clearly have no idea what privilege is, and I don’t have time for this shit. If you develop the capability to understand basic concepts, let me know. Otherwise, have fun with your misconceptions.

    • you are such a good joke to laugh at

    • check your double standards, the day you can honestly sit down say that you don’t consider an ugly guy with bad skin flirting with you “creepy” or “uncomfortable” or “not appropriate for the place” when a hot guy said the exact same thing to you, at the same place, in the same way and that wasn’t any of the things i mentioned. Or the day you get married and directly plainly refuse to take a single copper cent of your husbands money or his paycheck for anything at all in the relationship, regardless of how much you make. Or you stop bitching about women’s rights and start focusing on HUMAN RIGHTS as a thing guaranteed to everyone. Support a law requiring that men have a say in whether or not a pregnancy is aborted or continued (think a guy who doesn’t want a pregnancy but the girl says nooo i won’t have an abortion, and then expects him to pay child support.) Actually vote a female into office as president (yeah you make up 53% of the vote in the united states, more actually in most of the states with larger than 8 electoral votes so saying male privilege in politics is bullshit, women vote those men in.) join the military in equal numbers to men without expectations of separate showers, tents, doctors, uniforms, pregnancy leave, or special treatment for complaints of harassment (guess what there aren’t any for men unless it falls under abuse of command structure), or any other non-standard regulation AND suffer the same number of casualties as men. Vote for, and remove, all laws granting special privileges to women including, but not limited to, the right to vote, gender equality hiring requirements, tax benefits/reductions, unfair laws regarding divorce leaning toward the benefit of women.

      Then, and only then, does any fucking thing you have to say matter even slightly to this discussion.

      So check your privilege? Check your fucking double standard.

      And were that not bad enough feminists and feminist supporters are the biggest hypocrites in the world since they demand fair wages for women for example, but blithely ignore the plight of workers in the sweatshops making their gucci-faberge-silk-designer-random bullshit that makes it fashionable-purse. You want equal rights? then stop supporting your group while ignoring all the others that are important.

      • Nice one, Kyle. I didn’t think about the image and objectification issue.

    • I tell you, Maggie. One of these days you’re gonna go to FAR.
      And when you do, I hope you STAY there.

  44. Where’s the one about screaming ” check your privilege !” Every time their argument falls to pieces ?

  45. Cedric/maggie http://factsforequality.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/patriarchy-feminisms-conspiracy-theory/ this one is for you and your tin foil life style. As for the hats you are not protecting your brain your actually cooking it like a potato.

  46. They will debunk your list by saying that is the patriarchal system’s fault anyway and they actually call this “benevolent sexism”.

    • Benevolent sexism is an oxymoron

      • You’re preaching to the choir. Any sensible person knows that benevolent sexism is retarded. Since when have feminists acted like sensible people?

  47. Holy fuck, the lack of simple logic in this list amazes me. Complete disregard of economics, poverty, and class issues. Sweeping generalizations about the motives of women and what they apparently think about very specific situations (women’s gyms? Darfur? Are you fucking serious?).

    “12. When I search for employment I can choose jobs which I think are fulfilling without concern of whether they provide a “family” wage.”

    – talk to literally any single mother (or low income family where both partners are working). Single men also have this “privilege”.

    “10. People will help me more when I’m in need and I will receive no social penalty or stigma for it.”

    – elections have been won on the point of degrading single mothers on welfare or social assistance – no stigma my ass.

    “15. If I commit a crime and am convicted I will get a sentencing “discount” because of my gender. If I am very pretty it will increase my discount.”

    – tell that to Jodi Arias

    “26. My gender consumes the lioness’ share of entitlement programs while men contribute the lion’s share of taxes.”

    – hmmm, extend this a little further…who uses entitlement programs?People in poverty. Who contributes tax money? People who actually make money. Thanks for the privilege of poverty and reliance on social assistance! So sorry you have the burden of making enough money to contribute taxes. Though many MRAs, MGTOW or whatever-the-fuck you call yourselves seem to be ardent libertarians and Ayn Randians, so the idea of any kind of social programming is anathema.

    “43. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires evacuation I can expect to be evacuated before males. This includes male doctors, humanitarians, politicians, captains of industry, billionaires, and religious leaders. I will receive no social penalty if all of those people died because I was evacuated first. However, should they manage to get evacuated before women and those women died they will all suffer a social penalty.”

    – what kind of hypothetical bullshit world are you living in? Do you really think that “captains of industry” (I burst out laughing at that fucking phrase) or billionaires would be left behind in order to save a bunch of middle or working class females?! Get real! Please, give me real life examples of this happening (enough examples to prove that it is a systemic issue). So many industry captains and politicians left hanging during Hurricane Katrina, eh?

    “36. I can wear masculine clothing if it pleases me however men cannot wear feminine clothing without social penalty.”

    – who enforces this double standard? I don’t think it just women – transphobia runs deeps in both genders. And do you really think women/girls who wear masculine clothing aren’t stigmatized in some way?

    “79. I believe I have a right to live in an orderly and safe society but I feel no obligation to risk my safety to secure or maintain that society.”

    – uhh, female police officers? Do nurses, doctors, social workers and teachers not help “maintain” society? Or is this another jab at how women are not forced into military service?

    I could go on and on and on. Seriously, I’ve seen better argumentation from 10th grade essays.

    • 26. I have issue with social programs so long as everyone regardless of gender can use them. Largely men do not have any domestic violence shelter programs to aid them when they are victims of women, and the fact the police will largely arrest male victims makes reporting abuse a catch 22, who do you want to abuse you wife or the cops?

      Jodi Arias- committed a crime that would land a man the death penalty she only got life seriously, that is a lame argument. Hell she even begged for life after claiming to want death. Her crime is wroth of death but no she got life after asking for life. Seriously she asked for life and just got it.

      I could go on but I know your only response will be “fuck you” in an overly worded passive aggressive manner.

      • Ok, let’s talk about the domestic abuse thing, cause this one is interesting. I agree, domestic violence against men is an issue and there’s a large stigma around it – but who has created this stigma? Why is that men don’t report it? Does it have something to do with traditional notions of masculinity (the whole idea of “boys don’t cry” and what have you)? Cause that’s not something that females have created or enforced on their own.

        And the police are more likely to arrest the man? Are not the majority of police men? That’s man on man crime! Or is the shadowy board of feminist oligarchs declaring from on-high that all men must be arrested in domestic disturbance cases? ….no. It’s due to a (false) societal notion that men are always the perpetrators of physical abuse that is held by many of BOTH genders.

        Jodi Arias – yeah, that was a weak one. Just saying, women do not get off scott free in criminal cases – lots have been put to death even. Don’t make sweeping generalizations about a subject and expect me to take it as hard fact.

        When it comes to the criminal justice system, I’m a little more concerned that majority of those incarcerated are poor people of colour. How about that for some injustice.

    • You think Jodi Arias is pretty? WOW…

  48. Jodi Aris committed 1st degree murder, and got life of all things she murdered a man so brutally that I can’t come up with a proper description of the crime beyond sadistic. She got off easy hell she has the nerve to post on twitter that the judge was unfair. You want to know something about male DV. In my state there are 100 places for men to go, but there are 350 shelters for women in my tri-state area. Thats unjust to have 3 times as many shelters in a county. As for feminists you’d be surprised at some of the double standard I can’t link you in a comment but BBC feminist talk show stated that most male DV victims are in fact perpetrators. Not to mention feminists are one of the largest lobbyist groups for liberals. I never accused feminists of doing it directly although they do help spread misinformation of domestic violence. I can’t seem to link you in a comment so I’ll tell you where you can find this go to tumblr and search for permutationofninjas. They maybe a blog on tumblr but they are very professional.

  49. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused.
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  50. So glad I’m homosexual!

  51. What a load of whining crap.

  52. I am a man. And this list is beyond idiotic. It’s filled with so many factual inaccuracies (i.e., a blatant misunderstanding of federal law as well as common state law) that it isn’t even worth dissecting piece by piece. It’s the deep-rooted misogyny in the men who believe what lists like this spew that create the conditions we have today that requires a strong feminist movement and the dissolution of male privilege that has permeated human history.

    • What a load of shit

  53. I would just like to point out: number 3. I can produce offspring. A status which grants me an “essential” status in our species that men can never have and which can never be taken away from me even in old age. *once women reach menopause, their periods stop and they aren’t able to produce eggs to make babies. please check your information before you write a list of crap.

    • Menopause?
      That’s NATURE, my friend! NOT “patriarchy.” Do NOT bring THAT s#!t in here! Take it up with your creator(if one even exists) not the male gender.
      It is no HUMAN’S fault, women go through menopause! female OR MALE.

  54. Seriously just choke on vomit and die you sack of shit.

  55. 2. If I’m not smart, but pretty, I can marry and achieve the social and financial level of my husband without ever working.

    #2 is as idiotic as everything else on that list.

    • why cause it’strue?

    • Ehm Jeff Bezos wife? I mean…. For me this is the biggest truth from te whole list.

  56. any fact checks can show you that women pay higher sentancing for crimes. and marrying a man to achieve his social and financial status is what feminist are fighting against
    this site sounds like it was written by a guy who couldn’t get laid and refused to pay for it

  57. This list is just a mind game. You seem to be asking women to acknowledge receipt of a lump sum: (1) all of what feminists fight for (like they ever get it) PLUS (2) what the upper 1% of women USED to get (all that leisure time in exchange for reproductive servitude!… working class women got the servitude *without* the leisure time–newsflash–from agriculture to the industrial revolution, women have ALWAYS had to work). Lots of bitter old men think women already won the battle for reproductive rights, and against sexual harassment … fine, let ’em … but only a self-loathing beta-male joffer gets angry at a few Waspy women in push-up bras climbing the corporate wedding ladder. Those TV gold-diggers you vilify are what those utterly ridiculous men WANT. But it’s pure hatred, plain and simple, mixed with some historical out-of-touch-ness that has you thinking this is an actual thing that women in general “get to do.” You sound like someone who has never had a conversation with a woman without peeing his pants. As for the rest of women (read some goddamned statistics!): you want them to pay for the cheap linguine and a movie ticket, renounce chivarly, and to be culpable for their own violence? And then you’ll treat them like actual human beings? I’ve never met a feminist who wouldn’t take that deal.

    Read an article or two. Do women do 70% of the world’s work or just 62%? It ain’t 49%, that’s for sure. Do women own 1% of the world’s property or is it as much as 11%? I don’t know. Bottom line: Women do more work and men get more stuff. Unless you don’t like economics and math, nothing on your list matters as long as that’s true.

    • “Women do more work and men get more stuff”

      That’s patently untrue and I suspect you know it.

      Women simply do not do more work, there is no evidence to prove this. There is a massive amount of evidence to support the FACT that men work longer hours.

      Women spend more and are the majority of consumers of almost all products, services and luxury goods, but I take it you’ve been to a mall or seen an advertisement?

  58. The male privilege checklist is based on research and statistics. This checklist was the most hateful, sexist, and uneducated rant I’ve ever read. Most of his points are inadvertently arguing against his own cause. “Seven times as much jewelry will be purchased by or for me than by or for men.” Yes, because there’s more social pressure put on women pertaining to their physical appearance, which is in the male privilege checklist. An intelligent way for him to word it would be “I can wear jewelry without the fear of being discriminated against or having people make assumptions about my sexuality.” … “I can cry and get my husband to do something for me that he might not have done otherwise.” wtf did Rush Limbaugh write this? It’s like a list a middle school bully would write. “Women have periods gross, women cry a lot because I see it in movies, also I don’t understand women or Darfur so they’re probably related.” I half-expected one of his points to be “I have the right to cheat on the the author with his best friend WHY KAREN WHY”

    • No it wasn’t you just deny the ones that want mens penises cut off etc. You are just upset because you can’t handle hearing the truth about how women are privileged way more than men and always have been.

    • funny because there is NO social pressure on a woman’s social appearance.It’s usually women who say ” we look good for OURSELVES”

  59. This is fucking stupid. I’m not surprised that men support and defend this, especially ones that call themselves “MRAs”; but I feel sorry for women that support this. Internalised misogyny is so rampant, and I feel sad that these women (even unknowingly) are supporting people who are intent on oppressing marginalised groups.

    PS, take your Men’s Rights, and shove them up your dicks.

    • What a load of Misandry

  60. It’s so funny because all those “privileges” about women not having to sign up for selective service or not being on the front lines of the war were decisions made by MEN. FUCKING MEN SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

    • Hmm. Well then by your logic if a black man kills another black man, it’s not murder.
      Then I guess to further the thought if a woman kills another woman it’s not murder.
      Injustice is injustice no matter who is acting unjust to whom. MORRON!

    • Still a female privilege isn’t it?

  61. A few more:

    * I can openly lust over younger male celebrities or fictional characters of almost any age without being labeled “creepy” or “a pedophile.”

    * I can attend preschool and elementary school and expect it to be filled with adult role models of my own gender, who will consciously or unconsciously give me special treatment that results in a decade-long educational advantage for my gender.

    * If I wish to get a job in the early childhood education field, I can do so without being automatically suspected of being a pedophile. Once there, I am unlikely to lose my job on suspicions of pedophiliac behavior.

    * If I do engage in sexual activity with a minor child male, even if he’s a student of mine, I can expect lighter treatment by the criminal justice system and may even escape the sex offender registry.

    * (mainly Asia-specific) I can demand train cars allocated for my gender, thus having my ride in a more comfortable, less-crowded space subsidized by males.

    * (mainly Asia-specific again) If I do decide to ride in mixed-gender train cars, I can levy mistaken or false accusations of molestation against men for fun and profit, since my story will be instantly believed by the authorities without question

    • Those are some great additions to the list.

      But, according to some, those are all consequences of male dominance and privilege. Yeah, we want to go through hell. lol

  62. Well this was clearly some shit written by someone who lacks a number of chromosomes. What I enjoyed most was how personal many of the items on the list were, as though they were trying to work out personal issues: “28. When I divorce my husband I will be guaranteed custody of my children unless I am deemed to be unfit. Even if my husband is “Parent of the Year” 10 years running it is unlikely he will get custody over me even if I am a mediocre parent.”

    In the future, it may be nice to use spell check or at least proof read it. 8/10 troll factor.

    • Makes me laugh how people reply with insignificant remarks about grammar or some absurdity because deep down they know what the truth is and can not reply sanely.

      As for #28 spoken in the third sense, would have to be one of the most disgraceful crimes on children and fathers that a feminist pig does.

  63. You’re not accounting for the fact that a woman might not want to do half those things. She might want to be the breadwinner or have a more dangerous position in the army, but she won’t have that choice. This is why feminism is so important. It’s to reduce the privileges in both male and female lists.

    Btw, are you resentful because she divorced you? You probably shouldn’t be such an open book when talking about a political issue.

    • Priya.
      I wish that were, truly the case. Un-fortunatly, it isn’t.
      Even if the so-called bad feminists are a minority, they are a minority with nearly un-limited power and a lot of clout. They have indeed become that which they CLAIM to oppose.
      Yes they may want to reduce the “male privilage” list, but they also want to increase the “female privilage” list.
      All one has to do is listen to their rhetoric, and see the laws and statutes they have gotten passed with the help of wussie-poopie males who think it will help them get laid. These feminists CONSTANTLY preach “equality” while at the same time claim superiority. Anyone who cannot see this PLAINLY is intentionally blind.

    • What a patently idiotic argument. If a man does not want to be a breadwinner he’s called a lazy bum or irresponsible man child or some such crap. Shaming tactics. If he doesn’t want to have a more dangerous position in the army he’s branded a coward. That is why masculinism is so important, because of this pathological one sided gynocentric view. It’s about giving women choices and maintaining male obligations. As an aside the arguments that Maggie presented regarding the draft are more of the same lunacy.

    • Let me make this clear for you, because it seems to be impossible for most feminists to understand this. If women decide to work to support her family, that doesn’t automatically make her ruler of the castle. HOWEVER, feminists would have you believe that men must chip in and help their breadwinner wives or else, they’re no good, they’re worthless or they’re patriarchal misogynists. I’ve heard stories of women as far back as the early 1900s actually running their own businesses and then, coming home to serve and take care of their families, including their husbands (deadbeats by today’s standards). Did they have to? Did the husband have a gun to her head?? NO. She did all of that, because she loved and cherished her family.

      Men are seeing less and less of that incredibly attractive attitude in modern women – who have it much easier than women before the industrial revolution and we’re SICK OF IT.

      Haven’t you ever heard of or seen women gets mad at their husbands for spending more time bringing home the bacon than spending time with their families?? Well, it works both ways.

    • She may and it is accounted for that is why it is said. She may want to do those things but her privilege allows her to get away with not doing those things and many other things also.

  64. Ignorance. Read a book.

    • Arrogance read a book yourself

  65. Women are bat shit crazy. I’ll have nothing to do with them outside of uncommitted, casual sex. To think like a woman is to become criminally insane. I love women. What I hate is that dark, evil side of women. I swear they’re all possessed. What’s worse, any man that gets attached to these emotional vampires finds himself criminally insane, sooner or later. I hate women, but yet I love them. I need help, as do you, dear reader. You must both hate and love the couchie, for the couchie rules you. Oh – I also hate biology.

    • You hate objects. You love women. Most men who are led to believe they hate women actually hate objectified ‘women’.

      Objects are the only true misogynists. Objects hate women _for being women_. Women make objects look bad.

      • Interesting perspective.

  66. Most women around the world don’t have all those options. It looks like your just talking about highly attractive middle class white women.

    Also if you want to wear feminine clothing, and have flowers in the mens bathroom. Then get on with it. Not all men would consider all the things on this list as a privilege. Do you want to be a woman?

    • Most men would not consider any of the things on the list a privilege because of a combination of feminist brainwashing and chivalrous delusion.

  67. I agree that many of these things are true but many of them are petty and some are opinionated. It also mariginalises women to all think the same. If I was an unfit parent but was to have to pay child support I see no reason why I shouldn’t have to pay the same amount a man has to.

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  71. What you mean is benevolent sexism. Female privilege does not exist.


    • Why because a feminist says so?

      Oh well, that’s basically gender studies in a nutshell.

      Feelings are more important than facts will ever be.

      Gender Studies Feminism: Where anecdotes are the plural of data.

      • Nice one. You stole that from Bill Mahr, didn’t you?

  72. How convenient that you don’t talk about things that actually affect men, like men getting raped in prison. It must be convenient to overlook such issues while blaming everything else on women. When it’s actually men who made the rules that women couldn’t serve in the military, which was overturned in recent years. It’s also men that say men can’t wear feminine clothing, unless they want to be viewed as weak because apparently women are viewed as inherently weak and that isn’t true.

    • Men don’t make rules. They are mouthpieces echoing their mothers’ values. Read about capture-bonding.

      When the victims of abuse believe the same values as their abuser, they cease to become a threat.

      Men don’t give birth. Only mothers control values

  73. […] Let’s consider these additional male privileges disguised as female privilege: […]

  74. Girls are oppressed. Men betrayed them by siding with their mothers. As a gender, men deserve their suffering. As a species, humans deserve all their suffering for being so stupid, they can’t realise the fortunes of this species has to rise and fall as one; malice is shooting yourself in the foot.

    As individuals, men are expected to endure untenable levels of degradation and insulting infantile lies. But you can’t help girls. They may know nothing worth knowing, but they know they Know Best.

    • Remember when the writer said someone could say this without repercussions, but if it was reversed, everyone would lose their shit?

  75. Is this a fucking joke? A fucking satire? I am beyond baffled. You address this to feminists…. The actions described on this list do not even apply to true feminists. I treat my boyfriend to lunch all the time, as he does for me, feminism is about a balance. I do not see a man as a lesser being if he is a caring, supportive stay at home father. And as far as your jab a legislation that beats you down, take a look at who created those laws… WEALTHY WHITE MEN. You sir are in dire need of an education, what the hell would your mother/grandmother/sister think of this?

    • What if it’s not his choice to be the stay-at-home dad? Most modern women refuse to let men feel free to be the men they want to be. That’s the problem. Modern psychology and gender studies keep trying to teach people that masculinity is evil or it’s a social construct. Some of these ladies actually think they know what it’s like to be men. If men started assuming how women think, women would be up in arms. But, there were and are women who assume that men are all about sexual gratification. Feminists on a whole assume that everything that goes along with the patriarchy was inherently evil by design… as if a group of men gathered together weekly to discuss how they can better oppress women… as if the ladies were ever endangered. Men lost life and limb to make sure their wives and children from tyranny. But, according to feminists, those sacrifices were wrong in nature?? That’s worse than saying “That woman deserved to be raped because of what she was wearing.” You know why?? Because death and dismemberment is WORSE than rape.

      No, the patriarchy was put in place to guide and lift women up. It was put in place to govern men and women, making sure that we both stay together and not split off into chaos. It was put in place to make men strong so that they could lift their families, including their wives out of the gutter, so to speak. We’ve only been this technologically advanced for less than 200 years. Before that, men and women had to work together to SURVIVE.

  76. Hi , i m trannssexual , i v had to live first 20 years of my life as a guy in the eyes of society , and since then i v been able to live as a girl , altough not for long ( just a fews years ) , i do understand and agree with that list , and wouldv prefer to be born a girl and be raised as a girl can be , and treated as a girl can be , and now that i m on that side i notice or feel that kind of privileges i get that i didnt before in thoses 20 first year , and i rather enjoy it, and i do not feel like i have less “privileges” ( maybe its because i need to give it time or that i dont really personnaly care about the ones i couldv lost, somes that i saw more like a “burden” or the right to fight in the wolf pit wich i didnt really like ) , altough i have gotten scared of abusing it , because i grew scared of hurting the ones who would have the position i once had and who could suffer from it as much ; also i v had problems with this feelings from some womens not all , that “my kind” shouldnt be considered a woman at all , its makes me feel as if theyr some sort of aryan womens because of what they got at birth and in their childhood , and that i m some lesser thing because i v not been gifted as much as they have been .
    Sometime it feels like there is some laws or rules or should be in the unconscious of peoples about that gender and that sex , and that i m in some way violating theses laws because i do not really fit thems .

  77. It’s a matter of wording: it is correct that you should never hit a *lady*. But not every woman is a lady; a woman who attacks you is a bitch. And in case of bitch, apply bitchslap.

    • Speaking as a woman, I have no argument with this position. If I hit a guy without an extremely valid reason, I fully expect him to hit me back! He probably ought to! If a gal is such a delicate flower that she can’t handle a taste of her own medicine, she should be keeping her hands to herself.
      (Fyi, valid reason might include: guy grabs my ass/breasts without permission, guy hits first, guy threatens physical violence against me, steals my purse, etc. NOT he makes a dumb remark, or he breaks up with me, or because I have pms.)

  78. Are men actually turning into women? Is the wheal of sexes turning ..

  79. […] looked at Men’s Resistance, and the occasionally valuable Thought Catalog. They seemed ridiculous. TC: 1. Female privilege is […]

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  81. Some of this list I agree with, some I don’t, buy on the whole I think both genders have privileges and problems. I think everything that gives power to men, has its dark side. The same goes for women. Lists like this may seem hurtful, but really they are a necessary counterpoint. It sucks being a girl sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade places for a second!
    I think the list is missing a really important one though. As a woman, I can ask for clarification or information if I don’t know something, or don’t understand something, without being mocked for it or being told I’m not feminine enough. Of course, the other side to this is that some people EXPECT that I won’t know or understand things, which is frustrating at times, but the privilege of being able to ask for help is valuable enough to offset the annoyance. 🙂

  82. I think one or two of the things on this list doesn’t apply to ALL women, but for the most part, I not only admit this list is accurate, I am not even offended by it.
    Are women not given fair treatment compared to men in some ways? Absolutely. But I find too many feminists are staunchly against sexism…unless the sexism benefits them (i.e. Woman injures male genitalia = funny; Man injures woman’s genitalia = HORRIBLE CRIME AND HE’S WORSE THAN TEN HITLERS! Come on, admit you’d feel that way in these circumstances).

  83. […] Here’s some examples of what MHRAs consider female privilege: LINK […]

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  88. I feel very sorry that these are the only kind of women you have ever known in your life.

  89. we live in a society where natural selection does not apply. People would not survive in the wild survive and reproduce in society. Also, if we lived in the wild, explain to me how natural selection would eliminate the female, the only gender who can actually reproduce. Good luck making a new baby in the wild without a women.
    P.s. this is idiotic

  90. I am reminded of a reality show in India.
    One female contestant was asked by the anchors of the show to slap a male contestant. She was hesitating. The anchors kept on insisting that she slap. Then she lightly touches the male contestant’s cheek because she did not want to hit anybody without any proper reason. A female anchor insulted her and asked her very rudely to move away.
    Then another female contestant was called. She slapped the male contestant real hard. The female anchor praised her as if she did some act of bravery.
    After that the male contestant was asked to slap that female contestant. He did not want to do that. After continuous provocation, he slapped her. Immediately the female anchor started screaming at him how dare he hit a woman. Then the male anchors also joined in humiliating him. He was kicked out of the show. The most senior anchor (a man) said, “Never hit a woman. If a woman hits you, give her the other cheek.”

  91. […] This list could seem sexist in itself, but it does display some of the privileges we do have. I so appreciate the effort that went into this quite large list! […]

  92. Thank you for being so truthful in the hiedious hierarchy that our society has carefully crafted against the gender of men. I believe it. Lets stick together and rebel!!!

  93. I love that you have edified the reasons i should be happy to be a woman….it’s hard to remember with all the sex slavery and strip clubs around. Women are suppose to put up with their men’s perversions cause in the past we relied on you for money! Not anymore! All of my girlfriends outearn their husbands and still do most of the housework. Women now outnumber men in medical schools. Military service is your thanks for being born….where would most people be without the work of their mothers? Sounds like the men on this site have been badly burned by some girls, and I empathize ’cause I’ve been badly burned by men.

    • That’s the typical, privileged, feminist attitude for you. All of a sudden, men aren’t doing their share. But, history was written by men 97% of the time. We created the automobiles, the equipment, the technology necessary for women to graduate and work in all of these fields. We wrote the textbooks, we did the research. Women CHOSE to live a life of luxury. It’s not that they couldn’t. But, most women couldn’t find any interest in learning about science and technology. The feminists have brainwashed so many women for so long into believing that men purposely held you all back from achieving personal greatness. BUT, it was actually women that held themselves back. Either they were too lazy or too scared. If giving women all the luxuries in the world makes them too lazy to become scientists and philosophers themselves, men are the devil… I guess. But, then again, I think that sounds like a sick, twisted, insane perspective.

  94. […] Netreaper hatte es auf Twitter. Er hat den Link auf die “Female Privilege Checklist” […]

  95. Women can produce offspring by themselves? Really? Huh…must have missed that scientific announcement.

    Men also don’t have “complete control” over their reproductive choices? Seriously? Last time I checked guys had 100% control over where they stuck their d**ks. Conception isn’t a mystery.

    Most of the “privileges” you list in the top 10 are directly derived from value men place on women. That’s kinda not how privilege works but the thinking here is so blinded by politics and self pity and so lacking in rigor I doubt this comment will even make it passed the moderator.

    • You sound like someone who hates intercourse with men so much, you seem to think it’s a one-way street. I want to see more women just come out and say, “I don’t want sex anymore.” It makes things a lot easier for men. We’ll grab the lotion and the Sports Illustrated or Jugs magazine and go into the bathroom. Men found ourselves to be much more reasonable anyway.

  96. Misandry in Canada via the public education sector

    Female administrators are given the proverbial slap on the wrists for explicit misconduct.

    The National Post reports, “Penny Mueller’s problems began in July 2009 when the educational leader of Crestomere School posed for a photo in which she simulated fellatio on the phallic-shaped Washington Monument while in the U.S. capital for a taxpayer-funded conference.

    Another teacher from the K-9 facility was reprimanded and fined $500 by the Alberta Teacher’s Association for posting the picture on her Facebook page where it was seen by shocked parents and former students.” (Source National Post)

    One point taken is that Penny Mueller was paid to operate her job, but instead used her time to allegedly pose for inappropriate pictures. Imagine if the principal was a male
    teacher of longstanding work ethic; the consequences for the male teacher would have been harsher.

    The Toronto Sun reports, ” But, in fact, almost no one would defend the sexual abuse of a young girl by a male teacher.
    But many people do when the roles are reversed — when the teacher is female and the student male.
    The case in question here is that of Tania Pontbriand, who taught gym at a high school near Montreal. She has been convicted of sexual assault.
    Judge Valmont Beaulieu wrote, “The accused dominated her victim who had become completely dependent on her, and trusted her blindly, isolating himself from his friends, losing interest for his studies and causing arguments with his mother.”

    In other words, the young boy suffered as we might expect a young girl to suffer in the same circumstance. (Source: Toronto Sun)

    The Marxist government places feminists on a pedestal and allows perverts like Tania Pontbriand to interfere with her students for sexual exploitation. Because the matter

    CTV News Montreal states that “Judge Valmont Beaulieu rejected the defence’s argument that the young victim was unreliable in his 150-page judgment”. In other words, Tania Pontbriand’s defense lawyers [ probably a representative of the public school board or teachers unions] tried to discredit the male victim, thereby causing the risk of defamation and slander if anyone claimed she had an affair with the student.

    Mary Gowans was alleged to have exchanged over 2,000 text messages with her 14 year old male student, but the evidence was rejected in the feminist-friendly Canadian court of law.

    Inefficient and incompetent female administrators and senior teachers pose a professional liability to the supposed reputation of Canadian public school boards.

    Jacob Serbrin of Macleans [ Article: Free speech under attack in colleges and high schools Schools should be teaching students how to participate in society, not giving lessons in petty tyranny] claims that female administrator Varla Abrams suspended a male student over his disapproval of the school’s sports team. Quote “High schools have a critical role in ensuring that young Canadians are prepared to be engaged citizens in our free society. I’m not the first person to think that they’re failing that duty. But maybe part of the problem is administrators like Northern principal Varla Abrams, who would probably be better suited to running a school in Pyongyang than Toronto.”

    Female Canadian teachers have privilege. They can conduct unprofessional, illicit, inappropriate and illegal conduct without fear of social and legal consequences, and they can enforce restriction on civil liberties if their students complain about a sports team.

    Canada is the world capital of misandry and the feminists know it.

  97. Post #98 is misogynist, untruthful and defamatory. Kindly remove the offending post. Hate speech is not a grounds for free speech. Women are victims of cyberbullying, and we should
    not tolerate the bashing of innocent white women.

    • What about the bashing of innocent men, or does that not appear on your repertoire of knowledge about cyber bullying. Or is that #98’s new female privilege? Why ask someone to remove a truth, have you something to hide?

  98. […] While I am not re-publishing it here, here is a link to a corresponding  Female Privilege Checklist. […]

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  100. Thanks for the laugh.

  101. I do hope that you know you are being very stereotypical of females and basing some things off the idiotic gender roles so many of us feminist reject.

  102. I’m still learning about feminism and equality. I know it’s about the equality of men and women, but since the feminist movement barely talks about male issues and female privilege. I’m not speaking for all feminists, but I’m normally more sensitive to my own wounds than to the wounds of others, so the only time I really talk about issues that men face, is when I’m talking to a guy.
    I was hoping for an actual list of undeserved things women get on the basis of their gender alone.
    All I got was a giant glob of assumptions. A few of them did shed light on inequalities, and I’m going to discuss them with my friends and colleagues, but the rest are just assumptions.

    I know that I won’t be able to write a comprehensive list of female privileges, ’cause privileged people barely notice their privilege.

    • Are they inequalities, because women didn’t create them?? In order for there to actually be peace between men and women, women have to concede that by making up these gender roles, the patriarchy did so at the behest of women or for their gain.

  103. I always understood the feminist movement as a social force to create equality for woman. I was always raised to respect women. And, honestly, I always put women on pedestal. But, now I find the experience that women (not all) feel very entitled to everything and anything they want. I find that their disposition as if they believe they are better than men, by virtue of being of woman.
    Our society does not hold women accountable for the same acts which men are held within eyes of the legal system, for example.

    On regular basis, I see this: Women flaunting their cleavage (sometimes implants) by wearing the lowest (sometimes see through) shirts. Women adorn the clevaage by wearing the tightest pants, that appear as they have been vaccummed on to thier camel toes and buttocks. They do not care if they are children in thier proximity, or whoever sees them, just as long as they assume they are the center of attention. I rarely see guy wearing shorts without underewear or walk around shirtless, flaunting his penis or chest nipples around. And, I think because our society want men to behave and censor their sexuality as if they were frozen in time warp. If man exhibits part of his anatomy, he will undergo both verbal condemnation, such as being called a wierdo, a psycho, as well as exiled and suffer criminal charges.

    Mother’s would be quick complain about a guys penis head sticking out from the side of his pants. It would fuel a potential arrest. Because he is a man. And, a man is not allowed prod down the mall with the crack of his ass popping out of his pants. Only, women are allowed because, she (thinks it is) sexy, when in fact it is just as nasty and uncouth as guy with walking around with his fat pot belly bouncing around.

    We all could agree that there are many positive aspects of feminism. Though I believe it has become an entitlement card, special privileges card, as well as exemption card. Feminism should also mean respect as well as social, political, and economic equality. Except, I think many women lack respect for men because they believe that they have an upper hand on men (like you need my pussy, so pay for it), inclusive of having the modern day feministic umbrella to protect the special priviledges of the princesses. Whom harrow about life being unfair, yet those princesses have more wealth and out live thier male counter parts by many years.

    Men I have to see things more objectively. It is a competition for labor (who has the most money; who has the best job) and who has the most economic and political leverage. Often, if as a man you have that financial clout, then, your manhood is increased ten fold and your are immune to being treated as a second class human being; for as long that your money keeps you on the flying carpet.

    My position: Men should speak thier mind and niether be allowed to be censored, nor ridiculed for expressing thier frustations about the war against men, contrived to de-emasculate and marginalized the importance of being a man.
    Do not stand for it, not for a piece of tuna.

  104. I’m sorry but this list is very stupid, not because sexism but because it has very little to do with the term privilege. It’s mainly just a list of butthurt opinions that are mostly untrue and very exaggerated. IMO female privileges does exist but only a handful of what you listed here pass as that, the rest are just BS. If you really think female privileges are a problem and should be discussed more you’ll have to do better than this, this is just mocking your own cause.

    3. Since being able to produce offspring is merely a physiological result of your gender this is not a privilege, please google privilege to check.

    22. This has nothing to do with privilege, one could discuss whether this has to do with culture, but the fact that woman spend more money on apparel than men has nothing to do with privilege

    30. Again, not a privilege, just someone listing really malicious ways of punishing the opposite sex, wtf?!

    • Cool, I bet you feel the same way about the male privilege checklist right?

      Yeah buddy!

  105. […] right to maintain the belief that men oppress women despite all of the evidence to the contrary. https://mensresistance.wordpress.com/female-privilege-checklist/ 0 Replies   GA_googleFillSlot("a2kTopicLeaderboardEnd"); […]

  106. You have maybe 5 good examples of sexism but afterward it is clear throughout the article in the language and tone you used that either you are biased due to a relationship of some level that has caused you to be angry or feel subjugated by someone of the opposite sex or are simply too ignorant of the struggles of both sexes to make any form of reputable list of entitlements of either sex.
    Yes some men are abused and can have their children taken from them in court regardless of the state of the other parent. However, some children have abusive fathers that manage to stay out of the system and can very easily escape any form of punishment. As for the abuse there are groups now that do handle male domestic abusive cases.
    If you truly take offense as you seem to in your writing you should work towards a goal of no entitlement for either sex and reach an equal middle ground rather than pushing what is essentially a long rant that cannot honestly being taken seriously.

  107. You guys missed one, a woman can masturbate and its seen as attractive, but the moment a man does the same, its seen as disgusting by society. also, screw all you typical bitches who say this is a lie, if you are a actual woman, you would realize all of this is the 100% truth, and you just dont want to accept it, because you’re to stubborn. by the way, not so lady like ladies, i am a girl too, so dont hate on me, i will hate o you for your narrow minded views.

    • ‘a woman can masturbate and its seen as attractive’ – yeah, by men. and if for you ‘society’ means ‘men’ I have bad news.

  108. I don’t understand how you can possibly say the “patriarchy” is responsible for all the laws decisions that benefit women and hurt men. Are you not familiar with feminist lobbyist. That along with some female voters, some female politicians, and the few men who go along with whatever their wives or girlfriends say, are creating the some of the laws that largely benefit women. Those groups collectively are your “patriarchy”, and are mostly women.

    And to whoever said that the selective service is sexist because it is saying that women are not capable of military duties, that is complete bullshit. Women excel in the military, but the draft isn’t about people picking and choosing what jobs they want in the military. Its about getting as much infantrymen as possibly. And you would have to be completely daft to argue that women are just as physiologically suited to be in the infantry as men. It’s not just about pointing your weapon and shooting it. Someone mentioned vaginas being more complicated then any medical issue a male might experience, well I cant argue with that. Lets see how many UT infections you can get after a couple weeks of only bathing with baby wipes for a couple weeks as an infantryman. It’s not practical.

    • Humans got along pretty well for a long time before we invented indoor plumbing. Also, the draft is about pointing your bullet hose at the other guys and catching their bullets with your face so the guy behind you can keep using his bullet hose. Females are perfectly well suited to catch bullets with their face in combat.

      Complete checklist:
      1) has face with which to catch bullets.


  109. conceive someone

    Female Privilege Checklist | Balance of Power

  110. Many of responses provided by the responders have interesting premises.I tend agree with many of the perspectives. It is true. Our society provides special entitlements and unfair protections to women. I understand that women are all princesses. Princeses do not derserved to be sent to Syria to fight for the United States Of America, and get thier pretty face and limbs mutilated by a phospherous grenade in combat. Because they can send a 18 year old male, whose life is not as precious as a woman life. So, a woman does not even have to submit her selective service. She can go to school, get a nursing degree.
    Make 85k plus a year. Drink Lattes, paint her nails, cheat on Facebbook with other men or girls, and shop at Khols. Meanwhile her husband gets his legs shot off. She gets the financial compensation, perhaps the emotional pain. But, you know that woman has a vagina and our country’s priviledeges to help her do anything that she feels like it because she is a princess.

    At her place of employment, she gets her special entitlements and protection from sexual harrassment, too. Even, if the there was not any sexual harrassment during unsuspected bump down the hallway or somewhere in a close quarter entry. She can complain. Alert the authorities of her victimizaton, while disparaging the true victim to give credibility to herself. And of course, our system plays into the woman false claims. Then there is that problem that women lure you in with their tight spandex pants and low cut spandex shirts, flauting thier camel toe on thie gentials. Or, her spandex shirt displays her pointed nipples. The guy looks. She smiles because of the attention.
    Then, women complains of being oppressed and harrassed. Yes, the guy gets fired. Loses his employment for absolutely nothing. The women gets personal satisfaction through revenge.
    Same, a woman wants spit on man, hit him, kick him the nuts without any consquences.
    Because, it is all about being one-side, prejudiced, and forcing every political correct rule against men. It is not about equality. It is about punishing the male species due to Caucaisian Superemacy that has existed in our country since its inception.
    Now there has been attempt (mostly successful) to over power the male dominance by using pro-feminist laws, de-emasculating men in social media, as well, in as our educational system.

    I do not opposed feminism and social justice. Just the feminism feigning to stand for equality when it is apparent that they want it all-fame, glory, respect, admiration, money……All on thier schedule and demands. I cannot agree that men in this country must be careful.
    What can be trusted? Who can be trusted? Look past the red lipstick and big mamallian breast implants and spandex camel toe between thier legs.
    And, stand together for true social justice found through the correct social consciousness that is helpful to all the children of our creater, to our society, to our future.

  111. This is list is kind of only true in North America/European/developed countries… it’s definitely not even close to true for the other half of the world…

  112. Dont forget that ladies bicycles are made with a step through design for easier mounting when were the ones with nuts to rack if we hit a pothole.

  113. Hi i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i read this post i thought i could also create comment due to this good post.

  114. Feminism will work if every female is on board. I mean 100% of females on this planet give men a reason to respect every female. Unfortunately males see women as a place to put their penis and quite simply don’t respect them, and have no reason too.
    Men are genetically programmed and have been for thousands of years to be hunters and gatherers. Now women are saying they want to be too and it is disrupting the natural balance. Why do u think the divorce rate has increased exponentially over the past century? Why do u think kids are committing suicide at such an alarming rate due to a high rate in mental illness? Keep going ladies your movement is really benefiting humanity.

  115. […] as a power struggle. Some even go as far to say that a woman’s right to decline sex is “female privilege” and is helping to systematically oppress men.  In order to keep themselves from getting […]

  116. when to get Pregnant

    Female Privilege Checklist | Balance of Power

  117. So many neck beard fedora tippers here 😦 y’all are damn pathetic as fuck lmao

  118. I stumbled upon The Male Privilege Checklist lately and immediately after that I wanted to search for the female counterpart to be able to see both points of view. sadly, most of the points here are far from being objective (not to mention far from being even real) so it’s very hard for me to take this post seriously. does anyone know a more adequate equivalent than this laughing material?

  119. I could not help to notice the way many women treat men with skepticism and as degenerate dumb sloths hungry for piece of pussy.
    Many are bullies, conceited, and wear an attitude as if they have special entitlements because they have a vagina and mammalian glands.
    Many American women believe they are God-princesses who walk on water with their high heels. This neo- American society has intentionally social engineered hatred against men. Put men on the back of the bus. Attempted to censor and emasculated men to achieve the goal of female superiority at all cost. Well, I am still young, single, good looking and with accomplishments. But, everything I learned in my religion, upbringing, about loving and respecting women is turning out to go in reverse. Marriage with American woman with selfish values into American feministic framework, I do not think so.
    I rather rebel! A decade ago a good friend doing his undergraduate in political science questioned: “Who is your real true enemy?”
    I say, American’s can make of a better America by focusing on less unnecessary hatred over gender superiority.American’s need families that will produce babies, that will become great leaders and put this nation in a better direction. Oppression against men is a loss cause that will not serve humankind any good.

  120. Before I start, a lot of these are legitimate concerns, although this list is highly repetitive. But here are some of the ones I find to be bullshit and why:
    2. It is progressively becoming socially unacceptable to be a SAHM. They are looked down upon and people think they should work.
    3. Seriously, you’re complaining because women carry the baby? There’s nothing you can do about it.
    6. “With little to no social stigma?” More like everyone thinks you’re a horrible person and going to hell. From protestors outside abortion clinics to telling your friends, everyone is going to be frowning upon you. Shut the fuck up. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
    8. Not really sure what this means
    9. 90% of women take their husband’s last name. The other 10% that don’t are feminists who generally have degrees and careers and lives and statuses of their own prior to marriage and keep their name because they don’t wanna lose that.
    11. This is a direct result of patriarchy. Feminists fight this. Same with 48 and 59.
    12. This is disregarding hardworking single moms and mothers in marriages where the woman makes more money and works more hours than the man does. Oftentimes, women are the breadwinners. 38 is a repeat of 12.
    13. I’ve never heard of this happening. Can you give me an example? 39 and 89 are a repeat of this.
    17. This example is retarded. Nobody treats pms like alcohol.
    23. Men generally don’t wear jewellery as often as women, so that would explain this.
    28. This is simply not true. So long as the woman isn’t a crazy motherfucker (and there’s a lot of them out there that screw over men in this exact category, don’t get me wrong) and the parents live in the same state, custody is generally awarded to both parties in divorce court. Again, that’s not to say many men don’t get screwed; they do.
    30. Not due to sexism, it’s due to the fact that child molesters and rapers have lower status than sluts. If you said she raped you she’d probably be looked down on just as much. I personally think there’s nothing wrong with sluts so long as they’re responsible.
    37. This is generally because fashion is a female-dominated field in which men take little interest in.
    42. Im sorry, but the facts aren’t right. Women do not initiate domestic violence more than men, unless you think “she was bitching so I slapped her” counts. That’s not to say that it doesn’t occur with men; it does.
    44. Bystander effect is not gender-neutral.
    46. This is insultingly sexist towards women, and is the only thing on the list that is.
    51-54 are retarded and overly exaggerated. This never happens.
    57. If you don’t want to do something for your wife, don’t. You don’t hear women saying a man raped her if he cries because he wants to have sex with her; if she later complies, that indicates consent and is called a sympathy fuck.
    61. The problem isn’t being hit on at bars. It’s being hit on everywhere you go, and not being able to escape it, even if you dress conservatively, walk swiftly to indicate you are going somewhere and need to get there quickly, and wear headphones to indicate lack of response if approached. Men choose to ignore all of these signs, simply because some men think women are sexual objects.
    67. Inflation is not because women are working.
    73. Yeah, because they wanna fuck me.
    78. I do have that right. Men have the right to do that to women also.
    90. That’s your fault if you pick a girl who’s an entitled brat.
    93. How the fuck is this sexual harassment?

    • Also, women are starting to go directly to gaol for killing children in the US, so at least we’re making some headway.

    • 90.Its your fault if you shave or wax or want to be thin.
      93.How is staring sexual harassment?
      78.Men are mocked if they do that.
      61.YOU have the privilege of INSULTING the man right on his face.You dont need to give “signs”.If a man threw insults,he’d be mocked at.
      57.Men are laughed upon and shamed for not helping their spouse.Women aren’t
      51-54 . Nope, they’re fine
      44.It is.Women aren’t told to help a man if he’s being attacked and if she doesnt, she wont be called a coward.
      13.Easy to prove.If a woman says “women are stronger/smarter than men”. People will cheer.If a man says “men are stronger/smarter then women” , they’ll disregard you.
      23.If a man demanded a women to buy jewelry from his wife , he’d be called selfish.
      37. Doesnt change the fact that its a privilege.
      39.Women can say “men should learn to behave” and “men should change the way they think”. If a man said that, he’d get screwed
      6.Thank you.You just proved point 39.
      9.Women can keep their husband’s name if they want.Men cant change their name their wife’s last name
      11. This ISN’T patriarchy. Chivalry is a construct created for women.
      3. Yeah…but it’s still a privilege.
      30.Wrong,people wouldn’t even believe a man if he said he was raped by a woman

  121. 98. Feminist favorite position in the book Kuma Sutra is “Doggie Style”. 😜

  122. You idiot(!) Ye can’t exactly produce offspring on your own; ye need a boy’s sperm!

  123. Although “most” of these points are valid, some are plain stupid and does not call for an “excellent list” as you say. There are a lot of women who use their looks to get what they want and manipulate men for status or money but that doesn’t mean ALL females are the same so it’s kind of annoying that women have to this read these statements starting with “I”.
    Don’t generalize! I’d guess men don’t like the “all guys are same” statement, do you? Assuming all men are bad because some rape or abuse women. Just so you know, it’s the same here.
    And regarding reproduction, yeah right! Maybe you need to be reminded that we didn’t ask for that “privilege” just as you didn’t ask for yours and since I’m the one who has to CARRY and give birth to a child, I do have a right to not want children. Honestly, IT IS MY BODY. Now using that to blackmail a guy is wrong but again, not ALL of us do that! Regarding the abortion part, again, my body! And the whole thing about men not having the choice of whether or not to be a parent is total BS. A lot of men choose to abandon their children on a regular basis. How convenient.

    ” If I’m uncomfortable exercising around men I can demand a female only gym be made for women. ” Oh yeah all us girls love it when creepy guys stare at us. We also love all the “look at her butt” comments fyi!

    ” If I go to a club or bar with my girlfriends and I look my sexy best I have a right to be perturbed when men approach me and hit on me in this public place. ” Yeah I feel SO very lucky when some random creep wants to buy me a drink (usually under the assumption that I owe him something in return) even though nowadays women practically have to carry litmus paper to make sure their drink isn’t drugged! Well I guess that’s such a privilege

    “I think it is my right to work and I am unconcerned if the influx of women into the workforce has reduced overall wages to the point that it’s hard to support a family on just one income, or affirmative action has kept men from being promoted even though they deserved it.” YEAH I’LL JUST STAY HOME AND MARRY A GUY WHO EARNS because that’s what this whole list is about! IRONY MUCH!? Make up your mind!

    ” Restrooms for my gender will be cleaner and are more likely to have flowers or other decorations. ” Maybe your gender should learn how to aim and use the flush.

    ” If I’m caring for a child restrooms for my gender will more likely have a changing table for my convenience. ” Or I could lay my baby on the bathroom floor. No big deal.

    ” People I’ve never met before are more likely to open doors for me.”
    People I’ve never met before are more likely to talk to me in public.”
    I DO THIS (I’m not a guy) and a lot of other women do too! Its called being polite. Look it up.

    ” If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he doesn’t call I have a right to think of him as an asshole.”
    ” If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he calls me I have a right to blow him off or act like I don’t know him. ”
    Unknown, creeps totally don’t ask for our numbers all the time and call, text, spam without revealing their identity and call us bitches with attitude, proud, *big people* if and when we don’t reply right?

    ” I believe I have a right to live in an orderly and safe society but I feel no obligation to risk my safety to secure or maintain that society ”
    No I should definitely quit everything I’m doing and start patrolling.

    ” I’m more likely to believe that women who commit crimes are sick and need treatment or understanding whereas men who commit crimes are evil and should be locked up forever. ”
    I’m pretty sure none of us think that.

    ” I can sleep with my boss if I want and afterwards I can sue him for sexual harassment ”

    One word “slut”

    ” I can wear seductive clothing and perfume to attract a man at work but no one will accuse me of sexual harassment. ”
    I can wear whatever I want. Or do you prefer your women stinky? We don’t like most of the retarded clothes you guys wear either.

    This list makes the assumption that women don’t have dependents or responsibilities outside of dealing with men. Also, what if the woman is a lesbian or asexual? Does she still hold these so-called “privileges”?

    • The writer is not saying all women do this, but she’s saying women can do this if they want.

      • And why exactly would anyone of us want to do this retarded shit? Nothing on this list is exactly anything to be proud of…

  124. I am a female who identifies as a feminist as a direct subset of egalitarianism. NOT in the sense of female superiority, but rather in gender equality. True feminism supports both equal rights and RESPONSIBILITIES as men.

    I am a female who grew up in a family where both parents were successful, but my mom made significantly more money than my dad, but less than men at the same level as her in her company until a couple years ago. As an electrical engineer that graduated at the top of his class, my dad sacrificed huge career opportunities, which would require him to move across the country to allow for my mother to pursue her ambitious goals. In exchange, my dad kept his full-time job with flexible hours, but had the time to coach our basketball and soccer teams and cook dinner for us nightly, which he enjoyed. They both helped us with homework when they had the chance, and while they both did housework, most of it was delegated to me and my younger sisters. My parents had an amicable divorce when I was a high school senior and their assets were split down the middle. That’s right, my mom had to fork over half of her hard earned money to my dad who “worked” less but had ultimately made it possible for her to be a part of a healthy family while pursuing her career goals. My parents had joint custody of my two younger sisters when they split (I left for college very soon after). And I recognize that this is the way it SHOULD be.

    I am now at an excellent university where I study Civil Engineering. I am in the minority as a girl, and I feel no prejudice against me, but rather a community of people who WANT more female engineers in the field. I am equally as qualified as my peers to be where I am, however I acknowledge that my gender and being half Hispanic have in fact awarded me privileges including a half scholarship where the white males with the same resume as me would most likely receive a considerably smaller award. However, I also see much of the opposite. I have heard from female professors, as well as coworkers at my internships that the gender wage gap is very real in the field and I have observed that all of the upper management at both large scale companies I have worked for are men. As a feminist/egalitarian, I dream of the day when women and men of all races receive wages and benefits which directly reflect their qualifications. That means women will be paid the same as men for the same work, and that women would receive no preference in the hiring or admissions process based on their gender or race alone.

    This list is as harmful to the feminist cause as women who beg for all the rights men enjoy while still expecting men to pay on a date. Rather than encouraging the close-minded “feminists” that don’t recognize that the inequality negatively impacts both sexes, we need to address the inequalities in all aspects and strive for a world where job and rights are observed based on an individuals strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc REGARDLESS of gender, race, or how physically attractive they may or may not be.

  125. There’s no such thing as absolute equality, because men and women aren’t equal. Both genders have their own particular strengths and weaknesses, their own peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, their own proclivities. The problem with modern feminism, or post 1960s 2nd and 3rd wave feminism, is it’s attempt to level everyone into an androgynous egalitarian complicity, that is unnatural and unhealthy.

    Men ave 7 to 11 times the amount of testosterone flowing through their veins than women have and women have much more estrogen in their bodie..That has an actual effect on brain development, the actual structure of our brains at the synaptic, cellular level. Our bodies are different (..obviously ). To assume that these differences don’t translate into the way we think and behave, what we generally have an affinity for and what we don’t, is quite naive, if not disingenuous.

    I’m not going to force my self to be more feminine, in order to satisfy feminists or a culture that has issues with masculinity. Masculinity isn’t the way it is, as a result of an “evil” patriarchal conspiracy, it’s that way due to biology. Perhaps if there is actually a so called “patriarchy”, it’s due to it being the natural, normative order. That’s the natural normative dynamic, established by nature. Masculine dominant / feminine submissive.

    Haven’t you noticed how women adopt a more masculine persona, when they attempt to compete with men, in the market place, at work..etc Leadership, often entails, demands, becoming more masculine in your demeanor, the tone of your speech, everything adopts a more rough, masculine “energy”. A man holding a baby, or a cute little puppy, changes his voice, and adopts a more feminine, softer, less threatening and aggressive tone or pattern in his communication. Googoogaga..etc . We adapt to and adopt the required “frequency”, masculine or feminine.

    Softness is naturally a feminine trait. Men can adopt a more feminine “frequency” or pattern of behavior, within a certain context. Nonetheless, men are naturally, rough. That’s the masculine “frequency”. It’s assertive, it’s “action” driven. The penis extends and penetrates, the vagina opens and receives. The masculine thrusts forward, it’s the inceptive, active principle in nature. The feminine is the receptive, passive principle. Both are required, Yin and Yang.

    Women should have equal rights and be able to, if they meet the standard, to do whatever men do. However, let’s stop trying to feminize men and to make women masculine, because it’s unnatural and it’s not going to contribute to the advancement of society. To our human evolution. It’s going to undermine it and cause a lot of suffering for everyone.

  126. […] medium, non life threatening pain, is a sign of coddled feminist entitlement and female privilege [41] […]

  127. So anyway, I am strongly in support of men turning away from women in every way possible. Sec is the obvious difficulty but we can do it. We certainly don’t _need_ them after all. We can craft out own space and society as we know it may finally die out – good riddance if you ask me. Of course for those of us not gay, the issue is more difficult. To us, sex with a man would be more or less like making love to a barnyard animal – true enough. Thus we will have to find our sexual gratifications otherwise but that’s not insurmountable. It’s time men – come on – what _really_ have you benefitted from your relationships with women other than to pretend you are not male after all?

    • Yeah society can totally function without women! Just steal some eggs from them, biologically engineer men to be asexual, and then put some sperm in those eggs and grow them in labs. They’ll probably turn out better in a controlled environment, anyway. Men are all about control and women are just trying to take that away from them. If we can control everything we can get one step closer to utopia! Also, abort all the eggs that turn out female of course. Soon evolutionarily men will even give birth and shit.

      • I am thinking more nihilistic-ally. We don’t need to engineer men either. None of us “must” exist. Society can end. I’m not really saying it will. Obviously people are too stupid to do anything in concert as a whole – otherwise we wouldn’t continuously “elect” psychopaths to federal office. Obviously everything will go on status quo. But it is a decent dream. Men _should_ turn away from women for any support emotional or sexual. We should drop them. They are no good for us, nor have they ever been. Chinese men say, “when you’re alive, they want you dead, when you’re dead, they want you alive.” More or less this is true. I can’t think of a single thing other than the desire to make a child, for which a woman provides anything that a man really _needs_. So? Let’s move on.

  128. I have often thought myself of the manifold privileges we women enjoy, but I’ve never seen a list like this that lays it out so compellingly and comprehensively. Wow! This is a real keeper. I teach a first-year rhetoric and writing course at the university. Most of the students, are, of course, highly indoctrinated by feminism. It’s sad to hear so many young men stand up and apologize for their so-called privilege and their responsibility for violence et al. I’m thinking of bringing this in as a piece of rhetoric (of course my stance in all discussions is fairly neutral; I’d bring in a piece of feminist writing too). It might really open some eyes!

    • The western world is deeply indoctrinated by feminism and its fraudulent ideas. Its time to expose the feminist dogmas.

  129. […] (Source: https://mensresistance.wordpress.com/female-privilege-checklist/) […]

  130. […] that shows that female privilege outweighs male privilege and that men are worse off than women. This is one of a few lists I have found that outline some of the aspects of “female privilege.” The ninety-seven-item list […]

  131. Some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read
    I hope people know most of us men aren’t this deluded about our status of structural power over women

  132. Interesting jerk of the knee. I think many so-called feminist males adopt these uncomfortable postures in order to acquire sex from their masters. That said, I do think this list could use some winnowing just to make it more crispy. As to the turd-lobbing battle that is achieved by the male vs female divide/conquer manipulation well, what precisely is to be said. Clearly honesty was the first casualty. Is everyone aware that Gloria Steinem has made public the fact that she received funding from an intelligence agency to create “Ms Magazine.” No? Oh please do check my facts! I know of what I speak. I think the best thing is the total separation of males and females. Yes let those poor supplicant males keep fawning upon them until they too find the abuse too stressful to bear… Possibly years from now. Let them seek sex until they too are sick of the many stipulations and the female notion of “relationship.” Please men, recognize, there is absolutely nothing you need from a woman. Nothing at all.

  133. Hunh? “Most me who are led to believe they hate women hate _objectified_ women…”

    Sorry, just seems like someone’s bad attempt at “thought.” I was never “led to hate women.” And I have never hated any group of people, male, female, black, white… It’s too stupid and difficult to hate a group. Read this writer’s assertion several times, it makes no sense. One, it carries a scientistic notion of “most” – how was most assessed?… A series of longitudinal studies of male attitudes? No. Obviously the idea of “most” emerged from the writer’s mind or perhaps lower orifice. Then, there’s “led to believe” – other than the indoctrinations many of us received in school… Pledge of allegiance, religion, etc., I never had a single oath, creed, or prayer teaching me to “hate women.” Hell, for me, since I was raised in a matriarchy with a weak and violent father, my learning was just the opposite: women were my salvation! My latter-day reactions to females are all “post prandial” as it were. And I will never “hate” them – but for whatever reason if women ever had a positive effect on males, I don’t see it now – this it becomes time for males to “pack their bags” – satisfy your urges by other means, get over your mommy complexes and move on. There is nothing you need from the female at all. They have nothing to offer you, especially not gentility, healing, nor love. These romantic ideas are just uses biological chum that attracts them to want to consume you as you flail without direction I your internal emotional seas. Believe me when I say better to drown than to take that hand.

  134. In response to number 62, 40,000 women die from breast cancer a year while 29,000 men die from prostate cancer a year, so while prostate cancer is extremly important, breast camer needs more funding, because there are more people to treat. Plus it is a lie that more men die from prostate cancer. This whole article is completely horrible. The fact that someone would even create a website against the feminist movement is sickening. Litterally fighting equal rights. Sickening.

    • Actually 65000 men die from prostate cancer and only 32000 women die from breast cancer. So now you know which cancer needs more funding

      • Actually, 4 out of 5 women get breast cancer. One in a trillion men will get prostate. Check your privilege, cis white male!

  135. I didn’t create this blog, but it’s not at all about fighting against equal rights. It’s about equal rights. You probably don’t know, but Gloria Steinem has admitted that she was effectively a tool for the intelligence agencies that paid for the existence of “Ms Magazine.” Now I can’t measure your naïveté, but if you think the intelligence agencies created the “feminist movement” for the _benefit_ of women, you are quite deluded. Further, there are many of us who are tired of the current Imbalances that are apparently thought of by women as “compensatory” for past wrongs only _we_ did not create nor contribute to those old wrongs. Further women, although apparently unwilling to ever admit to a wrong, have harmed men again and again. The idea of a clear “oppressed vs oppressor” relationship is in no way clear. I think some should pay for women’s diseases and men for men’s diseases. I think we should live separately also.

  136. What…. is this shit ?

  137. Just… the assumptions… if ya start with a faulty premise and build on that, you’re just building a “palace” on a foundation made of quicksand… You would have to agree to this writer’s premises in the first place (ie. that there is no power differential between men and women… snurk.) It’s just bad logic, as much as anything.

  138. “58. I expect people (especially men) to be sensitive to my feelings.”
    A big flaw in our patriarchal society is that it is considered “lesser” to behave in ways that are viewed as “feminine.” The reason it is often frowned upon for men to show feelings, wear jewelry, and act and look “femme” is because it is considered a less desirable state. One of the things feminism addresses is the healing needed to be done for men to be able to act in ways that have been historically classified as “feminine” without censure.

  139. Sample script I’d rather hear than the above list:

    “Hi. I’m male. I hate to hear that things are hard for you. It sounds like you’re saying that men are in positions of power, and that this has caused you to experience oppression. I don’t know what your experiences are like. My instinct is to point out that I have it hard, too. However, it sounds like you’re asking me to listen to what you’re saying instead of immediately reacting, defending and disproving. When I react, defend disprove instead of listening, it makes the discussion about me, instead of about you. I can wait.

    I do want my turn, though. I want to have a chance to say how hard it is to “be a man” where we are looked down upon for showing “female” traits: emotional vulnerability, a desire for connection outside of sex instead of a desire to “win or die…” I hope I get my turn to speak about this vulnerably and be heard.

    I don’t like being told that because I’m male, I’m “meh.” I can, however, agree that male privilege is very “meh,” because it makes all genders less than we could otherwise be, if we are all allowed to adopt positive stereotypical aspects of all genders.

    Women don’t perpetuate the “be a man” culture, any more than men perpetuate the “women are less” culture. Rather, it is our culture that perpetuates these things. Let’s work together and change this. Yes? Yes.”

    • Only women (mothers) can dictate cultural and societal values. Men don’t give birth? If mothers wanted to raise children to be independent and unattached, they would…but unfortunately, mothers reduce girls with lies and shame, turning them into needy leeches who prey on men.

  140. […] hate using the word oppression. What much of feminism does today is attempt to preserve or increase female privilege through a victim narrative, often at the expense of men. At it’s worst, it is indeed composed […]

  141. […] hate using the word oppression. What much of feminism does today is attempt to preserve or increase female privilege through a victim narrative, often at the expense of men. At it’s worst, it is indeed composed […]

  142. Wage gap… So what? Imagine you’re an employer: by and large a male employee will not take time off to bear, deliver, not rest children – for better or worse. And, although “equal employment” seems like some kind of societal equalizer… Are you kidding? What’s so great about it? Equal in servitude as the men? Wow! What a magnificent achievement. Hey if you really move up in the world maybe you can also go fight in all the wars too! And join an NFL team – and wouldn’t all that be a step forward for women!

    Frankly I have always thought females were smarter than we are but I see I was quite mistaken. Of course it also seems you are patently unaware that “ms magazine” was funded by a prominent intelligence agency for whom the beloved Gloria was herself a tool (by her own admission). But I am also sure that you trust that such a blatant, garish manipulation by your government was somehow benign and for the greater good 🙂 lololol … Life sure is funny.

  143. quit being such a whiny baby. it sounds like your diaper is full. i, as a man, could do so many of these things, and half of these aren’t even beneficial to women, or anybody. who actually wants to be approached by strangers in public, especially in the way that most women are? grow up and quit pitying yourself.

  144. […] is no question that women are the privileged class in western society. MGTOW and men’s-rights groups get this clearly and have been […]

  145. We are having a debate in school about male privileges and my class has 19 females versus 2 males. Using some of these will be interesting. Keep up the good work!

  146. This “battle of the sexes” thing is a joke. None of us are going to survive if we don’t work together.

    • Yes, but given that one of my favorite aspects of life was once the presence of women and the hope and promise that they brought to my life (even though I was never any kind of “player” or anything like that)… now, due to oooohhh.. 45 or so years absolutely destroyed by their company (for the most part), I’m saying :”who cares if we survive?” —- I don’t.

      • You should have done a better job at selecting women. I blame myself for the company I keep when it comes to men. I definitely should have made better decisions. Perhaps look inward & you will find that you were lacking on your part, too.

  147. Great work! The female privilege list is much longer and keeps growing every year.

  148. Some points are legit, most are repeats, and a lot of them are bogus (breakdown…)

    #3 is not a privilege, or even a benefit. It’s more of a burden if anything that doesn’t carry any benefits. You don’t hear anyone say “hey be nice to her because someday she can spawn.”

    #4 doesn’t work. My diabetic ex-wife couldn’t qualify for any government benefits because she didn’t have any kids, nor could she due to medical conditions.

    #5 totally false. Overweight or unattractive women have near-zero mate selection, and have to plaster on the make-up with tons of prep-time just to compete.

    #6 totally false. Women are judged for every f*cking thing over how they raise a child

    #7 is completely false unless there is a draft, which happens once every ~200 years, and all the battlefield nurses, suppliers, seamstresses would heavily disagree with him on this. There’s much more to military service than frontlines combat, and certain departments have earned the nickname “the chair-force”

    #8 makes no sense

    #9 inheriting a surname is not a privilege, no matter which way you look at it.

    #11 used to be the case, and today is rarely the case.

    #12 is bogus. Try being a single-mom raising kids and earning for them.

    #13 is not the case. Women who discriminate are called bitch, c*nt, or feminazi.

    #15 to #17 … women who murder their kids or spouse receive the same penalties that men do. Not the case for equal crimes.

    #18 and #19 same as 7. It’s like he’s stretching out the draft into 3 instead of 1.

    #20 WTF??? This man is smoking something

    #21 is misleading. “Domestic” spending = household crap. The shopping, cleaning etc … so of course 80% of this will be spent by the women. (MEN TOLD THEIR SPOUSE TO DO THE SHOPPING)

    #22 is again misleading. Do the luxury electronics, luxury computers, boats, or sports-car industries market to women? This is a moot point, each gender has their preference and an industry will market accordingly, period.

    #23 same as 22

    #24 and these are necessary departments. Remember childbirth? Periods?

    #25 same as 24. Having a child is an unavoidable hospital trip (or multiple), with a total cost of $5k to $10k. This factor alone will mean women spend more on healthcare.

    #26 is false, tax tables are the same for men and women

    #27 we already covered equal crime penalties towards kids. The 2nd part makes no sense. This guy is stretching every item.

    #28 is a repeat. Again stretching items into multiple numbers.

    #29 is false because it works both ways. I know men who pulled this on their spouses, and succeeded. Psychologists were even bribed.

    #30 first part is false. 2nd part is a repeat

    #31 … I haven’t heard any woman blame this on her failed career. Straw man argument.

    #32 economics are drastically changing to where few to no families have the luxury of a stay-at-home wife, even if they choose to. In other words, very few females have this (what he calls a privilege).

    #33 repeat again military

    #34 again military

    #35 again when the man tells his spouse to stay at home, this means more television time. (duh)

    #36 is actually a sign of a male dominated society. When a certain gender’s clothing is universally wear-able, this signifies that it is the superior clothing.

    #37 repeat on clothing

    #38 clearly this man has never worked as a nurse … whom have 60 to 110 hour work-weeks. I’ve met multiple nurses who have 100+ hours a week.

    #39 repeat of the earlier discrimination (woman is called bitch or c*nt)

    #40 works both ways. Men do this sh!t too and get away with it.

    #41 and 42 see clip. Here’s the reality of Domestic Violence. (starring Kiera Knightley)

    #46 this author appears to be immune to cognitive dissonance

    #49 both genders have their share of narcissists

    #50 repeat child support

    #53 is moreso a symbol of male privilege, the fact that men don’t have to worry about being followed and raped in a dark alley. Statistics show that 20% of female college students get sexually assaulted, and 1/3rd of my female friends at UVU confided in me of their (rape traumas).

    #54 another useless repeat

    #55 is moreso indicative of male privilege, the assumption that an intoxicated woman ceases to be able to consent is dehumanizing.

    #56 … huh??

    #57 and 58 goes both ways … manipulative and entitled persons exist among both genders.

    #59 is false (again with the bitch or c*nt social stigmas)

    #60 repeat

    #61 again, entitled persons exist among both genders

    #62 neither men nor women are a fan of staring at prostates. Men like staring at boobs. Therefore boob-cancer gets the funding. It’s about marketing (duh).

    #63 repeat child support

    #64 repeat

    #66 again, there are entitled persons among both genders

    #67 contains a rather interesting dilemma. If he is RIGHT on #67, then it means that women are innately more skilled than men in the workforce and that men cannot compete. So if he is right, he is admitting that men are inferior in the workplace.

    #68 yet another draft repeat squint emoticon

    #69 again draft repeat

    #70 the grass is greener where you water it. In other words, the bathrooms are cleaner where you CLEAN them.

    #71 men’s bathrooms (especially at churches) are now having child-changing stations too. Non-issue.

    #74 false … overweight or unattractive females don’t have their drinks purchased

    #75 repeat

    #76 goes both ways

    #77 goes both ways (again with bitch or c*nt)

    #78 men do this too

    #79 yet another draft repeat squint emoticon

    #80 yet another “at the bar” item squint emoticon

    #82 women live longer because women eat healthier (not overeating the donuts and bacon, and ordering salads etc)

    #83 repeat

    #84 repeat

    #85 both genders are guilty of the Fallacy of Composition

    #86 goes both ways (especially in the LDS church)

    #87 repeat child support

    #88 repeat

    #89 repeat

    #90 repeat

    #91 false. Make up, fashion, “thin-spiration”, working out … Women also need to be “fit” to compete

    #92 goes both ways. They’ve even made movie about it, such as “Malice” with Demi Moore.

    #93 is assuming men have no control over their impulses, which is a subtle insult to men.

    #95 and 96 repeats

    #97 … history disagrees.

    • Thank you. Just thanks.

    • Men like you are the problem. I bet you LOVE your mother. Go die in a war to please her.

  149. Wonderful list! If it’s okay, I’d like to include the following:

    98. Even though studies have shown that a man is more likely to be the victim of domestic abuse, it is still considered a woman’s issue.

    99. Even though men are more likely to be the victim of violence by a stranger, they are still expected to walk women home at night and then walk by themselves.

    100. If a man is to state that he is against feminism or an MRA, he will be made fun of, called a misogynist, and could even lose friends or the respect of his co-workers. If a woman was to say that she is a feminist or anti-MRA, she is “being smart” and understanding that she is “oppressed”.

    101. Even though women are graduating at higher rates than men and have academia catered to them (multi-tasking, listening for long periods of time, emphasis on English, etc.), they still have affirmative action and women-only scholarships.

    102. Anyone who is LGBTQ and male (or really LGBTQ in general) is automatically thought of to be a feminist.

    103. Women (and men) have talked about sexism against women on TedTalks with little evidence or shaky evidence to support their claims, but sexism against men is never talked about.

    104. Harassment online is still considered a woman’s problem, even though men are, overall, harassed more often.

    105. Hate crimes against transgender women are considered abhorrent; hate crimes against transgender men, if recorded, are not paid attention to by the media nor by the LGBTQ community at large.

    106. Even though men can be and are victims of rape, it is still considered a woman’s issue. Slogans such as “Teach Men Not to Rape” are taken to heart, which is not only sexist against all men, but also dismissive towards male victims of rape.

    107. When telling a woman to keep her safety in mind to avoid violence, one may (or will) be called a bigot; telling a man to keep his safety in mind to avoid violence is considered common sense.

    108. Sitcoms usually display the male lead as a bumbling idiot and the female lead at least marginally smarter than him.

    109. Women can use gendered slurs such as “fuckboys” (it was originally a slur use for male victims of rape in prison) without social repercussions; men cannot use the word “cunt” without social repercussions.

    110. Whenever there is a mass shooting perpetrated by a male, one of the first things feminist cite is “toxic masculinity”, effectively demonizing all men for a few.

    111. If I were to post this list on Facebook, I would lose many friends. If I were to post the male privilege list on Facebook, I would receive praise.

    112. No one sees the irony in (mostly white) middle-to-upper class women claiming that the patriarchy has ruined their lives.

    113. Women can babysit and be day-care workers without suspicion; men will automatically be classified as sexual offenders.

    114. Something catered towards the female demographic is considered normal; something catered towards the male demographic is sexist.

    115. Even though men are contracting eating disorders at higher rates than ever before, it is still considered a woman’s issue.

    116. I was threatened to be kicked out a Facebook group for talking about female privilege.

    117. When the media discusses ideological beauty standards, it is most often for women, even though men have their own beauty standards to uphold.

    118. People who run for President are feminists.

    119. Sarah Silverman can blatantly lie about being paid less than a man and still be cited for the myth of the gender wage gap.

    • Well done list! Lets break the silence!!

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    • I think you misunderstand the idea of toxic masculinity. They aren’t saying that men are toxic, or even that mascine men are toxic. Toxic masculinity refers to the problem of social conditioning of men to repress their emotions, never ask for help, and “man up”, all of which have real repercussions. I hate that men have to be subjected to that kind of conditioning just as much as (if not more than) I hate women being subjected to the social conditioning theat we are supposed to be thin and pretty, stupid, deferential to men, and never fart.
      Toxic masculinity is why men don’t go to the doctor (leading to women living longer), why men find it difficult to report rape, why men don’t feel comfortable wearing feminine attire, etc.
      If you really are against discrimination against men, you should be HAPPY to hear people discuss toxic masculinity and the harm it causes.

  150. This can be narrowed down to a much much shorter list.
    1. Women’s lives and well-beings are valued above men’s because their emotions and bodies are seen as “much more fragile”, and women are “in need of extra protection”, which results in special privileges.
    2. Women use their looks to their advantage to get special privileges.
    3. Women have complete reproductive control because they carry the baby in their body. They do not need input from men.
    4. Women are seen as weaker creatures and unable to accomplish as much as men, which makes it socially acceptable for women to do less work than men or none at all.
    5. Women are seen as less capable of decision-making, especially on their periods, so they receive much much lighter penalties for said decisions.
    6. The marketplace is catered specifically to female consumers, resulting in women having more options, because it is socially acceptable for women to go shopping and blow a plethora of cash on frilly shit to make themselves look “prettier”, so they do, while men are expected to be much more conservative with their money and spend only on necessities.
    7. Women are allowed to show pain, emotion, and vulnerability, while it is socially unacceptable for man to do so.
    8. Women are seen as better/more present & responsible parents, which results in special privileges.
    9. Women are met with less skepticism and more empathy than men in general.
    10. Men have the role of the rescuer and protector and if they fail at that role then they’re seen as a bad person but a woman won’t.
    11. Women often use the patriarchy/men as an excuse for their failures and shortcomings.
    12. There are plenty of female-exclusive facilities and traditions, but male-exclusive facilities and traditions are few and far between, and considered sexist.
    13. Women can use emotional and/or sexual manipulation to get what they want.
    14. Women tend to receive more respect than men because of chivalry.
    15. Women have more sexual power than men.

    • Women can jump on either side of the feminist fraternity to suit their selfish wants and desires. A woman can use the social engineering to feign her helplessness to achieve her demands ( play you for your money). Or, she can change her behavior to obscure predictability, act as if she does not need any men because she is bitchy gift by the Gods. Our society supports women bull shit. Does not matter if their fat, ugly, old, and stinky. Our society plays into their drama. But, men have the power to affect the preposterous sanctions against men and nueter the female campaign.

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      • Notice I pointed out emotional & sexual manipulation. When women are emotional, men seem be unable to handle it because they are being severely manipulated, so they just give said female their desires. And sexual manipulation. Any woman can use this, ugly or not. Not all men can score attractive bitches

  151. Funny thing is I think this all is of male patriarchy. Now some aren’t as true as before or I hear the opposite has actually occurred but most I see. If a equal society is ever reached I think some of these wont exist , will be shared by both , or be reversed… Ones that never will are related to child bearing / birth…

  152. I searched this entire webpage for the term victimization and found it once, mispelled. I met a woman who was not attractive, but we initially met via weekly newspaper service for dating so we I have the chance to get to knw her personality first. I was adopted at birth via Cathooic Charities and attended a private Christian school until I graduated. After my first year of college, I had been seduced by the mother of a previous female friend who called me her “brother”. Further, upon the murder of one of her borther’s (unrelated to the family/friends), she found out her mother sexually molested her two younger brothers and at the funeral, she threw an absolute fit; ensuring all who attended as welll as anyone in range of hearing knew of this past atrocity. Perhaps it explained the devience she shared with me later in life about her brother’s swapping wives. But I knew better to say anything other than listen as these women are equally at fault. At the time of her brother’s death, she was about 35 and on her 6th or 7th marriage. She is one of the best “looking” women I know; even some pictures she had taken of herself at 40 could be mistaken for 22 year old female. Now during adolesence, she had a hard time growing up with her mother’s mental state and it’s deterious effects on her husband. I often picked her up whenever there was family turmoil (if I could). I recall the summer before my junior year, I had taken a leave of absence for the summer from Sears, Roebuck & Co., hired just before turning 16, they allowed me to take advantage of what a full-time position as a servicce technician for a local business machine sales & service establishment could do for me as the owner was generous enough to train me as part of his offer when he met me as a customer of Sears. Just as the summer had began, I met a gentleman who was looking for a partner to a “teen club” where we provided a place for teenagers between 13 & 17 to come without worry of being coerced for drugs, smoking wasn’t allowed, nobody was allowed to bring food/drinks from outside. We had a DJ to provide entertainment for the dane floor and live bands on the weekends, usually ending up with “band battles” for fun and a monetary prize; as we did with our pool tables; tournaments on the weekends. Fortunately, we were located on the main highway through town in a building adjoining the well-established town bowling alley. Generally, teens would ride around town, several or dare I say most dringink alcohol. There was probably more going on in the southern town of Natchez, MS aside from being the oldest town on the Mississippi River as I never saw illicit drugs for the first time until I was in my second year of college at a party a coworker had invited me to; of which I was always carefult to rovide my own transportation to events provided by those I am not familiar with & was able to immediately leave. But after working my full day as a service technivian, I quickly went to the office and changed except for the evenings I could be of service by providing my friend with a safe place to be as an alternate to what may have taken place at her home or elsewhere with an older man of whom she was friends with plenty via her comassion for horses at her mother’s encouragement. Perhaps I was even more of a cowboy than those she dated during the timeframes we weren’t as close because for as long as I can remember, my father, who worked full time and then some in the petroleum industry; starting out as a pumper and a production suipervisor at the time I was born & the same could be said of my mother, starting as an switchboard operator with AT&T, and was their Test Facility Manager at the same time. But, my father always kept about 30 head of cattle in the small community where my mother was raised, about 30 minutes away. I recall many cold nights in which we would find our herd had gotten out and rounding them back up in the dark and hilly terrain of which was occasioned by the dead thicket of briars. I missed the time I spent with my parents out there as they purchased a mobile home with other intents but whose gas mileage determined it’s fate to be parked near the pond where a light-pole was placed. That was the time when bug lights were introduced and in this part of the country, worked constantly all night as evidenced by the pile of dead dried insects directly beneath. I was fortunate to usually have a companion such as my cousin who brought his motorcycle as did I, or we rode the go=kart and in ’82 graduated to the Honda Oddysey (if you are thinking of their van, you are too young :). At the end of the summer, I knew we had no business future in our partnership. As far as providing an alternative for my young friend, she was allowed free admission as long as if she decided to leave without me, I knew the party, else the opportunity to come to begin with would not have existed; but that was rarely a problem; as I recall one night in particular as a young man who had the wrong overview of the events; much less the ability to accomplish more than get away with picking her up at my leisure as her parents always wished that their daughter and I would marrry one day. A DEATH SENTENANCE TO MY CHANCES AS THE DAUGHTER WOULD NEVER CONSIDER SUCH WISHES. And perhaps for the best; for as a young couple, she would become restless as she did with her husbands (whom also did the same; I am not privied to the truth of it all and if told by her, it would be a long tale of several sentences she probably truly believed, but only God knew otherwise. A roomate at college in ’87 decided to go partying in New Orleans for the weekend and when his girlfriend, or so I thought as did she up until that night, upon being asked as to his location, I replied with candor, unaware of the upsetting result as my roomate had not told me otherwise and if he had, I would have told him that would be a promise I could not keep as I did not believe in adultery as I believed “couples” before marriage should use this time wisely to respect each other in m these manners at a time when AIDS wasn’t even an issue (nor any other similar issue). I learned they had not dated long and she told me that she thought I was attractive and asked if I had noticed how she had taken an eraser from my hand earlier to which I had to admit I did not recall anything about it & even if there had been some special intent, I would have dismissed it as quickly as anything else as I made it a practice to never allow actions of love to be of a mistakenable nature nor would I play word games as some feel they are fun, there are so many for whom have experienced this form of interaction that had resulted in nothing other then pure abuse. So when I told my wife I loved her, she knew how much it meant as I never used such words sparingly as most do such as a way to end a conversation. That is fine for others, and some it doesn’t work so well for as it is just another way to get off the phone. Then at the first thought of divorce, those like me would’ve questioned all those conversations. The Bible teaches men to love the church as it teaches the wife to love the husband. And the man and woman should love the church together for without there would be no offspring which to some of us teaches an entirely different aspect of love. If one did not have it before, the depth of the love for another when it learned as the result of having a child, is one of the ways Christians expand their relationship wtih the mathematical equation of 3=1 and vice-versa. The only instance I am aware of where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are both 3 and 1 at the same time. For one doesn’t exist without the others and man cannot exist without the one or the three. The teaching of the Bible show us the highest level of love in which God protrays for all his children, agave love. I see a form of it in one of God’s creatures, in the relationship that can be created between a man and a dog. Every day upon my arrival home, my dog behaves as if she hasn’t seen me in a month, a happiness that is catching. No matter what you did that day, she is happy to see you. Many Christians could llearn something from this. However, if you murdered someone, there is the true departure. Even if you were able to explain you actions, your pet would most likely not care as she has depended upon me for mall her life. And as it would be with your relationship with God, depending on how this occurred. If it was out of cold blood, a departure from your relationship with God that only Jesus can forgive & God will always love you with the same agave love, but until you are truly sorry for your actions, there will be no place in heaven or earth for your eternal soul. I pray that I will never be in such a position regardless of the consequences such as having to perform such an act to save the live of another or that of a loved one. My son of 14 doesn’t understand the emotional impact it can have on the soul of a Christian; I remember what it was like to think like him. Then God showed me the truth on November 11, 2011. My father had been the victim of a automobile accident that severely injured him. The physicians said it would take a year of intensive physical therapy before he would be able to walk. Paise the Lord, he returned to work in m 6 months. This was a small company and their lawyer(s) pointed out the possible increased chance of liability. Despite my father’s years of advice to his original employer and that now of his son in regards whether they should invest in a well that was to be driled or not and if so how much. Despite my father’s regret of never having the chance to atttend college and the employment of others who held degrees in petroleum engineering, my father could look at the resulting logs of wells drilled nearby and made his employer millions of dollars over the years. Further, my parents were not the type of people to sue; even when justified as in a criminal case where there were siveral witnesses to an event to which a guilty plea was entered. The worst part was that his employer knew this about my father min his heart when after he had accomplished the miracle of returning to work after six months; performing his duties to the same extent as before; six months later, he was laid off. My father was never the type of man to perfrm idle work such as that mof a physician or an engineer who writes programs. He tried to fill his days at home with work around the house. Things were not so bad as mhe had more projects to fullfill than time or the projects were of the type in which were not meant to be fulllfilled. For example, he was an avid collector of antique cars. He enjoyed the search for that ever-so=rare part that was needed (this was all before one of the worst things to ever happen to mankind on such a large scale happened: the introduction of the Internet. In 1994, I worked for a company who had a contract with the state of Louisiana. They had what was known as an Intranet on a state-wide scale where the Louisiana Department of Insurance (automotive I think), made a deal witht the state to purchase one computer for every parish’s sheriff’s office and a printer. Each computer would have a network card (Ethernet) to which a Racal CSU/DSU (multiplexer/dumultiplexer ake a phone modem except it was used for what was called T1 connections in which any parish’s government would have access to the then somewhat young nationwide database known as NCIC where the name or some demographic information on file could be entered and result in the individual’s rapsheet showing on a state-wide basis where that individual, if he had ever been booked as a suspect or if the case had gone to court and the result of innoscent (which influenced the outcome of future searches) or convicted (where it showed the results ordered by the judge in regards to any fines, jail time, probation/parole, restitution or any other result). But the main reason was to give every parish access to tmhe state’s Motor Vehicle’s 6000 server located in Baton Rouge, LA in which the current driving record of every licensed driver in mthe state of Louisiana was stored. And in return, all insurance agencies were granted access via the Louisiana Insurance Division’s computer access to instantly obtain the driver’s record of the person who was applying for insurance. At first, if a driver mreceived a speeding ticket, the insuance company was notified upon renewal time in which the customer’s rates were increased. Now, every driver with a Louisiana driver’s licence in Louisiana, upon receipt of a ticket, even before the suspect has a chance to either enter a plea of guilty, by just paying the ticket by mail, or if one intends to go to court mbecause they did not commit the ccrime they were cnvicted of, insurance companies are instantly notified of the situation. For almost 20 years I have wondered why the question on every applicant form for automobile insurance is asked if they have had a ticket withing the past x amount of sime or some similiar question. I recall living in MS, attending USM in Hatiesburg until the summer of 1990 as I had to transfer to Louisiana Tech in Ruston, LA as USM did not moffer a degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering; all thier degrees were X Engineering Technology. Louisiana Tech offered BSEE & BSME & since I was moving in the summer in the mobile home my parent’s had gotten me in 1987, I would have a Ruston address and my tuition was billed accordingly as a student who lived Louisiana instead of paying over double for an out-of-state student and further there would be no requirements for me as it was for Freshmen at USM to live in an on-campus dorm & be forced to pay not ony for the dorms (which were not open during the hollidays nor summers, which was another reson for mthe purhcase of the mobile home, I was also not required to pay for an annual meal ticket. The first semester I attended USM, the books were free. Every student received a used book to return at the end of the year just like highschool. However, the next semester, I do not know what was done with the books and the USM book store required all students to puchase new books; there were very few exception in which a book was used two semesters in a row. I recall clearly attending Physics I where my teacher’s name was Mr. Bogart. Soon I learned that every teacher at USM was the aurthor of tmhe book required for their class. This wasn’t a USM “thing” because aster attending USM for four years, Louisiana Tech University was the same way. Some students were able to find downloadle copies online but that was very rare and was from what I remember quickly shutdown. Well, my first wife, the one whom I spoke of, after mmarriage, I paid for her degree in Chemistry of which she graduated just before the spring quarter of ’04; and thanks to her stepfather, procured a position with a large paper company in Crossett, AR. I graduated the following springs and sent out 594 resumes of which I went on 52 job interviews of which three involved plane flights. The paper company my spouse worked for had nothing for me and as my spouse worked in a non-union position, that disqualified me from even pushing a broom. During the months, I enrolled at a local school where most students went who wanted to work for the paper company but didn’t go to college. So I was going to see what happened with both. I was hired by Lun-n=’Care, Ltd., in Monroe as a maintenance engineer. It was a good learning experience and introduced me to PLC controllers, injection molding, ink transfer equipment (proprietary), ozonator technology used to get rid of the water-filled teathing rengs that were returned “green” as algae had taken root. They had some box assembly equipment I worked on that was intresting from an electromechanical standpoint and then I heard our baby clothing division was being moved to another company=owned facility sixty miles away. When in reality, the department was about to mfor a labor union, but ithe department moving resulted in apparently desired notices of permanent leave; and about a year later they moved the department back (and as my associate was the only other maintenance engineer there and was dating the married associate in charge of payroll, I was informed that nobody who wver worked for the company before in the aforementioned baby clothing department was ever hired again. The businesses were owned by two brothers of which I did not learn all of this until I had been there for six months. About three months into my employment, I was transferred to their West Monroe facility where they had a printing plant consisting of three large printing machines whose documentation and schmatics were all in Japanese. The building was an old school and I had plenty of work as they had ordered a pallet of transformers used in their flourescent light fixtures & as a school they had over a hundred of fixtures. They also received the parts from the injection mmolding machines to make pacifiers and baby rattles. I would see the pacifiers put together by devices called ultrasonic welders. Basically the design of two plastc parts that one wants to join/weld together is designed in such a way that say for the pacifier has two sides in which four points on meach side stick out just enough so that the parts don’t completely seat. The ultrasonic welder has a solid mstal cylindrical “horn” whose bottom is shaped as a mirror of the top part. The welder sits over the edge of a round table with about eight fixtures of the same metal and whose shape is the mirror of bottom half of the two parts. When the workers assemble the fixtures on the jigs and one moved under the horn of the welder, and as the jigs are adjustable for alignment, if everything was set up properly, the horn would put pressure on the parts sitting in one of the jigs, come down and contact the top plastic part, then vibrate at what was determined as the proper resident frequency a while before my time. I would see workers receive the rid button tops in a red plastic assembly of about 25 connected by plastic red lines that once separated the red lines would be recycled and injected again. I noticed the diameter of the little red caps was msmaller than the size of the straight pieces of plastic and the fact that mit was a pain to keep them separated because if a lot of straight pieces got into the caps, it hindered production. So I took one of their 1/4″ thinck sheets of plexi-glass and made a drawing for the centerpoint of where I was going to drill 5/8″ holes with my paddle bit. I put it on top of a 55-gallon cardboard parts drum one morning before tmhe workers came in. They immediately started separating the parts without having to take time to worry about keeping the rest separate. Just dump the plexiglass when too many straight pieces piled up. The superbisor had to move four of the six workers to perform other duties as two were now able to produce the same number of “buttons” in the same amount of time. Soon I learned the name of the associate who performed quality control on mthe rattles mand pacifiers. Both were having problems, failing, falling apart, to which she would fail. Others had overwelds requiring additional worker time to remove to be an acceptable product. Every time they called Rick, supervisor of the ink department who tried adjustig the fixtues. In my office I found a number to the Ultrasonic Welders tech support line. I ended up mwith an owner’s guide. I learned the system was supposed to work off of pneumatics in order to continuously put the same amount of pressure on each part as the table rotates. This would take the value of the height of each fixture on the table out of the equation. But from further reading, I learned there was a piece of allthread that connected the horn to the welder and the allthead had to be fully seated in the horn first and then connected to the welder. Otherwise, the power produced by the welder would not transfer properly and worse, the internal threads of tmhe horn would be permanently damaged. I discovered two of the four welders’s horns with serious thread damage. I quickly learned they ran $500.00 each and nobody was willing to order a new one. So I called the owner over and showed him. He ordered a horn for the pacifier machine. I reconnected the pheumatic air mline and assembled the horn properly. After two days, we had 100% pasts passing QC’s tests. Then I found the table speed control and increased it by 25% resulting in me becoming an assembler at the table as a 3rd. The owner dropped by (wanted to either congratulate me on the horn purchase or wanted my head) and after talking witht the supervisor, the owner asked how much faster willl the table go with the welder? I told him, “with the current setup, I can increase the table speed to twice it’s original speed with 100% QC passage if he could put six assemblers on the table. At 2:30 PM, four assemblers arrived and production increased by 109% (to this day as far as I know and solving the QC issue saved sme jobs to boot. Performed the same procedure on mthe pacifier’s ultrasonic welder with tmhe same increases in productivity. Unfortunately, the location was 60 miles from home, my wife was working shift work and we never saw each other. So we planned to move to Baton Rouge. We discussed that it would be a town large enough for us both to find employment and be closer to both of our parents. On the home front, as soon as I grauated, before I got a job, she whanted a new hoiuse, a new car, and a new baby. I solding my remaining investments (mutual funds e.g. Franklin, PIMCO Opportunity A, etc.as she would not allow us to save up mand live in the mobile home. And the new car… I came home one night from work and her 1989 Ford Mustang LX was gone and there was a new Nissan 240 SXSE in the garage of our new home. The baby never came. Just as we planned I found employment in Denham Springs, LA with Adell Compounding as a Process Engineer. After four weeks, they sent me for training io their mheadquarters in Baltimore, MD, for two weeks. When I got back, she told me they had a Christmas party in Monroe and an associate followed her home and they slept together. I was devistated. We tried marriage counciling but she went only once. After six months, I was laid off from Adell Compounding (long story) and got home about 2:30 PM thay day. Fed-Ex driooed off my divorce papers. I was so hurt, I signed them and had them shipped out the same day, Next Day delivery with Early Morning option selected. Only about $75.00. I get another job working with the state of Louisiana by cntract on the nation’s fist Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and had a service call in Bastrop. She found out abouut it and offered to take me to dinner. SHE WAS DRESSED & Intrested, but, unfortunately, I had met someone else and wasn’t going to cheat on her either. She spent another two months up there and the guy had a wife…so she ended up moving back home to Petal, MS and married her highschool something. She pumped out two mkids and about a year ago, my son says, “Dad, your first wife, is beautiful.” I said, where did you see her? He said on his mother’s computer. Why is his mother talking to my first wife? My son’s mother & I have been divorcwed since 2004. Later I learned she contacted my first wife’s parents & told them a bunch of lies about me. She also tried to mccall my psychiatrist I have been seeing since 2008, the girl I grew up with, who caught up with me on Facebook about a year ago & chewed me out telling me how big of a pervert I was. She also called my friend in Shreveport I worked with on the AFIS project for four years who will not even accept my call & telll me what she said. I’m still depressed about that. The 2nd was only llooking for $. Knowing our marriage was on the rocks & she had been digagnosed with Bipolar Personality Disorder, prescribed meds she secretly didn’t take, stopped taking her birth control pills, ran up over $25k in debt, she also didn’t complete 9th grade. I helped her complete diploma & bought her a grad ring, then paid for two semesters of college, accredited. She is dangerous and our 14 year old son is so tired of it all & she has lied to him so much, that when he has an opportunity to make a difference in mcourt he is so depressed he would rather forget about it. The third wife lied & turned out to be a drug addict. Wanna divorce her, but when I applied for disability, I gave her name to help. After she moved out, found docs in her mdrawers from my atty & SS unopened. I gotta go.

    • Thank you for writing this, man. Your truth counts and stories like yours will be noted in the fight back. For what it’s worth, I’m with you in spirit. I’ve suffered at the hands of women, I have friends and relatives who have been destroyed by them, I’ve heard countless cases like yours. My only words of solace to you are thank god that you’ve had your children. There are many millions of men who never will because they went about winning a woman with hardwork, gifts, and respect. That’s the suckers’ method. I found this out myself (hopefully not too late). It only gets you in the ‘friend zone’ and shat upon. With women, nice guys really do come last. The only way to win with women is to stand for **yourself** not her. Do your own thing and make her your puppet or walk away. Selfishness is all women understand because it’s all they are capable of themselves. Stay strong. God bless.

  153. Hey guys! If you really want to make a statement do it like the Buddhists. Self-immolation! Make sure you get all the MRA’s together and that everyone brings their own gasoline and matches so you can really stick it to those feminists! Nothing says “we’re not gonna take it” like a pile of burning assholes. Don’t you want to show your commitment to the cause?

  154. This is hilarious

    • ‘Because it’s true!’ haha

  155. Its okay everyone it doesnt matter.
    As a whole we are screwed together, whose fault it was is irrelevant in the end.
    Over thousands of years, we have constantly held ourselves back from achieving true transendance and harmony. We cant accept that we are all different, and the same.
    We’re all pieces of the same collective consciousness. Our subjective perspectives of the world shape our minds into each individual being. There is no right or wrong. Good or evil. Things just are. And jus like all things that are, they will come to an end. So lets all jus kick bak and enjoy the ride. Why fight amongst yur fellow passengers on a sinking ship?

    But wait, while i live and breath i can point my finger at the ladies. Sorry, but i believe we’re gonna die because of your trump card. Child birth. Ironic huh? Yall dont wanna get abortions because of ethics, emotions, entrappment, but yall over populated the planet. The worlds population has “almost” literally QUADRUPLED in the last 50 fucking years!!!!! From 2 billion to almost 8 billion mother fuckers sucking up food, water and, surpise, OXYGEN! I hope people realize thag the air we breath is finite, much as our other resources. Not to mention land/space. Soon we’ll all be like africa.

    So fuck this pissing war. eveylne jus live thhe dream while it lasts!

    • I see your point and have not wasted my time with anything like this for a long time, even though i agree totally with it all. There just seems to be no use in it. There is no point and no point being here on this hell hole.

      Living the dream?? This ain’t a dream, this is a dump of dirt that punishes you and spits you out like a piece of rotten meat. Putting up with female supremacy and minority supremacy all the time, while being a slave to them all, is not a dream, it is a nightmare.

  156. Clap. Great list.

  157. 98. I can claim it is sexist not to be trained as a surgeon, and a special place must be made for me and my female friends over any male that may be more suited to saving lives. Once in that position, i can at anytime leave with full parental leave and do not even have to return to work, and the consequences of my actions; if it leads to the deaths of patients because of a lack of surgeons now, my prerogative by the way, that is not my problem if there are not enough trained surgeons to replace me or my many girlfriends in the same position. And when i leave more female must replace me, even if less suited than me, to keep the balance of 70% women to men ratio to be fair. Oh! and my parental leave payments better be extreme because if at anytime my total income is less than any man than it is sexist. It does not matter if that leave payment causes the business i am working for to suffer extreme financial stress and possibly closure. They must pay me because i am a woman.

  158. To all straight men-Keep a watchful eye in the work force because women make up images of sexual battery on their chosen manly prey, even if you never showed any sensuality toward her. Eviel and sneaky female bitch will sniff up your vulnerabilities. And, that bitch will report you (male) that you were stalking her after you grabbed her bottom side. You would not know what hit you until management calls you into the office for a explanation. Which, will feel like a deposition prior to your conviction even if you did absolutely did nothing but failed to flirt and demonstrate acquiescence to her every demand.

  159. Everyone has “privilege” everyone gets screwed on stuff too… Humans (or even animals) will try to get one over the other since the creation of creation… A fact of existence … Very few are true altruistic I know of possibly one perhaps that is or they put on a good act 😉… Now here’s the real elephant in the room … The devil /nwo/whatever has gotten his battle perfectly devised. Why fight another when they can just get others to fight each other… We get racism . Sexism and every ism … Fighting and down right vile attacks on everyone … While they sit and wait till we tear each other to shreds doing the dirty work for them . Then they come in and reap the spoils and fight the remaining weary with ease and make profit on all laughing …. No ones better but they turned us on others and our selves…. And we too stupid to realize what happened/happening!!! The enemy is the devil/nwo not others (m/f/blk/wht) !!! The evolved realize this and have grown and actually are working to break down this evil … Once we realize we all are getting screwed by the evil and even ourselves…. They and more so then them now … WE are our OWN WORST enemy!!! We just haven seen it yet… Help each other out and we BOTH can WIN!!! It is synergy not lose win or lose lose but WIN WIN…

    • Your comment is very weird. Please get to the point.

    • How is it possible for a man to win in a Society where women are not willing to play fair? We live in a Polite Society of needy women who are – technically – all whores, because they’re all trying to sell their favour. All they want in exchange is your soul.

  160. Regarding #28, I am very lucky that my son’s mother didn’t want to raise him and willingly gave me full physical custody. I adore my boy, and he’s much better off being raised by me.

  161. ¡¡¡¡Ò»µÀµÀÆæÃîµÄ·ûÎÄÔÚ±®ÉíÉÏÁÁÆ𣬺ܿ죬ÕâЩ·ûÎÄÄý¾Û³ÉÁËÒ»¸ö½ðÉ«µÄ¹âÍÅ£¬´Ó±®ÉíÉÏ·ÉÁ˳öÀ´£¬Ñ¸ËÙѹÏòÄÇÕøÄüµÄÎ×Ó°¡£
    发生在出租屋内的换妻故事 http://imgur.com/CYtZgzO

  162. […] and make a living for myself, and I only have feminism to thank for this. I also acknowledge some female privileges. People are more trusting, helpful and kind to me, I can start a conversation with a guy without […]

  163. A white male wrote this at http://mic.com/articles/87485/an-open-letter-to-the-sexists-who-think-female-privilege-is-a-thing

    1. Male privilege is being able to walk in public without being sexually harassed on a regular basis. It’s the ability to largely not consider one’s own safety as a priority in any public environment because Mark, here’s a clue on rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment: It happens everywhere, not just dark streets at night in which you’re inconvenienced for five seconds by having to move across the street because the woman walking toward you has become conditioned over a lifetime to be aware of your presence and assess the potential threat you bring. And why is that? Because she’s been taught from a young age that not all men are like the infallible Mark Saunders and will assault her if they believe they can get away it.

    2. Male privilege is the ability to occupy any space and not be inundated with attempted flirting, catcalling and outright sexual harassment and assault. Let’s see you encounter flirting from creepy men on a consistent basis since being a teenager and not become annoyed or threatened by it when any man attempts to get your number. And you would know this if you had bothered to spend a few minutes asking the women in your life about their experience with harassing or “creepy” behavior.

    3. Male privilege is claiming that men are oppressed because they can’t have sex with drunk women — even if men are drunk — without being labeled rapists, despite the fact that we know consent is not a difficult concept and that male predators — even drunk ones — know what they’re doing. Rape and sexual assault are not accidental; you don’t trip into taking advantage of someone.

    4. Male privilege is turning on the television to watch programs that are nearly always male-produced and male-written with male leads supported by male crews on networks owned by men. But don’t worry, women: You should be honored that you get to either play sexy or intelligent characters but rarely a comforting mixture of the two and are always vehicles for the worst stereotypes about women in our society.

    5. Male privilege is looking at other men put women on a pedestal and getting angry … at the women. Here’s a protip, Mark: If you’re going to rant about the myth of “women and children first” policies, do your homework first so you don’t look like an uninformed jackass.

    6. Male privilege is believing you have a right to decide what a woman does with her body. It’s also having the ability to skip town and abandon a woman you impregnated because of lax laws on paternity and child support. It’s also ranting how you feel women aren’t attracted to you even though you’re a “nice guy” but curiously can’t make a connection between that and how you generally treat women like objects with no personal autonomy.

    7. Male privilege is being the only parent purely capable of escaping legal ties to a child because you’re not the one birthing the child.

    8. Male privilege is overlooking the fact that when a man is told to “man up,” what it really means is “don’t be like a woman” because if society has taught us anything, it’s that being a woman is a lesser state of being.

    9. Male privilege is making the ridiculous assertion that our society takes rape of women seriously when 60% of rapes aren’t reported due to fear of backlash, only 10% lead to an arrest, and a dismal 3% of rapists will be incarcerated. Do you know what that means? Only 7.5% of rapists who are reported will spend a day in jail. But here’s a newsflash, Mark: Rape culture is a problem that affects both women and men, and feminists have attempted to make this clear from the beginning of the movement to fight rape culture. You just haven’t been listening.

    10. Male privilege is believing that women are just automatically granted custody of children and ignoring our legal system’s history of favoring parents who earn less, the logic being that the greater of two incomes should be preserved and that custody would disrupt that. Your beef shouldn’t be with our legal system, it should be with a society in which it’s acceptable for employers to pay women less for equal work. When women receive equal pay for equal work, everyone wins.

    11. Male privilege is ranting about bias against men in arrests for domestic violence without doing the research that clearly shows that men and women are equally likely to be arrested in such incidents. But please don’t take my word for it: Read what the U.S. Department of Justice has to say.

    12. Male privilege is getting a ticker-tape parade for showing the slightest bit of kindness while women are labeled a “bitch” if they fail to show warmth.

    13. Male privilege is not having to navigate life while being forced by cultural pressure to choose between a rewarding career and a rewarding family life. It’s also watching the men you love being called a “loser” by other men because they support the women they love by being a homemaker.

    14. Male privilege is not being stopped or harassed by police when they use their authority to engage you with sexual intentions. Yes, Mark, this happens often. Again, you weren’t paying attention.

    15. Male privilege is believing that a higher rate of women graduating high school and college leads to success when in reality, women make up only 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs, 18.2% of the U.S. House of Representatives, 20% of the Senate, 27.4% of college presidents, 19.5% of law partners and 30.4% of active physicians. And need I mention again the gender wage gap?

    16. Male privilege is believing that any opinion you give, no matter how ridiculous, childish, or lacking in education or nuance, deserves to be held up above others, particularly those who aren’t male or white.

    17. Male privilege is the ability to look at the mountain of data that clearly demonstrate how women are discriminated against across the board and still taking the time to write a half-assed blog for Thought Catalog that utterly fails to counter this data.

    18. Male privilege is asserting that sexism might exist for both sexes but maintaining that men’s problems are more pressing and immediate. They’re not. Grow up.

  164. Female Privilege Checklist:

    1. American women in their 20s without children out-earn men by as much as $1.08 to every dollar, according to some estimates.

    2. In the USA, majority of judges are female.

    3. American women on startups are at a 15-year high.

    4. Since the 1900s we had more than 32 female governors, more than 40 female senators and more than 36 female cabinet secretaries.

    5. Women dominate the ranks of college graduates.

    6. Nowadays American women make more than half of the U.S workforce. One interesting side effect of recessions since the 1980s has been the demographic breakdown in unemployment rates. Unemployment discriminates against men. While recessions in the 60s and 70s saw female unemployment rates increase faster than male rates, the current recession saw age 20+ male unemployment peak at 10.7% (in October 2009, SA) while the female 20+ rate peaked at 8.3% (in November 2009, SA). In November 2011, 20+ year old males had a 8.3% unemployment rate while females had an 7.8% rate. Choosing the 20+ bracket eliminates some of the problems with the teen unemployment rate.

    7. American women are beginning to dominate most of the professions: doctors, lawyers, bankers and accountants.

    8. In the USA over 50% of managers are female.

    9. American women are treated better in all aspects of the legal system. For instance, women receive lighter sentences and a higher chance of acquittal, simply for being women. A recent 2012 study found: “men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do,” and “women are…twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.” This gender gap is about six times as large as the racial disparity

    10. 93% of the prison population is male with over 60% having no High School education. America has now passed Russia as the country that has the largest percentage of its population incarcerated, yet we still claim to be the freest country on earth. The number of persons on probation and parole has been growing dramatically along with institutional populations. There are now 7.2 million Americans incarcerated or on probation or parole, an increase of more than 290 percent since 1980.

    11. Despite men’s need being arguably greater than women, government spending to help women is 10 to 100 times greater than that to help men. That figure is unrelated to medical spending. In 2009/2010 it was $1.5 million toward men and $57 million toward women. In 2010/2011 it was $3.7 million toward men and $48 million toward women. In 2008/2009 the province dedicated $561,360 toward men’s resources and $98 million toward women’s resources. (figures are for British Columbia, Canada, but representative of Western society).

    12. Women live longer than men.

    13. American men are 76% of homicides while women are 24% of homicides. American men are 80% of suicides while women are 20% of suicides.

    14. American women get every veteran’s benefit a man does, yet comprise less than 3% of combat deaths or casualties.

    15. In the USA only 25% of homeless people are women while 75% of homeless people are men.

    16. Female-owned businesses get free government money for literally no reason other than being a woman (i.e. all other factors are equal, same size of business, same income, etc. etc. but the owner’s gender is different = money or no money.

    17. American women own 40% of all businesses and that number is increasing.

    18. It is legal to circumcise male babies against their will. In some places, laws have been passed which forbid any attempts to make male circumcision illegal. Meanwhile, female circumcision is completely illegal, even though some types of female circumcision are equivalent in harm to male circumcision, and other types (a symbolic prick to draw blood) are non-harmful.

    19. In the USA, women comprise only 6% of workplace deaths while men comprise 94% of workplace deaths.

    20. Women handle 75% of family finances. 43% of those with assets over $500,000 are women.

    21. Women make 88% of all U.S. retail purchases. Some experts even predict that, by 2020, women will control most of the money in America.

    22. Women receive custody in about 84% of child custody cases. In the spring of 2002, an estimated 13.4 million parents had custody of 21.5 million children under 21 years of age whose other parent lived somewhere else. About 5 of every 6 custodial parents were mothers (84.4%) and 1 in 6 were fathers (15.6%), proportions statistically unchanged since 1994.

    23. Young women are never required to register for military service but it is mandatory for young men to register for military service.

    24. Females ages 16 to 25 pay a lot less for car insurance comparing to males ages 16 to 25.

    • Interesting statistics. Do you have any citations?

  165. Much of this list supports feminism. Feminists believe in self respect. Not lying through manipulation. Not being put on a pedestal. I’m really not sure where you get your understanding of feminism. The makeup, the mystery we create for men are traps. Mostly for women in the end, not men. For me, this begs the question: Are you perhaps addicted to a certain kind of woman? The kind that often had fake boobs in a turquoise halter top and lives in Orange County (no offense). If so, perhaps you prefer the arrangement of paying for sex. In other words you spend a lot of money on a woman and you expect her to eventually marry you or do what you want or be what you want.

    Just curious. Have you ever dated a woman that wears flip-flops and jeans with no makeup? That enjoys having a real conversation and has her own job? Have you ever dated a woman who you were track to do because her ideas were interesting rather than her body? I’m guessing and I could of course be wrong here because I’m not you, that you simply have not been exposed to this kind of woman. But there are plenty of us out there.

    I suggest you stop feeling sorry for yourself about the woman that you married who took advantage of you and took away your kids and your money and all of that because you should’ve seen it coming when you examine the lies of her fake boobs and everything else about her which was a mystery on purpose. Use your brain. I was raised in Oregon and there are plenty of lovely women there They are beautiful educated and simple with great minds and love to talk. If you took the opportunity maybe you’d see how many there really are.
    But as it is this list would be better titled “reasons to hate women”. And in some ways I don’t blame you as I feel frustration that many women set themselves back by continuously wanting to be placed on a pedestal because they are too afraid to stand on their own.
    Also though I will say you have to admit women have to be protected they are just in a vulnerable position. But I reject your condemnation of women and the overall labeling of them as one type. They are what they have been trained to be by their mothers and fathers and the day that they stop being trained this way they will get self-respect and win a lovely life partner .
    Don’t give up hope but please give up this hate it makes me sick .

    • Eh lol nope this is a check list for female privileges screaming misogyny doesn’t make your privileges any less real.

    • You have no right to question guys about not dating women for their intelligence or conversation because you’ve never tried to find such women yourself. The ones who don’t wear make-up, wear flip-flops and tatty jeans are called ‘lesbians’ (or they are deliberately trying not to get hit upon in which case men have learned to steer well clear or get cited for sexual harrassment). Your comment,

      “I was raised in Oregon and there are plenty of lovely women there They are beautiful educated and simple with great minds and love to talk. If you took the opportunity maybe you’d see how many there really are.”

      is utter BS. We men are better placed to determine what we think is ‘lovely’ and ‘beautifully educated’, than you. You get the right to tell men who they should be selecting for a mate when you allow ‘nerds’, ‘geeks’, ‘anoraks’, ‘weirdoes’, ‘creeps’, and virgins into your bed, not before.

      Also, don’t tell people to use their brain when you don’t use your own. For example, you offer no explanation *why* you reject this condemnation of women (which it isn’t anyway – it’s a condemnation of feminism via a list of privilleges that women get). Don’t make assumptions about the men you criticise for being unhappy about feminism. Do you seriously think that a man has to have been ‘taken to the cleaners’ by a woman before he becomes able to see the female sexism in society? How about the fact that it’s even possible for a woman to take a man to the cleaners, in the first place? You know about this. You know how a woman can take the house and kids from a man, yet you reject this type of fact! It was back in the 60’s when Zsa Zsa Gabor said, in an interview, how she was a great housekeeper – and then added the ‘punchline’ of the number of times she’d been divorced and kept the house. You’ve got some gall telling people to use their brains while you take this stance!

      “Don’t give up hope but please give up this hate it makes me sick”?

      ‘Hope’ isn’t going to fix this mess that we’ve allowed feminists to get away with; and the hate is just the emotion that women **themselves** have generated in the men they’ve disrespected, abused, and trampled. The tide is turning and because feminists have gone so far, it’s likely to get nasty before it gets better. You could lose the equality you deserved in a backlash. Personally I believe the rise of extremism amongst Muslims is directly linked to the rise of feminism. You, and every other woman, needs to learn that everything you ever ‘won’ through feminism was actually GIVEN TO YOU by men. As women always do when they want something, they moaned and wailed at men to bring about the changes; and we did it for you. We were nice that way (but unwise). We didn’t forsee any problems, and how it would make us suffer. Now we see it clearly, and I think the sickness you feel is from fear of the consequences of the actions of your grasping, deceitful, selfish gender.

      • So activism is whining? All the years our ancestors fought for our rights…that was all “whining”? Really? Just because we achieved it peacefully, that means men “just gave us what we want”?

  166. I thought its happening only in India but no everywhere it’s the sane. I have insulted molested but I am paying the price to be born as a boy.

  167. It really wasn’t a very useful list. More of a bully rant from one of the double OO’s. I would be interested in reading a more realistic list. It would be nice if you listed them by kinship, for example: “What privileges do lactating mothers have, and are those privileges necessary for the continuation of the species, or for profit, and, if not, can we shame them into to doing without?

  168. I love me a good satire!

  169. Hmm not bad…….could be a little more consise, however. Perhaps prioritise it as a top ten or top five. Here is an example:

    1) if the opposite sex (men) accuses me of sexual antagonism (ie rape, sexual harrasment) and assuming the currently unthinkable happens that this accusation is taken seriously, I can expect many “priveledges”, including
    1) the “priveledge” to be assumed innocent by default
    2) the “privilege” of due process
    3) the “priveledge” of a fair trial, funded by the taxpayer (see :Patrick Waring)

    2) I have the priveledge to “physically discipline” my spouse. It is actually socially acceptable to slap my male partner across the face at my discretion. Furthermore, what crimes merit striking my partner is also at my discretion.

    3) I have the priveledge of not going extinct in 120 000 years. If, hypothetically my sex were going to be extinct, it wouldn’t be regarded in a “good riddance” demeanour when it would be released through the press. (As was the media’s amused attitude when it was noticed by a scientist that the y chromasome showed signs of decaying). On the contrary, it would be regarded in the likeness of “panic” and “something that requires immediate attention.”

    Hope this is a good example??

  170. So much ignorance in this. Many of the more valid points (custody for example) are things that feminism fights for too. Its about providing more equality for the genders in all capacipties. Some men really do need to bring down the wall of defenses that blinds them from reality.

    • Don’t talk out of your arse! You can’t show me a single example of feminists fighting for custody equality.

      You can men ‘blind to reality’ yet admit that there are **real** valid points – you dumbass.

    • BWAHAHAHA! Feminism doesn’t “fight for equal custody” you stupid woman! Feminism is the one who FOUGHT FOR denying a father’s rights to see their child! The men and women on here see that very clearly thank you very much. It is YOU that needs to open their eyes to the abuse and harm that women like you are doing to not only men, but children and society as a whole. It is women like you that needs to receive a beating from their husband, and then watch as you are the one being hauled away in handcuffs, and not the violent abuser. It is people like you that need to have their life destroyed forever, when a man lies about you raping them. It is YOU that needs to lose your house, your job, your car, everything you have worked for, for 20+ years, and costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars when your husband cheats on you, and then files for a divorce! It is YOU that needs to live out of a box when child maintenance leaves you with no money to feed yourself once every two days, when that child isn’t even yours! It is YOU that needs to worry about if some strange man is going to kick you in the crotch, and watch as society high-fives them for assaulting you. Time to pull your head out of your ass, and open your eyes to the hate that YOU support!

  171. 86. I believe that if something bad happens to a man it’s because he’s a loser.

    Why does a man have to be a loser when something bad happens? but when it happens to a women its sad. That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard besides trumps debates about isis. When something bad happens to a man or any person its because shit happens. Shit happen it doesn’t mean they are a loser. The biggest loser is the one who actually lives and breathe by this notion.

    87. I think that alimony is fair when paid to a woman but not fair when paid by a woman.

    Why is that? I mean are you saying women are never in the wrong. Thats not fair. Why do you think its not fair for a women to pay alimony because you have a vagina? Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you get to act like a dick.

    88. I’m more likely to believe that women who commit crimes are sick and need treatment or understanding whereas men who commit crimes are evil and should be locked up forever.

    Dude I can’t even respond to this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. I can criticize the opposite sex without social penalty, but woe be to the man who attempts to criticize me or other women.

    Okay for this one, I assume that you have been burnted by a man so now your on a man hating rage. GET OVER IT!
    Reguardless of our sex should not be based by these injust rules. I feel some of what you wrote was good; the other was very ignorant. If you feel that women should be treated different from a man is stupid. The whole goal of this is to be treated EQUALLY. But honestly this just shows your insecurities of being a REAL WOMEN! WE as women should feel powerful for what we give this world. YOU are just basing our genital rights because to what the world says is a MANS WORLD hold less responsibility. Yeah as women we had held less rights like in the 1700 amongst a man but as women we have also created most of the chaos. It doesn’t matter if one grows with a penis or a vagina the whole point is to become unified. Its 2016. Put your energy elsewhere.

  172. Wow… I never knew some guys can be so pathetic. Housework being leisurely?? My mother is anything but lazy maybe more my father. Being stuck at home under the control of a husband is anything but “leisurely.” Do you hear what a whiney twisted little coward you sound like? Even down to taking the last name. Women have to take the last name even if the guy is a jobless loser drinking beer all day. Did you ever think that women might not want the guys last name? Maybe she has a better career than him and wants to hold on to her identity, and not have to change every single governmental document containing her maiden name to her new name forced in marriage? I’m just wondering what kind of “man” you are crying over wanting to be female since you think women have it so easy. Do you hate your mother or something? Or maybe think women owe something to you since you’re male. This crazy long obsessive list of yours is really a sad reflection on what a pathetic person you are. Shows what a devious mind you have thinking all these twisted thoughts about women. I’m sure you’re a miserable weed on government help.

  173. Honey,
    White heterosexual males created the system we live in, the only people intended to benefit from this society was them. Women didn’t have the right to fight in wars because men viewed them only as a means of reproduction, and therefore they could not be harmed. Women are so weak that many of them snuck into battle fronts dressed as men, became nurses, kept the home together, or took up factory work to keep this country going. It is a man’s privilege to protect and serve. It is also a man’s privilege to be judge based on what he has accomplished in life. I do not plan to sit at home like a ‘good house wife’ I want to be recognized for my own talent. And what about the fact that women’s beauty products, despite being the same products males use, cost more? Look, you make some fair points, we should have changing rooms in all bathrooms where adults might bring their kids, and we should make male clinics. However, saying things like its a women’s privilege to have a women and genders study course is ignorant. A male study course is called history. What you fail to understand is that all of these so called privileges that women have are because women are treated as less then a man. She is treated with little to no respect. There are so many women’s names that have been lost in history in place of a white males name. I urge you to look at all the books you read in high school because I can garantee you that most of the great authors happen to be white males. Yes some of these books are fabulous, but also authors like Jane Austin are often overlooked because of their gender.

    • Yeah, with all respect – None, you’re full of it. Women have always had huge influence and power, it’s just that if you have your gender studies cult lenses on you’ll never see it.

      Women were never beating down the door to go to war like they were to vote. Most men who died in war couldn’t vote. Men paid for freedoms with blood and death.

      History is full of male occurrences because of the xy gene variation. Most murderers are men, but so are most true heroes who risk their lives to defend others and die doing so. Look at Aurora where a gunman killed many, but several men died covering up their loved ones.

      Look at you tube right now. Search for top 10 of anything and men dominate it because the xy gene has more variation. More men are extremely low IQ, but also more are high IQ. Women site in the middle of the bell curve, because they are biologically disposed to childbirth and evolutionary imperative that require a more stable gene expression.

      Most men doing dangerous, exhilarating and ground breaking things are making history that women don’t compete with because of biology. Sure there is some fear of sexism that hold people back, but sometimes this fear is also irrational.

      Men may have created everything in society and died many times over building the things you take for granted, but be aware that only a really small proportion of men 0.00001% hold positions as company CEO’s or as politicians.

      Most men work long hours and come home to a partner that has been socially conditioned to believe he has no problems and any she has are tantamount to oppression.

      Look at any conversation online: 99.99999999% of the talk of problems is from women on their own perspectives and ANY man giving his account will be met with complete derision and mockery.

      Most men have no more power than women and less power under the law. The majority of consumers are women. Most personal purchases are by women. Advertisers and companies almost pander exclusively to women telling them what ever they want to hear to make the sale. Women have far more power than the men in companies. Consumer power>Company.

      Women are the majority voters. Do you see any politicians thinking up new policies for men? New gendered policies are exclusively tailored to sell votes to the female voting majority.


      See where this is heading?

      Women are the majority of influence of children at home in infancy, at daycare and at school.

      Every child’s formative years are controlled and shaped by women. The same women that as a majority show so little interest in the issues boys face, that mentioning girl victims is almsot certainly guaranteed to be met with much more compassion than boy victims. Boys are marked harsher by female teachers across the board and are constantly vicitms of sexual abuse by teachers that never rates mention.

      We live in a world that caters almost exclusively to women with is empirically provably true.

    • Spoken like a true feminist. Little do men realize is that they’re responsible for most sexism, even the ones aimed at and affecting them. I mean they did rule the world only a century ago. They want to be strong so bad, that they decided it was a good idea to stop crying and go to war. They wanted women to be so pretty, in fact that they forgot we’re people, not ornaments and we have other defining traits. They shove antiaging and makeup products in our face.

      • Men don’t shove makeup in women’s faces, that’s your mothers who did that. Speaking of which, mothers alone create Society; only mothers can instill cultural values in their children. Men don’t give birth. Men are all a product of their mothers’ values (and lies), so if you have a problem with men, you need to take it up with the mothers that raised them to think and be that way.

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  177. Do you not realize that all of these so called “privelidges” stem from the stigma that women are subordinate and a lot of these apply to men too. You can’t just create a little list to ignore your own privelidge. You realize lists like white privilege and male privelidge weren’t written by “feminists” but professional sociologists. Please get educated

  178. Bleh. So simplistic.

  179. […] is, in fact, a much more dangerous world for a man than for a woman. In every society measured so far, women outlive men. In eight of the ten most common causes of […]

  180. […] the contrary, they’re the most privileged group on the planet. All throughout history, women have had everything provided for them: food, shelter, safety, and […]

  181. […] the contrary, they’re the most privileged group on the planet. All throughout history, women have had everything provided for them: food, shelter, safety, and […]

  182. newstatejournal.com is working on a real solution to the imbalance of power problem. Just click on the plan link when you get there or read some of the essays.

  183. Christ, I just love it. I ADORE how idiotic this list is. This is in no way a “female privilege” list, this is a list of things that women sometimes do to men or gain from them. How can you tell all females to “check their privilege” when I personally nor most women I know have done about 70% of this list? Do I know women who have used men for money, taken their kids from them & such? Sure. Those women are called “cunts.” I look at them with the same disgust as I look at this ridiculous list. You’d think males would be tired of explaining “not all men…” but then so many are agreeing with this list that says, “but all women…” The lifespan of this check your privilege bullshit has run its course. I am so goddamn sick & tired of being told to check myself by people who don’t know one thing about me except that I have a vagina. Oh, & I’m white, so I guess I rule the fucking universe. Except I get generalized as someone who’s had an easy life immediately, even though that’s not at all my story. Maybe a tip: don’t tell someone to check their privilege & get the fuck on with life. Study hard, work hard, don’t be an asshole, don’t be sexist to men or women, don’t generalize anyone, don’t assume you know shit about anyone’s life but your own, don’t have so much fucking anger within yourself that you blatantly hate an entire gender/race/culture, don’t use people & if you think there’s been an injustice towards you, address it without labeling everyone else as the same. Nothing will change, nothing will EVER change until we stop ASSUMING & just fucking live.

    • I love your comment I’m a suicidal person on pills and your paragraph helped a lot thank you

  184. no

  185. Addition to previous comment, and excuses for bad English, not my first language:

    The solution to all the problems is simple: have complete gender equality and respect, that means that people are judged by their behavior objectively, and not because of their looks, gender or nationality.

    The feminists that say bad things about men are just immature people with a low standard of morality and should just not be taken seriously.

    The truth is simple and theory and hard in practice, and stated in the Holy Bible: treat others as you would like yourselve to be treated.

    I always treat other persons with respect, even if they do not like me or are rude/disrespectfull/angry with me, as I believe that only mutual respect between persons makes a better world.As also said in the Bible, if hit on a cheek turn the other one

    I get that some persons on this forum are unhappy with excessive feminism and I understand the feelings, but the issue here is that people just need to respect each other. Men can stop objectifiying women and women can stop making disrespectfull comments to men.

    Peace, love and respect are the only way to a better world

  186. Great post, as a female only 56 mildy offended me and my decision making skills. This article is insightful, and ill be using the ideas in my upcoming essay on legal feminist theory on why most forms of feminism dont work as form of reasoning. They are only concerned with advocating (usually white)womens equality, which marginalises inequalities faced by men and other groups.
    Keep up the great work x

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  188. This list is the worst thing ever feminists are a disgrace and are blind and upset cause they can’t get a man to get with them

  189. This is funny😂 Sorry, I find ignorant people like this that try to make everything about them pretty funny. Good luck ‘victims’. 😂

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  193. No wonder male suicide is on the rise , I don’t want to live in this world .

  194. This article amuses me, as while there are women who enjoy these, so called privileges, I have had an experience somewhat different. I divorced and I pay child support, I served in the Army and was not promoted because I was a female in the field artillery in 1996. I was hit by my husband and hee lied to the cops and I was charged with domestic violence simply because I have ptsd and tbi. As far as the child support thing goes, women cannot simply say that it not my child. As far as reproductive rights, how about if a woman really is raped, the dude gets her pregnant. She is stuck with the aftermath of the crap not to mention the stigma If she chooses to get an abortion. I am pregnant right now from being in birth control and guess what, Iam blamed for that condition but honey, it takes two to tango. Then, even though I eat one meal a day I am told I eat too much and imfat then my doctor tells me I’m too old. You also did not account for single mothers. Also, If a guy leaves a women he got pregnant, how t the deuce can she support herself when trust me, nobody will hire her if she’s showing. So then she gets called a welfare queen and a whore. I like to reason that social injustices occur on both sides of the coin. Nobody guarantees the result of happiness, only the pursuit. I, personally wish for the days when women respected men and men respected but also loved their woman. Unfortunately both sides off the fence have wronged each other and now we have to endure pointing fingers back and forth. I don’t claim to know what every man wants nor every woman, but my husband enjoys home cooked meals and I enjoy not being pressured to work full time although I have a paycheck that is pretty nice from retiring from the Army. But we have gone through crap where i was expected too cook clean and do laundry plus fix my own car. I enrolled inn auto program to eventually work again. If men want these things, they have to understand it’s a give and take. Women cannot raise the kids, cook homemade meals, do the laundry, fix the car, clean the house, bake cookies, and have a full time job. Nowadays I think most men, Sat least ones I have come across are demanding too much. My husband goes to work and comes home nothing else is expected unless he wants to work on his own car. My pay covers the bills so he keeps his own checks. But the point I’m trying to make here is that not every women has these set of privileges. Not every man has a set either. So to say that simply every women has these privileges It’s like saying every man does and I know some men that stay at home while their wife supports them. Especially women in the armed forces.

  195. I identify as a feminist, but never really concerned myself with female privilage, and mens issues until today. This was eye opening and although a lot of this list was kind of outrageous, I learned a lot. I am disappointed in myself because the original defenition of feminism is the pursuit of equality for both sexes. I believe both genders have privilages, and both endure struggles because of the others privilages. We need to look at both sides and from now on I will concern myself with ALL issues. I will continue calling myself a feminist, and as I call out men for their sexist statements and behavior, I will do the same to women. I hope you anti feminists and feminist extreamists can see both sides, and pursue true feminism, equality for all.

  196. I would say this list is mostly accurate. I chuckled when I say #89 because it has been proven by Donald Trump. Women can say the nastiest things about him, but if he responds, he is sexist.

  197. This is horrifically outdated and all around incorrect.

  198. You are sadly just another example of how people can be allowed to write anything on the Internet with zero credentials , common sense, education, or intelligence on any level.

  199. This is just straight up ridiculous. How stupid and uneducated does one have to be to actually think this is legitimate? Well done, on being a moron.

  200. It seems like this checklist mainly applies to women who are willing to be assholes. And those who are more family-oriented. And those who are more good-looking. If you’re not very pretty, don’t wish to have a family and are other-regarding, there’s little female privilege left, at least according to this checklist.

  201. 1. Real feminists believe no one should hit anyone. If someone hits you, you get authorities involved unless your life is in danger. Feminists do not believe women are fragile weak beings society portays them to be. If she initiates a fight with a man, she will not be surprised or afraid if they hit back. In fact, she would be even more offended if they did not. As a listener of rock music, I enjoy going in the mosh pit and being shoved around by men.
    2. As long as we have shallow people who aspire to be like hue and his bunnies, this will always be the case. However the woman will not have the same respect or love as a man would. She would be seen as a replaceable trophy as soon as her looks start to fade.
    3. Anyone who has a basic understanding of fertility knowd it takes two to reproduce. Women are not asexual and men often can produce far longer than women.
    4. No one likes welfare queens, but I do not get the point of this “priveledge”. Are you insinuating that single mothers are a bad thing? Hardly ever is it a choice.
    5. We are privileged because were deemed more attractive? Blame the media for that. They’re often the cause for womens bicuriousity. And I agree that a woman who aborts without telling the dad is wrong.
    6. Where are you from? Anyone who gives a kid up past baby stage is not seen with good light. And men can sign their rights over to avoid child support.
    7. They force men over women to go into service because they cant get pregnant. Women are usually seen as sole caregivers of children, which you can all hand to gendet roles. I mean we still dont have changing tables ib male restrooms. Its like why they kill male deer over female.
    8. Sounds sexist to even me a feminist.
    9. Make up your mind… Either way we lose. If we take his name, were trying to rip off all his hard work. If we dont, we are evil bitches who dont appreciate him or want to be like him. When has a person ever looked at a famous scientist or basket ball player, sae his dumb bimbo wife, and said wow she is just vlike him! You know except for the botox and fake boobs.. No one cares abour a trophy. Their only value lies in their appearance.
    10. Men get ssi food stamps and the like. They even have abuse shelters now. You will never see a woman call a man a fag or pussy for being vulnerable. Men ate esch others biggest enemies.

  202. Warning: the rest of list is stupid in response to the stupidity of his own. if he isnt going to back his claims up with evidence and spout out ridiculous myths as facts, then i will do the same. watch all you butthurt men get pissy and thumb me down. at least i will know ive done something right. but really mine is only a reflection of his. [go on any typical feminist page you will not even see as much hatred as this man shows. if you people actually gave us a chance, youd realize were not all that bad….]
    11. Yeah. That’s all good and fun, until he gets mad at you because he realizes you aren’t a prostitute and won’t sleep with him.
    12. Not if you’re a single mother or the bread winner.
    13. Any proof of this? Men are the ones who make stupid jokes about black eyes or rape and if someone who has PTSD from abuse gets triggered, she is told to get a sense of humour. Even though there is actually nothing remotely funny about hurting someone. I mean, I might’ve laughed IF there was an actual punchline. You know, rather than the typical “all women are stupid and deserve to clean all day” crap.
    Typical sexist joke: What is stupid and has big boobs? A WOMAN
    14. Not always the case. My sister was lied to and eloped with a guy who only wanted a green card. After he divourced, he got HER car she bought and he sold it for little to nothing. Housework so leisure and easy? Haha. If that is the case, then why do you think you’re too good to pitch in and help out? Afraid you’ll break a nail? You know, mommy isn’t always going to be around to wipe your ass. [Yes, my responses are now half assed and lazy, but why should I put any effort into this? I mean, this list is so cringeworthy and a joke at best.]
    15. Well, you are writing this list for feminists, right? Since when have we been pretty to you? Obviously, this doesn’t apply to hideous bull dykes like us. I have actually been to jail and this is a load of shit.
    16. Can’t comment on this one, because I have no experience with it.
    17. Umm.. Seriously? This happened ONE time in history. No, honey, that is not realistic. If I kill a man, I will be persecuted regardless of the excuse. PMS is not real. It’s just something made up by men to tell women their feelings aren’t valid whenever they be assholes to her.
    18. A redundant rehash of a previous “privilege”.
    19. In times when war is at its worst, women will be forced to leave too. They just aren’t the first to go.
    20. Yeah. And men make up nearly 100 percent of retarded fake stats. Or is that just sexist bigots like you? If a guy is being a sexually perverted creep, he deserves to have action taken against him. He can’t just use the old poor impulse excuse. Seriously, do we need to go back to hiding table legs lest the men get the urge to randomly burst in and mount it? Pathetic. It must suck having your every thought controlled by your penis.
    21. That is your choice to let your wife take your money. With my boyfriend, it’s quite the opposite. He has very poor impulse and often buys things on a whim, which has lead me from the usual 500 always on hand to being overdrafted every month..
    22. So? Are you upset now because you can’t rock a prada bag? You poor, white man.
    23. I could give a fuck less about jewerly. I don’t even want a damn ring when I get married.
    24. Don’t know anything about this.
    25. na
    26. na
    27. Yeah and due to shit like rape culture, men can take custody of the child he forced a woman to conceive. And then he rapes the child. Real good. If there were no rape culture, then men couldn’t get away with crimes like making a girl into an internet rape meme with nothing but a light slap on his wrist. If a man gets an STD from raping a woman, she is prosecuted. Men can do whatever they want to us and it’s always our fault, because we secretly wanted it. We purposely spend hours in front of the mirror not to feel better about ourselves but to attract creeps who feel they’re entitled to any woman and if she does not respond positively to unwanted attention, she is just a frigid bitch. You think you’re god’s gift to woman and that you can get into anyone’s pants if you use the right charm. Or.. the right force. More or less.
    28. No experience with this.
    29. No experience.
    30. You really need to stop going to the daily mail for all your resources.. moron.
    31. That’s true, though? There have been experiments where the same exact credentials on the same resumes were sent to different colleges or employers or whatever and the one with the feminine name was more likely to be declined.
    32. Oh, boy. Because every woman’s dream is to be a personal maid and chef. Yeah, that’s real luxury right there. Thanks, but no thanks. With the multitude of careers available now days, I’ll take my chances with “working in the hot sun” all day.
    33. Yeah and sometimes, women are raped while on the field or their superiors force them to do sexual favors or they fear false allegations towards them. But you never hear about this.
    34. Woman have kids because they love children, not because they want to avoid war.
    35. Great. No wonder we have mindless shit like the kardashians nowadays. -_-
    36. Yeah tell that to all the transtrenders.
    37. Yeah I guess if I am stupid enough to marry for money… But no, I don’t find old geezers attractive. I could care less about money. Doesn’t make me happy. I am just fine getting my clothes at the giving closet, a free place for poor people. The few times I go to the mall only occurs about once or twice a year.
    38. The wage gaps is not a woman complaining over an “easier” job not paying as much. It’s when a woman with the same exact title gets less compensation for her work. You won’t see a clothing sales clerk say to a man in construction that it’s unfair he has more money. Honestly, harsh working conditions don’t automatically always equal more pay. You think working at crap ass mcdonalds is going to pay a lot? I honestly think being a professor or scientist would be more fun and apppealing than that! You get those jobs by studying hard. Well, at least that is what we women do anyway… I have a female scientist friend. She is 50, so when she was growing up she faced a lot of controversy. You don’t hear about a jealous self entitled female going into an engineer school and killing all the women, do you? He is mad, because he was EXPECTED to be given that job just becaue he had a penis. Nevermind integrity, perserverance, and hard work put into getting straight A’s. Anyway, my friend had a lot of sexual comments made at her, she was shoved around, and treated like crap by even the professors. But they could deny the fact she was smart. She HAD to get perfect grades to succeed or she would likely be told “women don’t have what it takes”. A man fails, it’s only on him, not the entire sex.. Most of those were spoiled boys who only went to school because their fathers promised them a job in his field as long as they at least passed with a mediocre C. Tell me this is not male priviledge.
    39. Haven’t we already discussed this? You know, you’re not tricking anyone by making your list longer.
    40. They make woman prove it with rape kits now. IF she is raped, likely he will blame it on her and get off scott free.
    41. Not unless he hits her back. There are some woman who hurt themselves and then lie and say a man did it. But when I was growing up, my mom could easily hold my disabled dad down and attack him back. Often times, they took turns in and out of jail for dv. They even wanted to take my own sister to juvy because my dad had more injuries than her, despite the fact she was the one that called the cops. This was when I was like 7… I am 22 now. You can only imagine how much things have changed since then.
    42. See previous argument.
    43. You can’t base everything you believe in off movies, honey. Titanic wasn’t real.
    44. Same with men. No one is supposed to jump in. It’s risky for anyone to do that. The best course of action is to alert authories.
    45. So a woman is being a coward for protecting her children and escaping the danger? Not just anyone can take their kids all the way across the country and attempt to hide from their abusive controlling husband. That takes guts. Granted, I would have rather had my mom divource my dad, but this was still better than what some women do. They let their new boyfriends abuse their children and treat them like shit. When he goes into a fit of rage and attacks her child, she will be forced to helplessly scream and watch. I am glad some women are smart and try to escape the unhappy relationship. Or at least call the cops on his sick ass.
    So, you’re basically saying you’d rather have her let the dad beat the shit of the kids or go get a divorce and leave with them?
    46. Not sure what you mean. I do not have a popular opinion though (duh im a feminist) but I am fine not being the majority. Not even all feminists will accept me. One of only accepted feminist belief such as abortion I do not exactly support… for instance.
    47. Like I said, I do not want a ring.. a wedding.. none of that frivolous expensive shit. I’d rather put a down payment on a house or car. He buys servant with the ring, I guess and then she sells it after the common divorce. Real romantic right there. Here is some food for thought. If men hate the idea of marriage and think it’s a one end street, then why the fuck do they always initiate the proposal 99 percent of the time? And why is okay for him to cheat on her with strippers at the bachelor party? Is he supposed to be celebrating his last day of freedom? Last I checked, you’re not the one who turns into the house helper.
    48. No, I don’t. I have no problem proposing. And if a man proposes at a basket ball game and she rejects him, that is his own fault. Marriage is not to be taken lightly. It’s a huge commitment. If she is not ready yet and says no, everyone will attack her and call her a bitch for embarrassing him at a game. Basically, she is forced into it.
    49. Lying is normal. You seem like you’d know a lot about it, considering most of this list is nothing but bullshit.
    50. You make risks when you have casual sex. I have no empathy for people who can’t get proof from a doctor of supposed stds or birth control. If a man doesnt want her to poke holes in the condom, if he is actually that paranoid, maybe he should be the one who adminsters the condom. Open it and put it on yourself.
    51. Peeping toms are gross and need to stick to porn. Leave the classy normal women of society alone. Let me guess you think it’s ridiculous for a shy girl to refuse a male gynecologist too? What next, should we have male pe teachers in the girl’s locker room?
    52. Let me guess. Daily mail again? [yes i am being sexist but it’s fun to fight fire with fire.. my allegations are obviously no different than his]
    53. na
    54. na
    55. umm no there’s a huge difference between two drunk idiots fucking and some creepy guy slipping a mickey in a girl’s drink while she is in the bathroom
    56. yeah im sure the only one who believes that is you it depends if she put effort into her job and all he did was goof around, chances are it is sexism
    57. or the husband can tell her to get over it and ignore her pleas. just saying. no one forces you to do shit.
    58. welp, unlike you i dont bottle mine up and know its natural and healthy to release them. you hold yours in until you have a fit of rage.
    59. and a dad can do this to his own boy and raise him to be a robot because you know human feelings are for pussies
    60. not really
    61. it depends on how he approaches her. people like to look attractive, you know. i shouldnt have to dress like a nun or be a plain jane in order to avoid rape. but then again they will always find fault int he victim and pin it on her. anyway if he is a creep and says innapropriate gross things, he shouldnt be surprised if she acts like a bitch in response. if he is showing genuine interest or calls her pretty and asks for a dance like a civilized being, maybe he wouldnt get turned down so often. you know being polite wont kill you. i have a male friend that dressed like a rockstar when he was young and he said the drunk girls got all touchy feely with him. you would say this is a double standard and its sick feminists let women get away with it. but if a man rubs a womans butt just because he feels tempted by her tight dress, he has every right to. if she didnt want the attention, she wouldve gone there in a burka. so yeah more like a double standard on our part.
    62. yeah i always wondered why breast cancer was so popular to fund its like people think prostate is dirty they dont call it anus or testicle or whatever it is.. i dunno. thats like the only thing i can agree with on this list. lol
    63. well if someone forces someone to give up their kid and takes them away from them, they should not then expect them to pay for it too. child support is supposed to be reserved for deadbeat fathers who left a woman alone with her child and didnt want any part of its life. if they cant raise it, they at least need to pitch in some respect.
    64. na
    65. 3 percent makes a huge difference…
    66. ya know chasing kids changing diapers cleaning and cooking is a lot more work than your unlimited options with jobs. so its annoying for you to expect her to do both. if your money is not enough to cover all expenses and she is expected to work too, then you should pitch in around the house and split chores. it’s only fair.
    67. you dont deserve anything just for having a dick. sorry, but you arent entitled to shit. and if a woman wants to work and not pursue a life of a housewife with kids, then who the fuck cares? at least she will be happy doing what she really wants.
    68. more redunancy
    69. same
    70. aww you poor baby maybe is this why youre so upset? because your wife wont buy you flowers too? well we cant read minds. dont worry you can tell us. we will be sure to make sure no one finds out. and thats because men are gross slobs who miss the toilet seat and cant control their aim. at least you dont walk into a bathroom and have to see blood smeared all over the seat.
    71. umm seriously? this is not a female priviledge. this is sexism against us! we always have to have the kid on us and we must accompany a man to outings with the kid. we can never get a break. because dads cant change diapers unless there’s a family restroom. you know im having my husband go in with me accompanying him and were changing the diaper together if theres only one in the women’s restroom. because the responsibility shouldnt rest solely on me.
    72. i dont like or care about chivalry i am not offended by it either it makes no difference in my life if i have to open a door or not. sure its polite but id feel more flattered at a compliment. let me guess. thats sexist too, that were more likely to receive comments on our appearance than men? chivarly: opening a door for someone because theyre hot polite: opening a door for anyone because youre a nice person (and figuratively speaking theyre more likely to hold open doors for men and just let them waltz right into success)
    73. i dont like this. im shy. this isnt really a benefit. maybe you mean im more likely to get asked out.
    74. yeah because they want to date rape duh….
    75. never done this myself
    76. well if men can why cant we
    77. yeah and men will jump up and defend a guy who got broke up, calling his girlfriend a bitch. and if a girl doesnt answer his call or call back, she is a frigid bitch, playing hard to get, or lead him on.
    78. some women are shy and feel pressured to do it because they dont want to hurt his feelings. its an akward situation to turn down and he kind of put her on the spot. i have made the mistake of giving people i dont like my number, butch lesbians included. it sure is annoying having them send me a barrage of texts. but some people have poor social skills and dont know how to say no.
    79. try telling female cops and firemen that. but you know, women are weak anyway and if they want a job like this they dont deserve it and we feminists cry thats unfair. women can be strong. they can work together to carry that 300 pound man out. they can do other things like man the hose or break down the door. theyre not completely useless as society wants them to believe.
    80. dont know anything about this but hey if men are the ones buying us the drink, then im sure they like this too
    81. nope i dont sorry
    82. thats genetic and not a cause of society is it sexist if a skinny woman outlives an obese diabetic is it sexist if a woman outlives a male dog? men most likely will die if we do first because they wont know how to operate the toaster and feed themselves. all chaos will ensue.
    83. really? since when has caring about your health been sexist? this list is supposed to show the sexism against men, but really all i see are a bunch of generalizations and stereotype about what a crook you must be for possessing a vagina. how dare you.
    84. na
    85. because if it could happen to her, what makes me think im exempt from it?
    86. no i dont sorry. youre more sexist than me to your own sex. i dont think any of this shit and im a supposed man hater.
    87. na
    88. not really a crime is a crime if hes schizophrenic i might understand him better having a vagina doesnt automatically make you an irrational crazy bitch who cant control her emotions due to pms and has to go out and solve problems through crimes. men arent more rational and able to control themselves.
    89. haha youre kidding right? make a video about feminism, something that is supposed to be about euqality amongst genders and eradicating gender roles for both and everyone screams man hater. but ive seen videos where a man can proudly say hes a self proclaimed misognysty (which has an actual definition of hatred toward woman). everyone applauds him and thumbs his video up.
    90. yeah i bet if any woman actually did that her relationship wouldnt last long. men dont want to date a child.
    91. na
    92. thats just gross and immoral. her boss should be more professional. if my employee did this to me, i would immediately have her fired. i dont succumb that easily because my thoughts are not ruled by my dick.
    93. so i sexually harrass men by being pretty and making them turned on? okay im going to a beach now and going up to the man with the best body and going to scream “HOW DARE YOU TEMPT ME WITHOUT YOUR SHIRT ON LIKE THAT YOU TEASE”
    94. and im sure if you heard the countless stories of young brides getting married off at the age of ten to 50 year old men or female castration [wouldnt even call that circumsiscion its barbaric and can render a womans feelings down there useless or even cause infertility] im sure youd turn your head and say not my problem its not happening here feminists arent needed because all western women live comfortable lives!!!!!111 then you remember there are amish cults here… where men have 50 wives
    95. you forgot a new one women can be succussful at anything without actually being smart or talented all they need to do is dress sexy and show their tits off… type in best female guitar players in youtube. youll see a bunch of bimbos no ones ever heard about who can barely hold a guitar and are all scantily clad. hotness = success This is why we have fake nerd cam girls like jessica nigri who pretend to like characters they dont even know and can barely throw a costume together. at least you as a man will be taken seriously. all men see a scienist female if she is fat and ugly they hate her, despite the contributions she has made as a person. you dont need to take your clothes off to get ahead in the music industry. people will like you for what you actually are capable of doing. seriously these sluts need to pursue their true industry, the sex industry or modeling shit.
    96. enough with darfur go read your bible written by man not a genderless god so you can reassure your manliness and place above women. who cares if men sell their daughters off as sex slaves or let them get raped and pillaged? i mean the bible said its okay and thats like the holiest thing ever!!!!
    97. yeah evidence? more like opinions. thanks for the cringeworthy read. but nothing youve said holds any weight or actual value. you hate us so much just go gay or something or pass a law where all women must abort their females they get preg with.

    • People who talk about people have their own problems girl like you and your parents and family you don’t know anything about men or even about your own body…violence is not the answer for anyone you either get kicked in the cunt and droped or hit in the boobs and drops and put a gun to your head and pull the trigger if there’s violence but I’m a nice guy and you got yourself into this crap

    • “If men hate the idea of marriage and think it’s a one end street, then why the fuck do they always initiate the proposal 99 percent of the time?”

      Because conformist men are conditioned by Society (read: mothers) to imagine marriage is normal, when it’s the source of all evil in reality. Women bank on marriage (getting a man to carry their leeching ass) and become the worst kind of mothers, the kind that NEED children to validate their worthless existences.

  203. dangerous individual. pictures for reference http://imgur.com/a/qMbm3

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  205. Love it! You rock.

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  207. Hello. I hope my response finds you well. This may be a bit long-winded, but the blog post is as well, so I’m sure you’ll understand. As a feminist, I’ve been trying to make sure I read and hear the words of those who disagree (or maybe not so much as I expect) to ascertain I’m not becoming too biased in favor of one gender. I think it is important to be aware of how sexism can favor women as well, of how often gender roles and patriarchy are harmful to men. Matriarchy would be just as bad. I would like to sign up for the draft. I find it disgusting when women rape men. As a survivor of a home where my mom sometimes abused my dad and us, I wish assumptions that men must not appear weak hadn’t silenced him. And I wish she hadn’t taken advantage of the belief that women are harmless and delicate, as she caused harm to him and the kids. She sometimes prioritized asking my father to buy her frivolous things (jet skis, vacations, the best house, plastic surgery) over her own children’s continued education. She refused to work, though she was able, and often hired a housekeeper, with my dad’s money. My dad truly believed she was incapable of doing better, because he saw our gender as inferior. I see these “privileges,” based on the perceived inferiority of women, as harmful to society overall, even if I have occasionally allowed myself to take advantage of the way society teaches me I’m inferior. Perhaps I foolishly felt I earned it after living every day in fear another male would decide again he’s entitled to my body in some way, as an adult male did when I was a child. 1 & 6 women share this experience on some level…But back to female privilege, as I will allow, for the sake of meeting in the middle. My mom had the nerve to call her working kids (including me, again, a female) entitled when, once in a while, as adults, we’d ask my dad for five dollars so we wouldn’t starve that week, working minimum wage jobs (several years back).
    I don’t think women should be assumed to be the better caregivers the way she was (ie: not working because that should be our only role?), because that results in the wrong parent getting primary custody too often.
    You contradicted yourself quite a bit, on points concerning how women joining the workforce harms men….but that, really, we’re privileged if we stay home. Because that’s not what I want — it is not a privilege if it is based on restrictions of law. My husband has lost several jobs throughout the course of our marriage. I worked through my pregnancy; half of that time, he couldn’t find work. He didn’t find a job again until after our son was born. I do not blame him for this nor do I see him as less valuable as a man. He found work again; we take turns taking care of our son while the other works and are still together. At my job as a psychiatric caregiver, they often prioritize a male presence over female. At first I thought this was fair, as men are often stronger and more able to stop fights. However, I have found myself responding to stop fights before some men. It is my duty as a psych caregiver. On one unit (this facility is comprised of many units), I worked with one other female for months. It was chaotic, but at the end of the day, we had minimal incidents, though we were very stressed. The shift with two males has been resulting in verbal and physical abuse from them — they cite that they need more than two techs, or it will be impossible for them to use any “work style” but that which leaves bruises and terrifies the children (already reported)…These men were hired on making the money I have been given a raise to after over a year. I believe sometimes individual men are better at their jobs than women; sometimes individual women are better than individual men. We both need to be given the same opportunities, and is dangerously discriminatory to automatically assume one will be better – or that women can only get promotions due to affirmative action.
    I believe I hold privilege over women of color, and sometimes I hold privilege over men of color. It is my human duty to resist the urge to use these privileges to my advantage — and, as a feminist, I must aim for real equality, even when it doesn’t benefit me. As a feminist, I must stop taking advantage of the fact that I know my husband will kill dreaded spiders if I act like a baby about it (though I’m fully capable of dealing with those lil monsters).
    What happened to the men and women of Darfur was horrific. I did not think anyone was to blame for the rape — except the rapists. It is always the rapist’s fault, whether the perpetrator is male or female.
    As much as it broke my heart, I have temporarily ceased communication with a sister who, interestingly enough, called my husband a deadbeat for his job difficulties. No one trashes my man like that, especially not if it’s based on the sexist assumption I should be the one staying at home. In addition, she told me she feels via vibes, he is going to rape her — and that he must be a rapist. She expected me, based on her pseudo spiritual bull shit, to leave him. In essence, I have left her instead for the time being. I do not take well to accusations made in a witch hunty manner. I am trying my best as a feminist, to seek equality…I do hope you’re seeking legitimate equality as well. Peace and hope be with you. I hope you are safe and well. Thanks for reading.

  208. Look all you people are stupid god made all of us the same you people are retarded take a gun put it to your head and pull the trigger muthafuckers and face reality…fuck all men and women there is no such thing as special treatment for a girl it is a human just like a man ok so you treat people equally and there wont be problems 187 remember that unless they are handie caped or something nobody is special until you end up in your casket and everyone is crying and missing you…only God can judge me nobody else fuck the world and everyone on it…nobody makes rules you dont have to follow them especially if it’s the ones girls are making and they piss you off…becacause in life my main goal is getting a bitch pregnant having kids and pulling the trigger becacause life is worthless i didnt ask for it and all of you are worthless and who do i have to blame for this god and the guns and the cops nobody controls nobody OK so fuck off with this site

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  210. This is spot on- thanks for this

  211. Good stuff. In some countries its male dominated. In the wester world, women dominate.

  212. […] Everything we have today in science, technology, medicine, arts, etc. is courtesy of the patriarchy. It is amusing that women reap all the benefits of the patriarchy while crying that it must be abolished at the same time. However, I do not see any patriarchy anywhere. All the political, economical, social, and legal privileges are bestowed on women. We see female privilege everywhere. On the blog ‘Men’s Resistance’, a woman lists 97 privileges she enjoys because she is a woman.  […]

  213. […] Everything we have today in science, technology, medicine, arts, etc. is courtesy of the patriarchy. It is amusing that women reap all the benefits of the patriarchy while crying that it must be abolished at the same time. However, I do not see any patriarchy anywhere. All the political, economical, social, and legal privileges are bestowed on women. We see female privilege everywhere. On the blog ‘Men’s Resistance’, a woman lists 97 privileges she enjoys because she is a woman.  […]

  214. I like the long thought out list. It would ad credibility if you provided citations for them.

  215. 1. I think that most every child is taught not to hit *any* others. If for whatever reason a child is taught that just because she is a girl she can hit whoever, whenever, that would be an error in parenting. Not woman’s privilege.
    2. Wouldn’t a man first have to marry a girl with this line of thinking before she could do that? No one made him engage in holy matrimony with a vapid narcissist.
    3. Is reproduction not essential?
    4. Men have these options too. Most just choose not to use them.
    5. Do men NOT have control of their reproductive rights? Or does this imply that you’re offended that women have reproductive choice?
    6. Men abandon their children with zero consequences all the time.
    7. Not so fun fact: Women make up about 15% of the active duty members of the military. They are more likely to be raped by a fellow solider than killed by enemy fire.
    8. I really don’t know what this means? Like getting a job? Women have jobs too? Unclear.
    9. This is a bit repetitive of #2 but why is it offensive for a woman to keep her name, really?
    10. Help with what? If y’all would get over your pride and ask for help with whatever it you need help with (???) you’d receive help too.
    11. Going dutch is very common within the dating world. Women offer to pay all the time. Normally men insist that they pay instead.
    12. I think people in general when job hunting would rather take a fulfilling job rather than a menial job. But, if a woman has a family to support, she will take the menial job just as quickly as a man.
    13. Men can’t? Was I just imagining the last several thousand years or something?
    14. Forbes has estimated that a stay at home mother would earn a salary of $115,432 because of all the “job duties” she has to take on.
    15. There was a man not too long ago whose mugshot circulated the internet and received a modeling contract while incarcerated and got an early release because he was “pretty”. If this claim has any factual basis (it doesn’t) it obviously works both ways.
    16. Just no. Where are y’all getting this shit from?
    17. Because it would be completely senseless to just ask why your wife is upset? And no, never once has PMS been used to defend a murder.
    18. Write to your senator.
    19. Did you forget women DO go to war too?
    20. Is really that hard to not harass women, guys?
    21. There is literally ZERO proof this.
    22. Supply and demand. If men wanted more luxury apparel, the would buy more and then more would be available.
    23. That would be because most men don’t wear much jewelry. Are you gonna complain that no one’s buying you dresses, too?
    24. There are plenty of resources catering to men’s health. CDC.gov, womenshealth.gov/mens-health, healthfinder.gov
    25. Might be because 80% of single parent families are headed by a woman.
    26. The lioness does the majority of the hunting but the lion normally takes his share of food first, if that explains how terrible that analogy is.

    I’ve only responded half heartedly to about a 1/4 of the list because its probably pointless anyways. Depending on the response I might continue.

    • you really missed the list entirely didn’t you….
      for example #1, boys are taught that hitting a girl specifically is wrong. girls are not taught specifically not to hit boys.
      11. while men paying hasbegun to gone out of style, this has not always been the case, and for the most part is still expected.

      14. This is false advertisment…the job duties equate to the job duties of a minimum wage job or slightly higher. of course you could hire a maid or whatever at a higher price depending on where you hire from. I do know I have never been paid 100k a year for cleaning toilets, taking care of other people, especially children and elderly, the latter often being a no pay job kinda job, and so on and so forth.
      19, like all the points it went over your head…just wanted to point out, draft. DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT, if me repeating it over doesn’t help you figure out what is being mentioned you do not know what the draft is. please google the draft. its a men only requirement.

      basically all your points show you don’t understand the topics at hand. please reread them and try to understand what is being said, THEN post a response

  216. I didn’t even read half of this list, most of it is circumstantial and shows an idiotic version of how women are….and how men are. I am not sorry for not having to sign up for selective service, or that I have the right to choose to have an abortion. Your list is a childish rant from a man who feels he’s being treated unfairly. If you felt so strongly about these things then you should have mentioned them before all this because it would have given you a little more credibility….unfortunately, only reacting after these rallies kinda makes you look like a kid crying to his mom about how life isn’t fair…..btw, do you remember your mom? She was a woman….maybe you should consider the women you know before assuming these items you’ve put on your list….

    • How is whether you’re sorry or not even relevant? It’s inequality under law you selfish bitch. Try & put yourself in our shoes for a change. with women it’s typically always ‘women, women, women’. Oh & look, the usual male shaming instead of actually countering some of his more stable points.

      I actually agree with you on the social advantages/disadvantages for both sexes, because there’s nothing you can do about it under law.

      But when you say stuff like “I am not sorry for not having to sign up for selective service, or that I have the right to choose to have an abortion” while not understanding that you’re being advantaged under law, or maybe more to the point, not giving a shit because it’s just disposable men right? Then you lose all respect & human integrity.

      & what are you on about with the rallies? Are you talking about the pointless women’s march? This list was conceived years ago, it’s not a response to the women’s march lol.

  217. Bullshit!! But ud like ti inow who wrote this!!!!

  218. You missed out the early educational advantages girls tend to get, whereas boys in school tend to fall behind because the teachers are so concerned that the female students might get a bad grade, I’m not unintelligent, infact my IQ scores around 150, my average grade in school was a C, I got no help did no study (independant or otherwise) because as a male student my needs were somehow less important, I was even classified as at risk due to my home life, I was bullied and told that it was my fault, punished for fighting back, and yet female students who had none of these issues and were about as coherent as a bag of rocks got the aid they needed to both succeed in their exams and make sure they were emotionally supported and socially accepted. If you can explain to me why that was the case in a way that makes logical sense then you are smarter than I.

  219. You missed out the early educational advantages girls tend to get, whereas boys in school tend to fall behind because the teachers are so concerned that the female students might get a bad grade, I’m not unintelligent, infact my IQ scores around 150, my average grade in school was a C, I got no help did no study (independant or otherwise) because as a male student my needs were somehow less important, I was even classified as at risk due to my home life, I was bullied and told that it was my fault, punished for fighting back, and yet female students who had none of these issues and were about as coherent as a bag of rocks got the aid they needed to both succeed in their exams and make sure they were emotionally supported and socially accepted. If you can explain to me why that was the case in a way that makes logical sense then you are smarter than I.

  220. This design is spectacular! You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!|

  221. Poor little man. So sorry for you. Don’t worry, I won’t give you any credit at all.

  222. I did not see the right to genital integrity on the list? FGM is outlawed in the West, MGM is not.

    We can talk about perceived social privileges all we like, but that’s not what really matters. What really matter is equality under the law & government.

    There is not a single law or government doctrine in the West that favours men.

    While there are a few that favour women.

    1) Genital integrity
    2) Reproductive rights
    3) Less harsh sentences for same crimes (it’s not enshrined in law but happens under law)
    4) Child custody rights
    5) Affirmative action despite being majority of university students & being hired at greater rates than they’re applying for jobs (for example, maybe only 20% of Tech gaduates are women, women already being hired at 30%)
    6) Added government benefits & entitlements (I find this even more sickening when you think that men are paying the majority of tax, so it’s basically just another way of obligating men while women get to hide from self-responsibility)
    7) Female specific ministers & government funded causes.
    8) Not required to sign up for selective service/given right to vote without same obligations as men.

    Possibly a couple more? That’s all I can think of at the moment. But I find it ridiculous how men are still perceived to privileged in the West when the only privilege under law & government actually benefits women.

    They don’t realise they’re destroying our culture & a stable family life for their own selfish gains either. So be it, future generations will reap what they sow.

    When it comes to women vs men, women only care about women. Where as, men care too much about women themselves. Not a great balance, it’s has it’s roots in our survival evolution but is counterproductive under our so called ‘equal’ society.

  223. so youre a female and you made a female priviledge checklist
    and heres another website saying female priviledge are sexist LOL
    https://www.google.com.bn/amp/s/m.mic.com/articles/amp/87485/an-open-letter-to-the-sexists-who-think-female-privilege-is-a-thing?client=ms-android-samsungand tbh most of the points above dont make sense and are repeating LMAO

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  225. Fucking female pigs.

  226. feminists get roasted

  227. for some reason feminist think that they supposedly advocate for the rights of women, and then when they see an inexcusable fault in their supposed advocacy and the fact women don’t support the rights of men they change their advocacy status from advocators of womens rights to advocacy for equal gender rights it just doesn’t make sense. My friend who is a ‘feminist’ decided to have a debate with me and I mentioned all of the things that men do to cater for women that get unrecognized for example the fact that we pay for wedding rings etc, she says that feminism tries to stop what men do to cater for women but that is a women’s right or privilege so why the hell is a feminist who supposedly advocating for a woman’s right or privilege is trying to put a stop to women’s right or privilege…. feminists, keep your story straight you useless fuckers

    thank you for letting me roast you onision

    • Cocks are better than fannies full stop

  228. I didn’t finish the entire list so maybe you might have mentioned it way down there…but I think the fact that both female and male college students nationwide can be drinking and if they have sex, the female student can cry rape even if both were intoxicated resulting in the defamation, supspension, expulsion, and destruction of future career aspirations of the male student.

    • …should be near the top of the list. (forgot to finish the statement in my post above)

  229. I can’t finish this list. It’s fueled by sexism in both directions, misandry and misogyny.

    My jaw fucking hit the floor at the ignorance. Can’t even find too many valid points, if at all.

    Men buy women drinks, men open doors for women, men pull over in cars to help women more often than men…. see the fricken pattern yet?

    Or how about men are expected to protect us, because we are inferior. Because we NEED men, apparently, to even have fucking privilege!!!!

    Men rule, girls drule…. I guess.

    • You idiot.Men are expected to protect you because a woman’s life is considered SUPERIOR to his own.

      • I’m an adiot but also superior? How does that add up? Please, details, you’re own words.

    • So to debunk your privileges you basically refuse to read the list and tantrum out men rule girls drule well its actually Drool but oh well who needs grammar and spelling when they are as privileged as you! You screaming sexist doesn’t change facts. The government and media will bend over backwards to help women be vicitms even if you are the rapist like Mattress Girl or a welfare queen who sent an innocent teen boy to federal prison for 6 years as a rapist for a crime he never even appeared at the scene to commit eg Brian Banks.

      • Why should i finish a list that makes me want to vomit?

        Can you not see that men must give us privileges? Or that the privilege really isn’t a privilege for all women? Or that its some secondary privilege?

        Something like “men open doors for women”, really? That’s a fucking privilege?

        And you’re the one full of assumptions (likely baked with your own prejudice). Grow up.

      • You feminist radicals control the education system from High-school to college and force men to read books like SCUM and talk about how great our extermination would be yet you can’t and wont read a list that make you uncomfortable. You should grow up and go back to 1st grade so you can learn to spell. I mean for crying out loud a privilege is still a privilege regardless of how you get it, and tell me what have you done for any victim besides claim to be an advocate online. Much less and male victims.

      • I’m not a feminist. I don’t believe in groups. They jerks too.

      • But you better believe I’m not going to be put in some preconceived box you have built. Wipe all assumptions fruition your mind. Oh, and learn what sexism is. Lol

      • Try analysing the list… What it really means. What’s bigger picture? What’s the cause to these privileges?

        Do women really have power over you? Is it all women’s fault men have problems? Are women more violent on men, or men more violent on men? What does the phrase “man up” mean to you? Is it more likely that men are dominant or subservient? Are men dominant over just women or dominant over both men and women?

        I mean, this just takes living in this society to see while being only slightly observant.

        Also, i don’t believe in groups because of the lack of original thought that flows through them. Im not feminist, I’m not MRA, nor egalirtarian. I simply have my own thoughts on things coming from my own analyzation and logic… and simply asking why? What’s the cause?

      • steady i never said you were a feminist I assumed to since most of them always complain about men and their privilege in some way. Do women hold power over me, that depends if she accuses me of a crime then I am generally screwed.

      • Is that it? She accuses you of a crime? How many times has that happened to you? Lol. Meanwhile i can make as list a mile long on how men have put power over me, where i was left no choice but to their will or face the consiquences.

      • You aren’t a feminist yet you literally pull every feminist tactic in the book why don’t you look up the Virginia 4 who were falsely accused of rape or the countless men who get murdered over false rape accusations. I am also leaving out domestic violence, women sexually assaulting male minors, and divorce court. Of course a feminist like you will dismiss all of this just to feel opressed by the evil male patriarchy that rules our world and rapes you every day with its eyes.

      • Tactic? You really are paranoid.

      • Right I am stating facts and you are just insulting me well trying I mean shit you can barely spell I actually feel bad for your dumb ass. Oh well you can fuck off now back to your cats and period paints. I am done talking to an over grown brat.

      • I’m just insulting you, but I’m a dumb ass? Now you’re projecting.

      • Ah the projection defense tactic of debate you can actually be a fucking retard and try to insult people contrary to your limited feminist viewpoint there are broader superior mindsets out there, if I were you go back to first grade and learn to spell.

      • You’ve been talking with to me with contempt since you’ve started. You’re lucky you even got my attention.

        I spent 8.5 years with a physically abusive mysogonist. I know just how blind everyone is (and i was). I also know when I’m seen as an equal. You, sir, do not see me as an equal as a default. I don’t know if it’s because you feel entitled to respond whichever way you want online, or you’re entitled over women in general; but either way, you’re not entitled to a response, my time, or respect when you can’t show it yourself. Capeesh?

      • Now, if you would like to treat me as an equal, we can have a decent discussion. But not one like this, this is stupid.

  230. Good stuff. Women are incapable of seeing their own flaws or admitting their failures. Men are better at everything except having children.

  231. I’m a card-carrying feminist and am happy that I found your page.

    As a feminist, I agree with you on a few things, namely:

    1. Men and women should be free to wear whatever clothing they like without social penalty (referring to number 36 in your list).
    2. Breast cancer is over funded due to the sexualization of breasts (referring to numb