Obstacles to Progress

As the Men’s Rights Movement gains traction,our enemy will seek to break us up, impede our progress,and otherwise stop us from succeeding in our goals. There are a few time-tested strategies used by powerful groups to attack upstarts such as ourselves, and we need to be ready to counter them when they arise.

#1. Infiltration

This is probably already going on. Make no mistake, our enemy is salty. This is not their first ride on the political merry-go-round. They know these tactics well and have been using them for 50 years or more.

Infiltration is a common method of sabotage and it works like this:

A person joins a movement and studies their habits for a while, and then begins carping on a completely different side issue very vocally. Depending on the objective,which could range from distracting the group from more important issues to inciting them to commit illegal acts and endanger themselves, the carping could take many forms.

An example of this kind of unproductive carping in the MRM is the few people who steer every MRA discussion toward age of consent laws, and spend all their time moaning about how it’s unfair that they can’t fuck 14 year old girls and such.

First of all, if you’re like me, you couldn’t give a shit about age of consent laws when you could be sent to prison on a woman’s word alone that you raped her. Most people in the MRM are more concerned with the actual legal oppression of men.

I’m not saying that the guys who keep moaning about age of consent are saboteurs, hell, they may just be ephebophiles, but this kind of talk is counterproductive. It distracts us from more important issues like DV laws, rape laws, affirmative action laws, and anti-male hysteria in the media. THESE ISSUES MUST BE DEALT WITH FIRST,and they must be dealt with NOW. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

There is no way to counter this without harming the growth of our movement. If you see anyone doing this, attempt to steer the conversation back to more productive grounds and if this doesn’t work, disown the other person’s statement. Make it clear that you do not support the statement as an MRA. That is about all that we can do without handing out membership cards or some other identifying measure that would harm our disorganized resistance.

#2. Ridicule

Many MRA’s have seen the business end of this tactic, so I hope that you will trust me when I say that all of these tactics are part of a package, there actually is a playbook for breaking up groups of people,used by various agencies with three letter names all over the world. Ridicule is actually their number one tactic, but since we have mostly learned to counter it ourselves,I place it at number two in my list. It still poses a danger to us with respect to filling our ranks from the general public. They will keep trying to find ways to humiliate us until something works.

The best way to counter this is to learn to laugh at ourselves. If someone makes a joke at our expense, we need to grab the ball and run with it. Make the joke so over the top that (a.) everyone understands that we are not offended by it, and (b.) the joke is no longer funny. Since no one can top the joke we have made, people stop joking about us after having a couple of chuckles at our expense,we have “killed” the joke.

#3. Race/religion/what-have-you baiting

Infighting such as this will KILL the MRM. I have seen quite a bit of this going on lately, and I have been quite disturbed by the trend. Let me state this as clearly as I can: THERE IS NO GRIEVANCE YOU HAVE AGAINST ANOTHER RELIGION,RACE,OR CREED AS IMPORTANT AS THE FIGHT AGAINST FEMINISM!

“`Why have any men at all?’ wrote Sally Miller Gearhart in a 1982 manifesto titled `The Future–If There Is One–Is Female.’ Gearhart is an advocate of ovular merging, a process that involves the mating of two eggs, which has been successfully accomplished with mice. Only female offspring are produced. I’ve always worried that one day women would figure out how to get along without us and they would be able to reproduce unilaterally, like sponges. It’s not genocide, exactly. It’s more like job attrition, the way employers cut back positions without actually firing anyone. `A 75 per cent female to 25 percent male ratio could be achieved in one generation if one half of a population reproduced heterosexually and one half by ovular merging.’ according to Gearhart. `Such a prospect is attractive to women who feel that if they bear sons, no amount of love and care and non-sexist training will save those sons from culture where male violence is institutionalized.'”

Mary Daly, an important feminist academic, when asked what she thought of the idea (put forth by another feminist) that the male population should be reduced to cut down on violence, she responded: “I think it’s not a bad idea at all. If life is to survive on the planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males. People are afraid to say that kind of stuff anymore”.

Take a look at those quotes. IF YOU ARE A MAN,FEMINISTS WANT TO KILL YOU. That’s the good news. The “bad news” is that if we are not outright killed we will be castrated and used for manual labor.

Think I’m exaggerating? There are historical precedents for this. When Hitler carried out the Holocaust he took Jews apart as an assembly line process,stripping them first of their material possessions,shoes, clothes, gold teeth, then worked them nearly to death, and then killed them. Our enemy is just as devious, just as cold-blooded, and probably a thousand times more insane than Hitler ever thought about being. If their plans ever come to fruition,it will probably result in the extinction of the human species and they are joyfully marching arm in arm toward these goals. That’s how insane these people are.

There has never been a more important time for us to put aside our petty grievances and come together for the common good. They aren’t going to make an exception for you because you’re black, or you live in Thailand,or you’re a hermaphrodite with ambiguous genitalia and you only look like a man,or you love your mama,or you have 3 sisters,THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU. They want all of us dead. ALL of us.

Do not respond to people carping on non-MRA issues. Note that infiltrators may also use these tactics as part of their infiltration and sabotage strategy. Do not allow them to divide us.

#4. Mischaracterization They are definitely already doing this. They hope to defeat us by painting us all as misogynists and tainting the public perception of our ideas and goals. The best way to counter this is to watch your mouth when speaking as an MRA. Do not give them fuel to add to the fire.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, this is merely a list of the most likely tactics of subversion to be used against us. Arm yourselves against our enemy,and prevail,my brothers.

Signing out.



  1. “. . They hope to defeat us by painting us all as misogynists and tainting the public perception of our ideas and goals. The best way to counter this is to watch your mouth when speaking as an MRA. Do not give them fuel to add to the fire.”

    Yes. A point of capital importance!

    I was recently conversing on the comment thread at the Spearhead, making this very same point in another context. About half of the people there were cool, critical, or indifferent about what I was trying to communicate. They were recieving the message on a different wavelength than I was transmitting. . . and the gist of it largely escaped them!

    One of them (an extreme case) even called me a “feminist appeasing mangina”.

    Of course, about half of them were receptive, and knew just what I was saying. 🙂

    • I know. I was on that thread. There are a few savvy men there who know the score, I’ve seen a definite change in the tenor of the conversation after that little discussion.

      My understanding of the matter is basically this:We’re at a critical point here. As soon as we break into the mainstream,we can either be celebrated as revolutionaries in the field of gender scholarship or denounced as crackpots and misogynists. I,for one,would prefer to be hailed as a hero. It makes our job much easier. It isn’t the feminist perception of us that matters,it’s the non-feminists we need to worry about appealing to.

  2. “It distracts us from more important issues like DV laws, rape laws, affirmative action laws, and anti-male hysteria in the media. THESE ISSUES MUST BE DEALT WITH FIRST,and they must be dealt with NOW. I cannot stress this strongly enough.”

    On a related note, it is solid strategy to use wedge issues, in order to both introduce pro-male politics into the public discourse in the way the public can readily assimilate, AND to create polarization around those issues.

    Polarization (of the right kind) is good; it cracks the ice and gets it moving down the river.

    All of those issues listed above would serve as wedge issues.

  3. See the following, and note certain structural parallels to the topic of the present post:


    • I was just thinking that myself.

      The Tea Party and the MRM have many of the same enemies. Watch what they do to the Tea Party,because that’s what will be happening to us.

      There’s a playbook for this stuff. I want everyone to know what to watch for. Right now we’re safe, we’re too low on the radar, but WE ARE ON THE RADAR. Every group is on the radar. The government would spend money to infiltrate an old ladies’ sewing circle if it was big enough, and enough people supported it.

  4. “Right now we’re safe, we’re too low on the radar, but WE ARE ON THE RADAR.”

    “We” are hydra-headed, but. . . “we” need to become collectively aware of this.

    In fact, it is a very large “we”.

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