When you lie down with dogs……

Hey guys, remember when Obama proudly called himself a feminist? And then diverted the stimulus package to females whose jobs weren’t in danger because the Nashunul Organeyeszaishun 4 Wimminz called the original stimulus package “macho” and “burly”?

Well, guess what? It turns out the wimminz only care about other wimminz,and will bite the hand that feeds them if that hand is connected to a body which also sports a penis. Can you believe it?

Take heed manginas,white knights,and feminist men. This is your reward for your years of ardent support of female interests, to be slandered with a charge of sexism. After all, if they’ll do it to the most powerful man in the United States,possibly the world, what makes you think you’re so special?

But while Obama administration officials, liberal Democrats and some Republicans are in near-universal agreement that Warren is well-qualified to run the agency, Obama, though praising Warren last week, has thus far declined to nominate her for the Senate-confirmed role. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has expressed opposition to her nomination, according to a source with knowledge of Geithner’s views, the Huffington Post reported July 15. Treasury Department and White House officials, while effusive in their praise of Warren, have not denied the report, despite repeated opportunities.

Now, the nation’s leading women’s organization alleges sexism may be at play.

“If confirmed, Warren would protect consumers from further economic meltdowns caused by shady loans and credit,” NOW wrote in its e-mail to supporters. “She would also demand accountability and consumer-friendly practices from Wall Street banks. But she’s not part of the old boys club, so NOW asks: Could sexism be at work in denying her this position?”

Old boys’ club? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you fucking shitting me? This from a group of people that calls itself “The National Organization For Women? If that isn’t an old girls’ club,I don’t know what is. I mean that literally, those cunts are fucking old. That isn’t a slur against women by the way, just feminists. If the shoe fits,and all that.

It looks to me like they rode Obama about as far as they could, and now they’re planning to eat him. I don’t pity him, after all, he started the fire, seasoned himself up and said “Here I am,ladies!”. I am intensely curious to see whether he will cave to this group once more or whether he will finally find his balls and say “Fuck you bitches, who is the leader of the free world here?”.

They obviously consider Obama a pansy, and they despise him for his lack of balls. As soon as he stops being useful to them, they will publicly denounce him. You saw it here first. NOW has been heaping praise on Obama up to this point,buttering him up,in actuality,but as soon as he does anything for men or doesn’t give the entitlement queens exactly what they want they will come down on him harder than they do on their lesbian life-partner’s fake plastic dick. I hope that happens sooner, rather than later, as I believe Obama has the potential to be the first feminist Manchurian candidate.

On a related note, the girls we love to hate have been flinging the sexism card at anything with a penis lately, and some things without a penis *cough* Jon Stewart *cough*. This is actually good news for us. It may be an act of desperation on their part, or it could be muscle-flexing, but either way, the more people they throw the S-word at the more likely they will be caught playing victim politics.

I sincerely hope they keep it up.

The manginas,male feminists,and white-knights will be the ones thrown on the fire, and then the feminists themselves will be thrown on the fire they started,hopefully by us.


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  1. Ya know, this stuff is SO predictable that I have even lost the capacity to get steamed up about it. Generally, I will limit myself to a few brief, carefully selected, acid words that will (hopefully) eat directly through the bullshit to the heart of the matter.

    I don’t know if that’s good or bad (that I have become so jaded!).

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