Subversive Action

Lately, there have been many pleasant and surprising developments in Men’s Rights, from an International Anti-Feminist conference at feminism’s Ground Zero to this thorough and humorous fisking of an apologist for female supremacists. We are coming out,guns blazing, and we are a figurative “cunt’s hair” away from pulling the plug on the anti-male gendercidal Juggernaut known as feminism.

In the next ten years, I expect the “ladies” associated with said movement to give up their anti-male crusade and make an unconditional surrender to our side, mostly because there aren’t that many more real concerns or even fake ones they can pretend that women actually have. If they do not surrender, they will start having to lay more and more ridiculous engineered “oppression” at the feet of their ever-present mythical boogeyman, Patriarchy,until people are simply unable to take them seriously anymore. Indeed, this is happening already. As one feminist has claimed that in a land ravaged by tribal war,where 75% of the males have been completely wiped out,that women were “disproportionately affected” by said war.

Makes sense, if you don’t consider males as human beings, then everything disproportionately affects women.

Yes, this indeed appears to be the turning point of the war against feminism. However, this is not a time to rest on our laurels, gents,for feminists assert their fanciful “Patriarchy” saturates every aspect of society.Their solution was to saturate every aspect of our society with misandry and female chauvinism. At this, they have been largely successful because we, the dreaded “Patriarchalists”,handed them the golden key to society in the interests of proving WE weren’t like “all those other bad,bad men who hate women”.

It is because of this that we must fight them on a plurality of fronts, using a multitude of strategies and weapons. Many in the MRM believe that logic will win the day, that truth will set the standard for both sides and that feminism will ultimately bow out when their arguments are defeated.

Others believe a show of force on our part is necessary, that feminism will back down when met by a stronger,more organized opponent,like the wandering swordsmen of Japanese myths, whose fortunes waxed or waned by the legends of their honor and prowess.

Still others believe that feminism is a permanent part of life from now on until society crumbles,and await the day when they will help to rebuild society from the rubble.

I believe that a combination of these strategies must be employed, and that it is likely what will win the day will be good old-fashioned weariness on the part of the female supremacy movement. Victory by attrition.

Whatever you personally believe, now is a time for honing our skills and our organization. We must learn to maneuver more efficiently or we will be quickly outflanked if we ever get a soapbox to declare our message from. We must learn to put a stop to charges of misogyny,homophobia,racism,and whatever other ism before such a charge is made, and to coordinate our efforts with our brothers when their statements may be obscured or camouflaged in the PC double-talk of our opponents.

We must mindfuck the feminists wherever we find them, so that they are too busy defending themselves to put forward any effective argument on their own behalf,because if they cannot even justify themselves, it’s difficult for them to craft effective anti-male legislation or propaganda. Thus,feminists must be marginalized within society, or be given the impression that they are marginalized. Now, this is difficult. Our school of fighting is akin to the guerilla warfare of the Vietnamese insurgent, the Afghani Freedom Fighter, or the Mexican narcotraficante,whereas they are well-honed in socialist revolutionary-style warfare which seeks to utterly control the enemy as well as militarily decimate him or mold the enemy into a socialist revolutionary himself,until he believes it is pointless to continue fighting “himself”.

Let me tell you, they have learned these lessons well. Link is to a feminist website called “The F Word”, specifically to an article where feminists discuss the desperation they feel fighting a patriarchy that doesn’t exist. Not necessarily pertinent is the clearly visible jealousy of male artistic talent on display.

Have your say

In order to keep this blog as a feminist and friendly space, comments will be subject to some rules. We do not seek to censor debate: the beauty of the internet is that anyone can set up their own blog or website to express their views.
1.This blog is a safe and friendly space for feminists and feminist allies. Debate and critique are welcome where it is constructive and deepens analysis or understanding. Anti-feminist comments will not be approved. We get to decide what’s anti-feminist.
2.All comments must be approved by one of the bloggers. For this reason, there may be a delay before your comment appears.
3.No sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ablist comments, comments which make personal attacks on any blogger or commenter, or comments that are otherwise deemed offensive by us will be posted.
4.Trolls will be banned from commenting. We get to decide who is a troll.
5.No anonymous comments – please feel free to use your real name or make one up, though.
6.Be nice.

Looks like it came right out of The Communist Manifesto,doesn’t it?

But here is a lesson I have learned, and that you can learn. Rarely does a group fighting with such complex techniques succeed in a real world battle against a smaller group using guerilla tactics and united by a common zeal, whether it be religious or political faith that inspires the guerilla group.Especially if that guerilla unit doesn’t have anything to lose and only stands to gain by winning.

So, as a thought experiment, how could you or I advance a pro-male agenda against feminists using the Orwellian censoring methods described above?

Well, firstly, we couldn’t debate them. They would find grounds to dismiss the most sensible pro-male comments under rules #1,3,4,& 6. In fact,out of all the rules they have for posting, only two of them have nothing to do with cracking down on any possibly contrarian information entering their hermetically-sealed “safe and friendly space”. This is another tactic common to Communist regimes, and is regularly employed in China today.

The only things we could do would be to temporarily derail their conversations or spook them by making a covert show of force. In fact, one need not attempt to debate them. All that is necessary is to say “I am an MRA, and as such I do not support what you are saying. I know what you are doing and I do not approve.”. Obviously, we can’t even say THAT in their “safe and friendly” Socialist corner.

What we can do is show up in numbers on their blogs, or in the letters to the editor section of newspapers,and so forth with a word,any word, which provokes confusion and disarray over the intended meaning of its utterance (and especially when uttered by so many different people), derails the topic, and says to any other MRA present, “I am on YOUR side”.

A rough outline of how it could work is in order. Let us say the chosen word for today is “muskrat” and the feminist topic is the “pay gap”:

Feminist says:”I think the pay gap is unfair,it demeans women. Women should get equal pay for equal work!Anyone who says otherwise is a MISOGYNIST!”

MRA 1 chimes in: “I wouldn’t say ‘misogynist’,per se, but I’d definitely call them a ‘muskrat’ for not giving women what they deserve.” (Notice there is nothing that would put this statement on the feminist radar, it passes all the Socialist qualifications listed above and even sounds supportive)

Feminist 2: “Huh? What do you mean “muskrat”? Why would you call them that? Anyways,blah,blah,blah,etc.”

MRA 2: “I agree with the guy above,and if I saw someone perpetuating female oppression, I’d call them a ‘muskrat’ to their face!”

Feminist 3: “What IS a muskrat,anyway?”

Etc. And you see how the discussion goes from being about women, to being about THIS


in very short order. A large,coordinated attack, with savvy MRAs playing off each other,playing parts such as veterinarians who discuss the feeding habits of muskrats or “animal rights activists” who think we should “just leave the muskrats alone” could inflate such a silly topic into epic proportions, drawing the feminists themselves into the same snares they set for us when they cause us to debate irrelevant peripheral topics,which are unrelated to the topic at hand.

Thus, the feminists have been hindered,if only ever so slightly, in perpetuating their lies, and no debating actually occurred. Most importantly, it was done under their nose,with their feminist stamp of approval on every comment….and that is what will REALLY piss them off, when they discover what actually happened.

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