Hilarious Development

As I frequently do, I have taken a hiatus from writing for a while to hone my debate skills in the Manosphere. While I was gone, some feminist idiot came to my blog, misinterpreted what I said and then regurgitated it on her own site to jack up ratings for her pathetic anti-male hate site. She attacked me in not one, but 2 posts.

I have been checking in from time to time, but been relatively quiet until this little opportunity for giggles jumped up and, what the hell, it’s about 4:00 a.m. here and I’ve got nothing better to do, you know? At first I was gonna let it go, because it really is just a pathetic ploy for attention and hardly even merits my attention, but my readers deserve a good laugh, I’ve bogged them down with dry political talk for long enough.

Now normally, I would link to these pieces, but the authoress has already graciously done so for me on my piece “The Philosophy of Balance”which is something like an ethos or mission statement.

Here it is, in all its hilarious glory. This is her introduction:

“Below is the response by someone who is a regular contributor to Woman to Woman blog. The person manages his own website that more or less publishes articles in overt resistance to women’s independence, liberation, and development, all in the name of modern day patriarchalism.”

Right OFF THE BAT she fucks it up spectacularly. I am not a “regular contributor” to her blog. When she showed up the first time talking about wanting to use some of my material,I went to her blog to see what was up. It is ostensibly a feminist blog, but there are maybe a few sentences on there that acknowledge women’s complicity in the inequality they claim to fight against so I said to myself “Might as well give them a chance” and posted a comment or two, I think two comments exactly, if I remember correctly. The next sentence gets it half right,in that I do publish articles that have something to do with women. As far as “publishing them in overt resistance,blah,blah,blah, in the name of modern day patriarchalism” she is either deliberately misrepresenting me or just fucking stupid. I publish articles in overt resistance to feminism,not women’s independence,liberation or development. They are not the same thing.

“No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”

I didn’t say that, a feminist did. I am against feminism. All I said was that Patriarchy is a valid political system. Under Patriarchy,men gave women the vibrator, washing machines, telephones, “the pill”,legislation that protects them from rape and assault, in addition to all the mink stoles,diamond rings and such that were par for the course in courtship. Since it has been overturned, if you can name one thing that women have done SPECIFICALLY for men, I’ll close this blog down permanently.

Patriarchy= Men and women win, absence of patriarchy= women win at men’s expense. Now that might sound good to anyone with a chip on their shoulder and a pussy between their legs but here at Balance of Power, we call that sexism.

Feminist, do you believe sexism is a good thing? Of course you do, or we wouldn’t be having this discussion because women would have already solved all of men’s problems like we did for you when we enacted your feminist legislation that allows YOU and ONLY YOU reproductive rights, protection from sexual harassment,and a host of other things.

This is my response to one of their articles, sensible, is it not?

He Writes….

“This article [The Independent Woman Backlash] hits pretty close to the mark. I commend you for being big enough to admit the situation was your fault.”

You’re still wrong on several areas, though.

“It caused men to think that it is okay for them to forgo their responsibilities because the woman boasts herself as “Miss Independent,” can pay my own bills, buy my own car, own my own home. You name it, I can do it. I can even have my babies ‘without you.’ (even though the sperm donor is obviously a man).”

Men don’t have any responsibilities toward women naturally. They are a cultural luxury extended to women dependant on women’s difficulty or inability to do these things for themselves. Think about it. If you’re struggling to lift a heavy package or being assaulted near me, there isn’t a single law on the books that says I have to use my time or energy or risk my safety to help you-none. If I do so, it is an expression of my goodwill toward one who is less able than myself.

So you see the problem. When you said “We can do it all. We don’t NEED a man. We’re equal to men.” you dissolved these “responsibilities” of men. Men no longer have any responsibilities toward you, you’re just like the other guys now. That makes you our rivals, or at best, a possible obstacle or neutral agent by default.

You can’t be equal and more than equal at the same time. The laws of mathematics, physics and common sense forbid it. If you want men to honor their “responsibilities” you need to drop the tough girl act and go back home to honor YOUR responsibilities caring for children and keeping homes. If you want equality, quit whining about men not being chivalrous, we aren’t chivalrous to each other.

“An irritating practice that raised its ugly head is this: Guys now expect us to pay for their cab, air fare to come and visit us, provide and or pay for their accommodation, pay for their gas, put credit on their phone, pay for dinner. When they visit our home they help themselves to everything there, no shame in their face. Because we wear the cap of “Independent Woman,” they come around assuming we don’t need anything, so they don’t bring anything to the table. Instead, they come to take from the much we claim to have. What a backlash! Then we curse them out and call them ‘low-life.’”

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? If you’re equal, you get to pay equally. Welcome to the man’s world, honey.

There is no code, written or unwritten, that states that men are born into a servile class two rungs removed from women and must pour golden ducats, wine, and roses at their feet for the “honor” of their company. What you are losing is not “old-fashioned courtship”, but men’s respect for keeping up this sexist charade, this farcical, transparent, double-standard that women get to have men’s cake and eat their own too.

I don’t think you’ll have to worry about men taking advantage of you financially if you keep doing what you are doing, we will eschew your company altogether. While you may not be able to live in the 21st century without men’s contributions we can live just fine without you and are already developing artificial wombs to gestate babies in.

This “backlash” is more severe than you are aware. We could be looking at the collapse of the civilization women have taken for granted in 50 years or less.

Nonetheless, they are INCENSED that a man would have the NERVE to say something like what they have been saying for FIFTY fucking years unchallenged, proving once again, all this feminist double-talk and bullshit can be boiled down to this statement. “Girls rule, boys drool”. Juvenile, superficial and seriously delusional if you think anyone with a dick should have to sign off on women insulting them. Here’s my response to that, it’s even shorter than their brain-dead and completely baseless claim:”Fuck you,honey.”

If women want to be independent, I’m not going to stand in their way, in fact, I’m 100% behind them…shoving them out the door.

Oh, and she also penned this turd: It’s called “How Men See Female Privileges as Male Disprivilege”

Apparently this broad is illiterate as well as retarded.

The part she quoted states explicitly that it is a response to a feminist “male privilege checklist” so in order to be a little more accurate her title would have to be “How women see male privileges as female disprivileges and write checklists about it which men respond to with their own checklist seeing female privileges as male disprivileges”, but that one’s not so catchy, I guess. Not surprisingly, she draws the completely wrong conclusion from the checklist, because it has nothing to do with men being envious of females’ privileges, it is a response to women envious of men’s so-called “privileges”,like being the recipients of 80% of all violent crime. Here is her introduction to her reposting of my original post on the “female privilege checklist” page.

This is an interesting checklist and we have to say, the men are indeed putting up a resistance! They are peeved that they have to share the same kind of rights and privileges with females, something that was practically non-existent in earlier times.


Goddamn,you are a moron,woman. No one gets pissed off about having to SHARE anything, they get pissed off when they are asked to share and then the other party grabs up 90% of what’s on the table saying, “Some people are more equal than others”.

Let’s talk about rights and privileges that are non-existent now. Let’s not live in the past. Is there ANYTHING that women want to do, that they are barred from doing now? NO.

Now let’s look at men.

Men cannot:

Decide what another person does with the man’s sperm.

Tell jokes of any kind in the workplace for fear of being fired.

Opt out of military service.

Wear what they want to wear.

If a woman exposes her breasts in public, she is about 100 times less likely to go to jail than a man exposing his penis because he needs to urinate somewhere other than in his pants.

Decide when he becomes a father.

Be certain that he will be able to be involved in his child(ren)’s life/lives when he DOES decide to become a father.

Keep the products of his labor after a divorce.

Now these are all pretty personal issues,wouldn’t you say? Women take these things for granted to the point that they are now elevating petty shit like a lesbian wanting to wear a tux to the prom to issues of national importance. A man cannot even say what someone else does WITH HIS GODDAMNED SPERM, for god’s sake.

Men don’t even have ONE reproductive right. Not a fucking one. And you want to demonize ME for saying they should have a little of what women have? Fuck you.

Listen,honey, if you want to debate my points,fine. But you will frame them correctly or you will stay the fuck off my blog.

You didn’t even bother talking with me about my positions before you began attacking them, this is why more and more people are leaning anti-feminist these days, because of dishonest feminist fear-mongering.


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