What is the MRM?

Being my first post, I will briefly explain the purpose of this blog,which is to be a center for the discussion of many topics,but primarily an outlet for men to discuss their experiences as men in the modern world.

What is the Men’s Rights Movement?

Defining it broadly,the Men’s Rights movement is a collection of disparate groups acting separately to achieve equality for men in areas of life where certain policies implemented on behalf of women’s activism groups,or where traditional ideas about gender, have impacted men negatively.

What are the goals of Men’s Rights?

Many groups make up the MRM, each group brings its own ideas and grievances to the table to be addressed and redressed, but the primary overarching purpose of the MRM is to achieve the freedom for men to live as men without being treated as walking wallets,demonized as perverts,used as cannon fodder or beasts of burden, or portrayed in the media as being foolish,incompetent,bumbling, or unable to care for our own children.

Do I have to be a man to take part in the Men’s Rights Movement?

Absolutely not.

Every woman has a father,brother,uncle,husband, or son being negatively impacted by the policies in place within the highest levels in government,you are free to engage in active participation as long as you are dedicated to equality for men. Similarly,every woman has experienced the negative impacts of this bias against men,though they may not be aware of it,in the form of men doubting the ability of women to properly do their jobs or make decisions,thanks to special government funding that gives women unearned promotions and jobs based on their sex,and makes it all but impossible for employers to fire them, even when their output and work habits are unsatisfactory and cost employers more money than they bring in.

Equality will mean that women must give up many of the things they take for granted,such as alimony, shorter prison sentences for women, not being required to register for the draft, and exclusive control over reproduction, but any woman who is truly dedicated to the principles of equality is welcome to join us in working toward a permanent solution.

In posts to come, I will explain the roots of the notion that masculinity is a disease,identify the primary champions of sexist ideas about men,point out gender bias in the mainstream media, offer solutions to overcoming gender bias against men, and provide my own ideas about how to solidify the disparate groups involved in Men’s Rights under a single banner,capable of effecting widespread and lasting change as a true vehicle for the thoughts and experiences of the common man.


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