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We’ve come a long way,baby!

Take a look at the comments on this article, and weigh in, if you have the time. That’s a WHOLE LOTTA MRA SYMPATHY there. If I were a feminist viewing this, or even just a woman, I would be treading very carefully in order to try to minimize the negative impact of my actions on the men around me.

Let’s tell the OTHER side of the story,and tell it publicly. Leave a polite,carefully-worded comment about your experiences with divorce,or why you do not want to get married in the first place. Remember, we’re engaging in winning of hearts and minds here, not search and destroy. Save that for annihilating feminists in debate.

Here we are asserting our position,not justifying it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my readers for their encouragement,suggestions,and support. If you have any links to interesting blogging material or would like to see a particular MRA issue covered here, please feel free to share. I have several posts in the works, and look forward to presenting them to you when I have finished them.


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  1. “Here we are asserting our position,not justifying it.”

    Aye. That is a concept that needs to be instilled.

    And this is certainly fair play, given that it is one of the main
    piilars of enemy strategy. Remember. . what the enemy does
    to you, you are licensed to do right back. At least, in war that
    is the case. And this is indeed war. Or. . “essential conflict”, if
    you’d care for a more polite phrase.

    Furthermore, it has long been clear to me that argument with the
    enemy is futile. The only thing that works is to threaten their position
    in some way. All the logic and eloquence on earth won’t make them
    budge an inch from their citadels of invincible ignorance (or willful

    They no longer deserve “fair play” (if they ever did), because they
    don’t play fair and never did.

    This is war, and war does not require fair play – although one does
    see the utility of certain “Geneva protocols” from time to time!

    So, asserting our position (with eloquence and attention to the timeless
    principles of effective rhetoric) will grow our numbers, i.e. our power,
    and THAT is the only “justification” our enemy will understand.

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