On Revolution As A Personal Ethos And A Method Of Empowering The Men’s Rights Movement to Effect Political Change

Concerning Revolution and Revolutionaries

“A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical…It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”-Thomas Jefferson

The Men’s Rights Movement has made great strides in bringing our case to the public in the last 10 years, arguably,more good has been accomplished in this time than in the entire time since the movement began. We have developed a massive underground machinery for moving information around the frontlines of battle,via the internet. Using this new,developing media to educate men about the systemic discrimination they face from the government and in the media,and working in loosely organized “splinter cells”, we have built a powerful bloc of passionate activists,dedicated to the cause. This has been a great boon to the movement,it has kept us strong and made us invulnerable to attack.

However it is not enough.

Recently, many men have begun calling this a “non-movement”,because the legitimizing impetus every movement requires is lacking in ours. That impetus is political power and the drive to achieve it . The drive to achieve political power may be called,for the purposes of this missive, “revolutionary inclination”. The Men’s Movement has many great thinkers, many strategic thinkers, and many innovative thinkers, but what we lack are revolutionary thinkers and revolutionaries,which no movement can succeed without. As you will see from the quotes interspersed heavily throughout this article, I have focused mainly on Thomas Jefferson as an example of a revolutionary thinker.

In order to become revolutionaries, we must adopt principles such as those espoused by this revered American historical figure. We must also study the examples of other famous revolutionaries that we might even despise, such as Josef Stalin,Adolf Hitler,and Mao Tse Tung,for the stratagems employed by all these famous men are vastly similar in nature, and can be powerful tools for mass persuasion. We must all study and adopt the principles of revolution.  We must become guerilla fighters, actively opposing the enemy on their own soil. Every organization in the world began much as ours has, a group of people who shared common interests and goals got together, debated the issues, hammered out just what they were, and then streamlined their goals, focusing on one obstacle at a time, until all the barriers had fallen and political power had been consolidated. Every successful political group used a combination of the very same tactics in order to accomplish this,regardless of their political or ideological allegiances.

Our task is to move forward from Stage One:Identify or debate the problem,to Stage Two:Active Opposition. How do we accomplish this? This question has been asked by many members of the Men’s Rights Movement. I have the answer.

Concerning the Foundation of a Secret Society to advance our causes

“As revolutionary instruments (when nothing but revolution will cure the evils of the State) [secret societies] are necessary and indispensable, and the right to use them is inalienable by the people.”

Groups as diverse as the Catholic Church,Knights Templar, Hellfire Club,Freemasons,Skull and Bones society, and the Satanic Church have dabbled in politics since their inception. We are, right now, living under many systems of values that have been cribbed from the operating manuals of such secret societies,unaware. If we are to succeed as a movement, we must adopt the mannerisms of these political groups. Regardless of whether or not we agree with the tenets of any of these groups, they are operating under political philosophies that have been tried,tested, and proven to be of utilitarian value time and time again.

The first step is perhaps the most important. Every religion begins as a cult, every political party begins as a mob, only when they acquire the ability to project power do people grant them legitimacy. In today’s world, as in the Middle Ages, the key to power is wealth. “He who has the gold makes the rules”. In order to overcome our enemy, we must develop a logistical infrastructure for moving wealth to the areas it is needed, as well as moving information. If we are to maintain our system of disorganized resistance, which has worked so well for us, the key to this is establishing secret societies,ostensibly dedicated to other purposes,such as hunting,fishing, sports, or  a Boy Scout-like organization, who can store and move wealth from the Men’s Rights community to the men who need it. Such organizations could maintain themselves through membership fees indefinitely,and using charitable contributions from sectors of the Men’s Rights movement,such as the MGTOW community who save hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime by not raising children, they could procure legal defense for men going through divorce, those who are accused of politicized crimes,such as domestic violence or rape, and eventually, buy politicians to advance our causes in the political sphere.

I base this on the model used by organizations such as the Catholic Church, who asked prospective priests to give all their wealth to the church,and amassed a fortune over the years, and various other religious and secular societies who require their members to donate substantial portions of their wealth to the orders upon their death. How exactly this should be worked out, membership fees, donation upon death, or upon entry, should of course be left up to the members and heads of any individual societies established to promote men’s rights,but the benefits of having such organizations are clear and profound.

“Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” –Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774. (*) ME 1:193, Papers 1:125

When a man cannot even sit next to a child on an airplane,or take photographs of his own children without being treated like a pedophile due to increasingly draconian measures implemented against males over several generations and several administrations, I believe it is clear that there must be a revolution to counter these measures and a secret society is the first step, I believe, to the projection of tangible political power.





  1. A threefold strategy suggests itself:

    1. Continued propagandizing and agitating, in order to grow our numbers.

    2. Proliferation of cells and sub-movements as a result of the above.

    3. The growing presence of “our people” within established structures, to “subvert from within.”

    And the rest . . . is details.

    • My thoughts exactly. They already don’t know who they’re fighting, all they know is that they’re fighting “MRAs”, imagine the shitstorm when they can’t even trust themselves.

      We’ve seen it time and time again, it may have been partially responsible for the fall of Soviet Russia. In any case, they’ll be busy fighting a growing chorus of vocal anti- and non-feminists on the outside while we’re dismantling their political machine from the inside.

      Feminism’s days are numbered.

  2. “. . it may have been partially responsible for the fall of Soviet Russia.”

    And at the other end of the history tunnel, similar doings may have triggered the fall of olde Mother Russia of the Czars, what with all the spooks and moles who were playing both sides of the fence between the Okhrana and the Boleshevik cells. . .

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