Feminist Reactions To Men’s Rights Milestones

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Remember that Anti-Feminist Conference post I did? Well,it seems the news has reached our “darling” sisters in the feminist movement. The reactions are typical:


Hatred of men



If you’d like to see them getting their panties in a bunch over this, the great hissy fit is on display for the whole world to see here. Do be sure to take screenshots and archive these douchebags for future giggles, as I have.

All in all, this looks good for us. I don’t know about you, but I love watching feminist idiots froth.

Thanks once again to Fidelbogen for the tip-off.

BIG,BIG,BIG thanks to “loser anda user” for saying out loud that feminists are fine with hating men. Not like it was necessary, because I can pull up thousands of admissions of feminist anti-male bigotry,but just in case someone were to say this Anti-Feminist Conference were unnecessary or “misogynist”, (yeah,right) your remarks might just change their mind.