Thanatos,your humble blogmaster,is an average man in an increasingly insane world.

Thanatos enjoys extreme sports, death metal, metalworking,classic horror movies and hard liquor. His interests are vast,but his hobbies are mainly limited to pointing out insanity and laughing at imbeciles.

Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.


  1. Thaanks , I have just been searching for info approximately this subject forr ages and yours is the best I haave came
    upon so far. But, what concerning the conclusion?
    Arre you sure about the source?

  2. I am no lawyer. I am no even studying to be one, but want to. I want to protect the ideals on which our forefathers built this country. But it makes me question our legacy. This country was destined to be a nation of justice and equality. But all I can see is it being favorable some and harsh to the rest, people taking advantage of their ethnicity and gender.

    Women have way more privileges then men. I am not saying this because I’m an anti-feminist or anything, I am saying this because I have witnesses this first hand
    A girl in my tuition used her gender to her advantage and blamed me for things that I didn’t even do, just to gain attention of her father who had just gotten remarried and wasn’t I suppose paying attention to her.
    I suffered embarrassment and false accusations just because the people in the tuition wanted her to stop crying.
    My teacher told me that her friend filed harassment charges on her boss just because he wanted to fire her… if the ill-hearted women are no longer concerned of their dignity then what is left to protect the innocent! By giving them exceptional rights we are either accepting the fact that women are subordinate to men or we are establishing the fact that we are blind to the fact that the world and the condition of women have improved.
    Why do women have more privileges in non-bailable offences, divorce, custody of children and many more and if all that was less, the benefit of doubt.

    After 2 days of public shaming,the media forgot about how a girl falsely accused a bystander of harassing her for publicity. People don’t question that, they just want us to treat everyone as equals and turn a blind eye when disputes occur. Not every man is trying to harass or rape, then why are all men being held as disadvantageous for the acts of few?

    Is this equality that is promised in our preamble?
    I don’t thik so.

    To be honest, I don’t think this fascist situation will improve until and unless men are safe too… that is equality, for men to have privileges too, or for no one to have them at all.

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